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#1 Posted by imchardo (64 posts) -

Ben's great, but I find his height upsetting. I'm 6'7" and an engineer and tall/nerdy/smart is *my* thing. Don't appreciate Ben being nerdier, smarter AND taller. That's not right. Not entirely joking either, I would like it better if he were shorter than me. C'mon dude. Get shorter.

Abby is nothing but delightful though, and has an edge that makes her fun to listen to.

Giant Bomb hit a homerun with these two. Great job, guys.

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#2 Posted by Veektarius (6413 posts) -

Ben's version of sarcasm could use a little polish but in general I'm happy.

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#3 Edited by Do_The_Manta_Ray (1645 posts) -

I think Abby is fantastic.

I'm not gonna' comment on Ben 'cause my momma told me that if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all.

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#4 Posted by BisonHero (11603 posts) -

Yep, they're both pretty great.

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#5 Posted by OurSin_360 (6200 posts) -

They almost make me not hate millennials, then dan told me that i am in fact a millennial and my hatred returned. Goddamn millennials on my lawn.

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#6 Edited by Dixavd (2907 posts) -

I like them too. Regardless of issues I may have with the structure or polish of some of the series they've been in, it's independent of them. I think they're both fun and interesting. Looking forward to see how they develop.

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#7 Posted by Luchalma (548 posts) -

They're both aces.

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#8 Posted by Ascara89 (117 posts) -

Feeling the same way all things considered.

I think Abby is fantastic.

I'm not gonna' comment on Ben 'cause my momma told me that if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all.

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#9 Edited by bmccann42 (435 posts) -

Both are great, and both bring interesting viewpoints that have been missing. Plus they are young and already far more mature than Dan is!

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#10 Posted by ToTheNines (1672 posts) -

I think they are both awesome, though you aren't going to agree with what any one person says all the time, but that would be a boring world anyway. They are however both hilarious, Abby might not be as knowledgeable about video games, companies and famous developers but I think she's quite young and stuff like that can come with experience in the industry I imagine. And I'm happy a funny person like her got the chance. Ben is a funny dude too, seems to be pretty decent at fighting games to boot.

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#11 Posted by BradBrains (2274 posts) -

Abby is the best thing to happen to the site in years.

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#12 Posted by Bill_P (304 posts) -

I like one but not the other.

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#13 Edited by mrfluke (6125 posts) -

Abby is fantastic, just right away she meshes in so well with the crew, probably just as quick as Austin did. and way quicker than Patrick did.

Ben is good, I feel like the kingdom hearts series has won me over on him, and I think him and brad make a great combo, but his snark could use polish, because it comes off more cynical than funny.

I'm still hoping Ben can convince Brad to do a asuras wrath series

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#14 Posted by namtrahj (19 posts) -

I like both of them a lot and I hope they stick around.

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#15 Posted by colourful_hippie (5913 posts) -
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#16 Posted by Ben_H (4204 posts) -

They're both great! Ben has the same dry sarcastic humour I have and Abby is hilarious. They've both added a ton to the site. The east coast folks have been killing it lately.

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#17 Posted by emphulio (229 posts) -
@ascara89 said:

Feeling the same way all things considered.

@do_the_manta_ray said:

I think Abby is fantastic.

I'm not gonna' comment on Ben 'cause my momma told me that if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all.


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#19 Posted by Lv4Monk (497 posts) -

GBWest is doing much less these days to appeal to me, whether or not that's an actual problem I couldn't say.

GBEast is killin' it and I love their chemistry.

I wish West would branch out of their comfort zones more often.

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#20 Posted by Ley_Lines (313 posts) -
@emphulio said:
@ascara89 said:

Feeling the same way all things considered.

@do_the_manta_ray said:

I think Abby is fantastic.

I'm not gonna' comment on Ben 'cause my momma told me that if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all.


Agreed, I was skeptical of Abby when she first joined because her humor on the twitter didn't seem to work for me. However, she has been a great addition and has meshed well with east coast. At this point I can't say I much look forward to anything west coast has going on.

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#21 Posted by Eschaton_GB (11 posts) -

Ben is good! I haven't been keeping up with the GBeast stuff lately so I can't comment on Abby.

Ben has gazed into the abyss of anime, as I have. It... changes a man.

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#22 Posted by imchardo (64 posts) -


Couldn't agree more about the BeastCast. It's become my favorite commute-time listen. Chemistry is awesome. Bakalar's hilarious.

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#23 Posted by zulululul (55 posts) -

I am always impressed by GBs ability to hire great people. Jeff is the best CEO.

