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Nicely done.

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This turns me on.

So great. Love the slowed down groove.

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Oh wow, amazing work!

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This is the best

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prettttyyyyy gooooood!

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@nta_luciana: Awesome job man. What program did you use to make this?

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@xanadu: Wo-man ;)

I used Deflemask, which also has the ability to make NES (though I prefer Famitracker), C64, Master System, and SEGA arcade hardware music!

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That sounded real good!

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Incredible! Please do houseboat as well.

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Maaaaan, that title is misleading. I thought I would hear fake Phil Collins on this one.

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Fantastic!!! Put a huge smile on my face

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Thats great. Too bad its too early for E3.

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That is outstanding.

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Those drums.

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Soundcloud is shutting down pretty soon apparently, so you might wanna rehost that somewhere else?

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I like this a lot

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My god...

This is unbelievable.

I can see an old school beat-em-up in my mind starring the bombcrew, and baby, it's a lockdown!

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Very nice indeed!

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This is amazing! There is something about Genesis music I just absolutely adore. Excuse while I go listen to the Comix Zone soundtrack for three hours.

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As you do. Well done.

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Wow, this is super fucking good!

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Better get that baby saved before soundcloud goes down!

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My god...

This is unbelievable.

I can see an old school beat-em-up in my mind starring the bombcrew, and baby, it's a lockdown!

Totally. Someone with skills needs to make a mock-up of this.

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Very nice!

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I love this!

I wonder if the Skinner brothers know about the cult following their song has.

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Now all we need is a Sonic romhack with a Lockdown-themed zone.

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This is great!