I love everyone's reactions to a sudden loud noise in the 9/6/2019 UPF.

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Notice how the two fathers in the room are mostly unfazed.

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I love it too, for exactly that reason. Also, I bought the game and it IS an insanely loud, out of nowhere noise that startled me even coming out of my shitty TV speakers!

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@sethmode: Oh yeah? I haven't bought it yet but I plan to.

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Haha it cracked me up as well! Surprised no one mentioned it in the comments.

Jason no-sold it, but based on his reaction after it definitely got his heart-rate up lol!

As for Jeff, apparently he's the Brad Pitt of GB:

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Jeff Gerstmann is a threat, he does not get threatened.

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Gerstmann's a fucking BALLER

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It was EXTREMELY loud.