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(in case the IMG doesn't work: http://sstarkm.deviantart.com/art/Giant-Bomb-Poster-537144762)

(EDIT: Here's an Iphone wallpaper since a lot of people want one: http://imgur.com/MDRxNRn )

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Hey duders. I've been a giant bomb follower since....2009 I believe. Roughly around then I think? I've never been much of a forum guy, because I'm just not a forum guy in general. But I am an Illustrator! Thus the last few months I've had this idea for doing a GB poster, but decided to wait until the new hire came in (Hello Austin!). I made this while listening to a fuckton of GB content, and really enjoyed making it.

Some notes for the GB members if they read this, regarding my depictions of them, as well as what some of them mean to me.:

-Jeff, You are the founder, and therefore your role in this was obvious. Jars were a needed touch obviously. You definitely stood out to me when I first started listening. To me back then, games journalists felt really boring and disconnected with the people they were talking to. Not to imply you were some innovator in this regard, but to me you really got me to rethink that notion.

-Jason, I originally had you wrapped in cables whilst playing Street Fighter. I instead decided to go with your second favorite hobbie: being disappointed in Dan. It is coincidentally also one of my hobbies.

-Dan, I don't think I need to explain my choices. You were somewhat the hardest person to draw because there was a myriad of dumb shit I could've had you doing. That all said, I remember saying to a friend 2 weeks after you came in that "Dan Ryckert is the best thing to happen to Giant Bomb as well as the worst thing. Thank fuck"

-Brad, as a DOTA fan myself I understand the endless incentives Valve constantly throws at you to open those fucking chests, including not having to pay for those keys anymore, so your depiction is a tiny bit outdated. Sleepy Brad will never be outdated though. Please keep hosting the bombcast, I personally think Ryan would be proud of you doing it.

-Alex, I imagined you in a state of explaining things, as you're going to be doing that a lot now that you have your own podcast, that I am now anticipating every week! I originally thought you were mostly just grumpy all the time, but you're only grumpy 75% of the time!

-Austin, welcome to the club man! I don't know much about you, but that's okay because I would like to get to know more about you!

-Vinny, you are the smallest person in this picture, but certainly the biggest influence on me since listening to you guys. I (hopefully) went from being a fucking asshole to (hopefully) a nicer guy because you listening you.

-Patrick, I hope no one looks at this picture and goes "MAN THE ARTIST IS IMPLYING THAT PATRICK KLEPEK TURNED HIS BACK ON GB" or something stupid like that. I was probably like one of those guys when I first joined GB. I didn't like you that much, but over the years you became something I regularly looked forward to listening to, even after moving out to Chicago. Also you pronounce my name right on your Streams so fuck yeah man.

-Drew, I was originally going to lean more towards your flight club history, but I decided to go with what's currently trendy. I realize you have some frustrations with those games, but to me Metal Gear Scanlon is one of my favorite things on the site. Please keep doing them, I think you'll at least enjoy PLAYING the next game for sure.

-Rorie, thank you for keeping this place somewhat civil. I'm not necessarily familiar with how well people around here regard you, but it's probably underrated anyways. Thanks!

-Ryan, I know you're not in the picture (you originally were going to be in Drew's place but I decided against it), but you definitely mean a lot to me. I think that fact was made more solid after listening to all the older content over the course of drawing this poster. Thank you Ryan Davis. And also Fuck Ryan Davis.


(also this is me SELF-PROMOTING MYSELF, but pls check out my DeviantArt, though I actually do more paintings than stuff liek this poster: http://sstarkm.deviantart.com/)

Mod edit: NICE JOB DUDE!

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#2 Posted by takayamasama (1546 posts) -

This is really rad man! I love all the small touches and references spread throughout the picture. Amazing job

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#4 Posted by AnjinM (151 posts) -

This is pretty amazing.

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#5 Posted by firecracker22 (728 posts) -

Dude, small businessman!

That's a really awesome piece of art, man. Great work.

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#6 Posted by KillEm_Dafoe (2634 posts) -

Outstanding work, good sir! I love all the great little touches and references you've worked in.

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#7 Posted by probablytuna (5008 posts) -

Fan-fucking-tastic. God damn Small Business Man is great.

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#8 Posted by Counterclockwork87 (1180 posts) -

I like this a lot! I feel like you really captured Jason very well.

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#9 Posted by DJMoo (175 posts) -

Wow this is amazing man! I love the amount of detail in it. Loads of nods to past stuff too!

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#10 Posted by patrickklepek (6833 posts) -

Thanks for including me. Means a lot. :)

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#11 Posted by adamantypants (75 posts) -

Look at that small business man

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#12 Posted by TheHT (15837 posts) -

This is just... stellar. I really like Drew lighting the bomb. Great little touches like that all around.

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#13 Posted by buzz_clik (7590 posts) -

Awesome work, yo! N'awww, widdle Vinny.

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#14 Posted by Fobwashed (2778 posts) -

Spectacular >,<

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#15 Posted by noblenerf (711 posts) -

Great work! Jason in particular seems spot on; I think it's his expression.

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#16 Posted by fatalflame (127 posts) -

Brilliant stuff!

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#17 Posted by ocelotfox (101 posts) -

Absolutely fantastic from top to bottom, well done!

