I bought a Tekken 3 arcade cabinet

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It’s gross and I need to clean it up, but it works. Is there a site for the “arcade community” where I can ask dumb questions like, “Do all buttons hook up the same way” and “How difficult would it be to add a Soul Calibur board and switch between them”?

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Hah, great turnout. A lot of views and no responses. I must not be alone in my query. @jeff probably knows a place.

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YouTube, everybody. YouTube helped a lot. And just diving in willing to break stuff is a good way to learn.

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I think we were all expecting some pictures :)

Good Luck with it.

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One day I'll get drunk enough to determine that the fun I would have owning a cabinet outweighs the wrath I'd face from my wife.

But today is not that day sadly. Enjoy man - looks like you got a decent little gaming room building up there!

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I highly doubt that you need an "arcades-specific" website. Any software engineering board should do.

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Who's your main character in Tekken 3?

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If I were to own an arcade machine, Tekken 3 would be high on my potential list.

Of course I'll never actually own a machine because I'm not a mechanic electrician.

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Around 2012-13 I bought a working but rough Neo-Geo cabinet. I still haven't restored it but it's kind of cool to own it! Previous owners had one of those multi-game carts in it as well, so I got most games I would want to play on it.

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Damn that's cool. I would love to be able to get an arcade cabinet and clean it up myself. It would be an honor to clean out your cabinet.

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Cooool. I'd like to have an arcade cabinet one day, though I really can't make my mind up as to which game I want. There's so many.. No, wait. Soul Calibur. I'd want Soul Calibur. Tekken 3 is a damn good choice as well, though.

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how much?

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@cliffhoney54: 10-month late response: $400. found it on Facebook marketplace.

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Year late response: I don't mind telling you how jealous i am of you right now.

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@cikame: Dude, in the past year I went arcade crazy. It really is an addiction once you get one. I'm up to 8 now. 5 custom, 2 originals, 1 Arcade1Up.

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Oh man I wish I had the space for just 1 arcade cabinet. I guess I could clean out the spare bedroom in my house but man I would have to get rid of so much junk. I would probably get a racing game, like Daytona USA or Hydro Thunder.