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#24 Posted by Humanity (18948 posts) -

Abby is the greatest hire they've had in a long while.

I like Ben when he's just having a regular conversation, but I wish he would tone down the jokes a bit since not all of them work and he tends to lay it on thick at times.

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#25 Posted by Retris (436 posts) -

Abby has fit in really well with the Beast crew but I feel with them you're either going to fit in or escape to live as a hermit within a week. Definitely a good addition and a sorely needed female voice.

Ben has quickly become my favourite one of the West duders, I just love his dumb jokes. He's also bringing energy back to the West, since even Dan had become pretty low energy before he went to NY. Still miss that mustache, made him look like Vincent Price or Disney or any old timey artist. Ben's camera controls tend to be a little too erratic when he's playing games, though.

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#26 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (3675 posts) -

I wonder who the 3rd hire will be when ever they turn up.

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#27 Posted by chuck_schwarz (117 posts) -

Ben is great.

Abby is great.

Things are good!!

The comments section on every video... not so great. There seems to be so much negativity all the time it's a real bummer.

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#28 Posted by hans_maulwurf (642 posts) -

They are both fantastic. F the haters. Bridge Crew Vrodeo was the best ql type thing in a long while.

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#29 Posted by frytup (1345 posts) -

Ben has a great background, a lot of knowledge, and has no problem talking intelligently about games. He doesn't bring Dan's manic energy to the party, but given Dan's down side I can live with that.

The issue with the West right now is they just seem to be coasting along and hard-pressed to come up with fun ideas. I'm not suggesting they hire a doofus clown since that can very easily go very badly, but a hard look at features they want to do might be in order. Pick something they enjoy playing and play it. Playing stuff they hate just for cynical yuks isn't fun.

Not everything is for everyone (I'd rather watch paint dry than DOTA), but if they're into it the enthusiasm will come through.

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#30 Edited by monetarydread (2890 posts) -

Abby is great.

Ben, I have nothing against the guy, but I do have an issue with his humour. It feels like he watched an episode of Tim and Eric, and based his entire personality on the show. Not that it is a bad thing, but I can't think of many approaches that make me want to turn out quicker than forced awkwardness or lame and stupid = funny, style humour. I barely watch GB West content anymore because they seem to be placing Ben in everything nowadays and with Ben you always get that Tim and Eric vibe.

But, if people are into that style then I assume Ben would be awesome to listen to and a great addition to the cast.

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#31 Posted by OpusOfTheMagnum (647 posts) -

I love Ben. Abby is also great, but Ben I just click with. Him and Brad also make a great team. I used to use Dota videos as background noise on the site but now I’m excited for the next episode of Dota to come around. Partly because of the element of learning new heroes but mostly because Ben and Brad work so well together.

Hard to say which is a better addition to the site, they both rock.

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#32 Posted by jkz (4286 posts) -

They both seem to fit fine. Still think the fit with Dan out west and the two new hires out east would've made for a better balance, but Dan seems happier in NY than SF and that obviously takes precedence. Honestly though, it's Jeff that keeps me coming back at this point. And Vinny, obviously, I just find GBeast content post Dan/Abby a bit...loud? if that makes sense? Just really miss the laid back, casual Austin/Vinny/Alex afternoon streams / beastcasts and their more reserved humor, but hey, things change and that's cool.

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#33 Posted by Sergio (3625 posts) -

Abby is best new character of 2017.

Ben is slowly growing on me. People are different, and blossom at their own pace.

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#34 Posted by csl316 (15004 posts) -

Ben and Abby are cool and stuff.

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#35 Edited by PenguinDust (13092 posts) -

Abby is great. Her addition to the East crew is pure magic. Those guys and gal (plus the behind the scenes folks) are doing top notch work. The Beastcasts for the month of July were the funniest shows I'd heard in ages. I thought replacing Austin would be impossible and in a sense that's still true because he brought an academic perspective to the shows, but the East team went a different direction with Abby's hire and I believe it paid off in a very positive, but also very different way. Perhaps it's her theatrical nature, but her presence encourages spontaneity among the group. I eagerly await each new Beastcast episode to see in what raucous place they find themselves next; informative and hilarious.

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#36 Posted by FrostyRyan (2924 posts) -

I don't know about that Ben fella

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#37 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7093 posts) -

I have nothing but positive things to say about either of them. They've been great so far and I hope they stick around for the foreseeable future. The My First E3 podcasts were honestly some of my favorite content this year and their new DNB podcast is off to a great start if you ask me.