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#18 Posted by CornBREDX (7364 posts) -

That's a really awesome poster you got there. I would buy that.

Why is Patrick in it, though? I thought this was current. You know Patrick doesn't work for Giant Bomb anymore, right?

Awesome poster, though.

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#19 Posted by aurahack (2553 posts) -

This is so great but I completely lost my shit at Brad sleeping. A+++ duder!

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#20 Posted by Fobwashed (2778 posts) -

@aurahack said:

This is so great but I completely lost my shit at Brad sleeping. A+++ duder!

This is also the first piece of fanart I've seen with Brad's ultra business hair =D

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#21 Posted by Asinies (106 posts) -

@cornbredx: That's true, I made a mistake by saying current. Patrick will always be a duder to me though.

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#22 Posted by CornBREDX (7364 posts) -
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#23 Posted by lead_dispencer (534 posts) -

i hate this damn community. your all so fucking talented! i got no creativity skills.

Well done sir! you guys never cease to impress me with the art. Like it is seriously amazing! If i were you guys and was capable of producing something like this, I would make some ads or designs for some local companies as a side project. Seriously, kudos once again.

I do wish ryan was included in it. he may be gone, but he shant be forgotten.

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#24 Posted by Maluvin (750 posts) -

Cool work, man. Really appreciate the time, heart, and talent that goes into something like this. One of the many reasons I stick with this site. :)

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#25 Posted by jstanfor (3 posts) -

Great work man

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#26 Posted by chu52 (701 posts) -

OMG sleepy Brad makes me so very happy. Great job duder

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#27 Edited by Seikenfreak (1522 posts) -

Nice work. I feel like Austin's should be like.. a wall of framed diplomas and certificates lol Stack of books or something. We barely know anything about his style yet but the most stand out feature to me is that he seems very well formally educated which seems quite different than most of the rest of the crew. Not that I think any of the other guys are dumb lol

Look forward to seeing this in the background of one of the studios.

Ohhhh just realized Vinny is like.. small business man.

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#28 Posted by Asinies (106 posts) -

@lead_dispencer: I had a real tough time deciding whether to include Ryan or not. Originally he was going to be a ghost that lit the bomb...rope thing. I couldn't figure if that was tasteless or something he'd enjoy. Either way, I backed down from it.

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#30 Edited by tiffanytryhard (333 posts) -

Really cool! I love how Alex has impish little ears; he looks like an elf who's just over the whole thing.

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#31 Edited by Asinies (106 posts) -

@ntm: It's part of his beastly charms.

Edit: I edited the picture by adding claws to Alex to help push them beastly charms. Hopefully that reads better now.

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#32 Posted by matthew (2155 posts) -

All the small touches - you got'em. Sick job on the poster man!!!

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#33 Posted by rangers517 (368 posts) -

Wow, this is great. Nice work!

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#34 Edited by FlashFlood_29 (4414 posts) -

Great job duder. Great job.

Kinda weird seeing Vinny so small compared to Alex who's right behind him lol wait... ohhhhhh small business man... got it! bahaha Solid work.

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#35 Posted by kasaioni (2397 posts) -

This is probably one of the best GB posters I've seen yet.

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#36 Posted by joshwent (2897 posts) -

Alex looks like a depressed goblin.

perfect likeness ;)

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#37 Posted by Rorie (5744 posts) -
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#38 Edited by ripelivejam (13161 posts) -

This is fucking adorable.

E: austin should have a shirt with a canadian maple leaf on it or something, cause THAT JOKE WILL NEVER GET OLD :P

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#39 Posted by InsidiousTuna (577 posts) -
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#40 Posted by wadtomaton (608 posts) -

Very awesome duder!

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#41 Posted by SpaceCouncil (916 posts) -

Super cool

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#42 Posted by Humanity (18720 posts) -

Great job!

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#43 Posted by mlarrabee (3917 posts) -

Who's the degenerate looking approvingly at Dan? (I say degenerate because they're looking approvingly at Dan while he's floating in nacho cheese sauce.)

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#44 Posted by Asinies (106 posts) -
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#45 Posted by TournamentOfHate (880 posts) -

Good call keeping Patrick in there. I love this site and am so excited about the future starting with E3.

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#46 Posted by Netherdiver (109 posts) -

Don't tell Dan there are wasps and mayo in that cheese soup.

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#47 Posted by lead_dispencer (534 posts) -

@asinies: i understand the predicament. I dont know if a ghost was way to go. it if was like ryan looked all white and pale with a tail i mean. my inition thought was just having him there in the background but a little hazy or minor transparency or something. like his image is still with all of us. And of course he has to have fat stacks of money and his drink of choice in hand.

Fuck, Ryan Davis.

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#48 Posted by cooljammer00 (3089 posts) -

I'm glad OP mentioned Ryan, even if he's not in the poster.

Also, no dog for Rorie? Outrageous!

And I've never know Brad NOT to fall asleep on the toilet.

P.S. I'm going to come out and say it: Cartoon Austin looks like a black Cartoon Ryan. With glasses. And no tattoo.

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#49 Posted by Asinies (106 posts) -

@cooljammer00: I took it a step further, Rorie IS THE DOG, just like how it always should've been!

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#50 Posted by Seanakin66 (164 posts) -

Ryan is not there because he is everywhere.

Fantastic job there. :D