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I really do like it
I don't know where the page is, but there is a description that basically says "yea, reviews are opinions.  We'll just give you a general idea through our experience".  Wow, go figure.  Being truthful.  And the PAX panel really pointed this out. 

dont mean to do a giantbomb vs. gamespot thing, but as a classic example, gamespots outlook:
"Wait, reviews are just opinions. Right?"

Actually, we don't think so. We make no excuses for our verdicts about games and believe our reviews stand for themselves. While our reviews, of course, do contain an element of subjectivity to them, we see the process of reviewing games as one that primarily involves the reporting of facts. To an extent, we naturally color these facts based on our own experiences of having spent much time playing other games in the past, but we make every effort to look at every game on its own merits, and we describe each game in the most factual terms possible. To this end, in the rare event that one of our reviews contains a factual inaccuracy, we will correct the inaccuracy and will acknowledge it in an editor's note that's appended to the end of the review.

seriously?  Mr. Gamespot, you realize that 2 of my favorite games this gen are Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, right?  So you're basically wrong based solely on 1 person (yea, it can be debunked that easily when they set theirs up this way)

But its not about reviews, its about the whole entertainment of it all.

Long live the bomb!

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I thought this would be a sarcastic rant against the rating system.

I agree with Jeff about what he said in the PAX Panel video regarding reviews, every experience will be different for each person, so reviews shouldn't state that the experience will be the same for everyone.

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^no, every experience will be somewhat similar, it's just some people enjoy jrpgs a lot (or whatever). 

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I feel like there is more room to think for myself with the GB reviews instead of just seeing, that is a 7.5, right categorized.

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I agree 250%, which is 150% more than the standard rating scale, which mean my post wins!

lol, but serious its good....

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yeah i agree. I had a subscription to gamesTM and that has a similar philosophy, and even had an article on reviews and hows thiers work etc.

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I don't mind that they approach them as opinions. 

I do mind that it seems their reviews are shorter and shorter and if the game is at least mediocre the reviews seem to be criticism free.

As for other sites so what if you disagree?