If I may offer up a bit of criticism though - which I kinda hate doing in a thread that's so generally positive - West seems to be seriously lacking in the chemistry department. Everyone at East plays off each other really well and you get some great material, but lately, I've found West to be extremely hit or miss which really bums me out. I have plenty of thoughts on the matter, but I'll leave it for a more appropriate occasion.

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#38 Posted by Nodima (2636 posts) -

Enjoy both of them a lot, Abby was the perfect hire for east and Ben gives Jeff more opportunities to just riff and goof than he's had in a while. It was fun hearing Jeff do the dad thing with Dan but since Vinny is actually a dad it just works better over there, especially since Alex is more vocally incredulous with Dan than Brad was. Having Ben on the west has Jeff and Brad reminding me of their pre-2013 selves and that's awesome.

Plus, with everyone getting married (or having been in very, very long-term relationships) and talking about their kids or their pets or their spouses all the time, it's nice to get some fresh young-folk struggles back on the pod! If only Ben or Abby had turned out to have the flair of a young Jeff or Ryan and were constantly checking in with ridiculous tales of their after hours adventures. Unfortunately Ben seems a lot like me, do your job then go home and go inside, and Abby's too neck-high in paper work from the Dept. of New Business and her Every Game Ever 101 coursework for a social life.

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#39 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (4452 posts) -

Abby's humor is great. She reminds me of Vinny, a lot.

Ben is a great addition. Brings energy to the West office that was much needed. Him and Brad are an awesome duo! Something about his interaction with Brad that makes Brad more of a joy! Though, he tires too hard to constantly be funny in an almost ironic way, like a joke within a joke, and that can get tiresome. I've heard the same about myself, though, sometimes so I get it. A great addition, nonetheless.

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#40 Posted by Luchalma (548 posts) -

Ben is great.

Abby is great.

Things are good!!

The comments section on every video... not so great. There seems to be so much negativity all the time it's a real bummer.

This is where I am too. It's at the point where I'm trying very hard not to go on the forums or the comments at all because I end up annoyed every time (from my posting here you can see how well that's working out, but I'm trying). I just don't need this shit in my life.

Things are good. Keep up the good work, everyone!

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#41 Posted by DanishingAct (414 posts) -

Totally agree. Seeing Austin and Drew leave was lame, but Abby and Ben are even better than I could have hoped for. I'm super impressed that giant bomb pulls people who I've never heard of and within a few months they feel like they've always been here.

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#42 Posted by BladeOfCreation (1405 posts) -

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I think both Abby and Ben are fun to listen to, and they both fit in well with their respective coast coworkers, which is what's really important for a personality-driven site like this.

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#43 Posted by NeverGameOver (902 posts) -

I think that they are both excellent. I find the criticism of Ben bizarre to be honest, but everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

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#44 Posted by ichthy (1371 posts) -

Ben's Scottish accent from this week's podcast had me dying.

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#45 Posted by CrazyBagMan (1670 posts) -

TIL old people don't like Ben

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#46 Posted by The_Nubster (4291 posts) -

@emphulio said:
@ascara89 said:

Feeling the same way all things considered.

@do_the_manta_ray said:

I think Abby is fantastic.

I'm not gonna' comment on Ben 'cause my momma told me that if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all.


Way to undercut the positivity is the most dickish and passive-aggressive way possible. Obviously the lesson didn't sink in well enough.

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#47 Posted by Quantris (1313 posts) -

Ah man I thought this was about 4k or something.

Anyway, yeah, new voices are good! I think poor Jason could use an extra pair of hands though.

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#48 Posted by Dan_CiTi (5249 posts) -

I agree.

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#49 Edited by BisonHero (11603 posts) -

As an addendum to my earlier post, both hires: definitely greats. Hot dunks all around.

Abby: no complaints. Stellar as is.

Ben: doin' pretty good, but we'll call it a 4/5. Genuine Ben giving his real opinion: good stuff. Character Ben doing a weird comedy bit: mostly good, sometimes really off the mark. I'm loving his absolutely horrendous accents, for example. But Ben who kept comedy yelling too much during some parts of the Star Trek: Bridge Crew VRodeo wasn't his best work. To his credit, he really commits to a bit whether it's working or not, and a lot of the time it does work, but I think the times it doesn't work are why some people are haters instead of lovers. Keep workin' on it, Ben, you'll find the right balance.

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#50 Posted by cmblasko (2946 posts) -

Well I started as a HATER but quickly converted into a LOVER.

A+++ employees, would hire again.