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This relationship is just so.... weird?
This relationship is just so.... weird?

After finishing the game, I have some thoughts. Heavy Rain is an incredibly unique game, I'll give it that. I have a lot of issues with it, but I am still glad I played it.



I played the PS4 version of the game and it still looks pretty good. The faces and environments are inconsistent. Sometimes it looks great and then suddenly the uncanny valley hits. With a game that leans on its presentation so much, it sticks out so much more.

Scott Shelby ended up being the most consistent performance in the game.
Scott Shelby ended up being the most consistent performance in the game.

Then there's the voice acting which is..... inconsistent? The accents are a non-issue to me (apparently this was supposed to be set in the U.S?), but the delivery of lines ranges from good to awful. I don't know how some of these scenes were OKed by David Cage. There is just some terrible voice acting in this game at times. Again, the presentation IS the game, so it magnifies the issue.

The way this game controls is messy as well. The quick time events are mostly well done, but at times things that they ask you to do are ridiculous. My hands were getting tangled around the controller because of the amount of buttons I needed to hold at the same time. The worst button prompts were the ones during fights that needed you to move the stick left or right and then spin it upwards or downwards. In the tense situations, it was impossible to get these right.

The Story


The story starts off with a cool premise. There's a child murder who leaves origami at every scene of the crime. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately the game squanders this premise with some of the most ridiculous and nonsensical storytelling I have seen. The game starts leading you on the journey between 4 characters. The way the story intersects is actually very cool, but they way it all ties together is.... messy. The game leads you along through situations that increase in their ridiculousness until the suspension of disbelief is shattered. So many of the events that take place are so over the top that I just started having my characters do the stupidest possible thing in each situation because I wanted to see how it played out.


The mystery of the origami killer is intriguing for a bit, but then the game starts throwing weird red herrings at you that make no sense.

Once the flashback sequence was shown, I knew who it was. It's has a similar problem to Batman: Arkham Knight. Where there is no other possible person to be the killer because there are only like 6 characters in the game.

Unfortunately, the identity of the killer makes no sense because of the situations the game puts you through. There are big, gaping plot holes throughout this game which dampen the experience.



Ok, so Heavy Rain's presentation is all over the place, the story stinks and the controls are inconsistent. Yet, I still recommend playing it. This game is incredibly unique and is still worth experiencing (although, I can't speak for Detroit, Beyond or Farenheit, so maybe you should just play one of those). So go for it! What do you all think of Heavy Rain?

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Good for you. It was a game I wanted before it came out because I liked Indigo Prophecy, but considering I didn't have a job then, I couldn't pick it up and what money I did get from time-to-time I spent on other games or other things. It was something in the back of my mind after, but years later my interest wavered and then waned more and more. The voice work from what I saw in gameplay was a huge turn off most of all which pretty much put the nail in the coffin to me. When the PS4 remaster was announced, I decided to finally play Beyond Two Souls. Beyond has some issues, but overall I had an okay time with it. So, fast forward to the PS4 release and I just didn't pick it up. I didn't want it.

It became free on PS Plus so I finally played it (although I was at the time playing other games). Man, the game is hilariously bad. I couldn't take it seriously and quit probably 20 to 25 percent through the game. The voice work, the way the story works, the glitches, how you interact with the world; there are so many things going against the things it's trying to do well. Oh, and I know who the Origami killer is as well since at some point after the game's release I gave up and just looked at a YouTube video of who it was. It was shocking, but I can't say I cared all that much. I remember playing the demo and being excited. In 2010, I thought Heavy Rain could have been one of the best games of the year, and it might have been to me, I don't know, but today it's not great.

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Idk, I enjoyed my time with the game when it first came out, but I recently tried playing the remaster on PS4 and was immediately turned off a couple hours in. After playing a little bit of Detroit and going back to Heavy Rain was near night and day when it came to suffering through horrible controls, bad voice acting, and flat dialogue. The main thing that kept me going when I first played was the sense that my choices had real consequences and that my characters had a chance of dying. Detroit ended up doing this way better but back when Heavy Rain came out it was sort of a trailblazer in some respects.

That game did not age well at all and honestly I have to wonder if Detroit will suffer the same fate several years from now if Sony lets David Cage whip up some more bullshit again in the future.

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@colourful_hippie: The intro to the game is so boring.... I feel like I played through it because it's the first Quantic Dream I've played. It definitely was interesting though. I am curious to see how much better Detroit is though.

@ntm:Yeah, I mostly agree with you. I've been reading some reviews back from 2010 and it seems like it mostly got by because of how unique of an experience it was at the time. At this point, there are just better games out there that are doing similar things. I am curious about Detroit though. I will probably pick that up within the next year or so.

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In hindsight, yeah the story wasn't great. But i have great memories about this game. Especially in a pre walking dead era, games like Fahrenheit & Heavy Rain felt like they were doing something completely different from what the other games were doing at the time. And that was very neat. And i do remember being glued to the screen until the very end. As long as you're not thinking too critically about it and just let it all wash over you, it's a pretty good time. Folding the Origami puzzle while the game was installing was a neat little physical bonus.

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I really enjoyed the game, but those accents and some plot holes were a little ridiculous. Still have to play Detroit at some point

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It was alright the first time around, but one could see plenty of flaws in it afterwards. It did have a neat special edition case with the raindrops ’n stuff, though!

I haven’t really read anything about how Detroit performed sales-wise. It can’t have been a cheap game to make.

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@onemanarmyy: Yeah, this is the vibe I get when reading the reviews of the game now. Back in 2010, nothing was like this, so the flaws could be overlooked. It's a very ambitious game that probably hasn't aged well because of the recent adventure-style game resurgence.

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@glots: It sold pretty well. 20% more than their previous fastest selling game Heavy Rain in the first month. By august, more than 1,5 million players had played the game (more than 20 million hours combined if that says anything). That said, Detroit is not close to becoming Quantic dreams best selling game. By last year, 4.5 million players had played Heavy Rain on their PS3 or PS4.