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Hi everyone

Jeff was talking about maybe getting some new shirts made on the latest Jar Time and that inspired me to get some ideas out of my head. I am an extremely excitable and impatient person so here I am posting after I've only made three but more are coming. They are all referential. #generationremix

I wasn't totally sure where to post this so if it's on the wrong board please take my apologies

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I don't get the "reference" for pretty much any of them, but I like them a lot!

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Nice work on these.

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These look great. Really forward thinking design wise.

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I'd definitely wear a GB shirt in the style of the Much Music logo.

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oh wow, wasn't expecting to see an old Much Music logo. neat!

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@washablemarkers: The crazy thing is that I'm not even Canadian. I'm not totally sure but I think the first time I saw the Much logo was on a bootleg Weapon of Choice music video I grabbed from limewire back in the day. It just stuck with me.

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First shirt is a reference to the Japanese canned coffee drink BOSS COFFEE BLACK from Suntory.

Second shirt is a pretty shameless copy of the old Canadian MUCH MUSIC channel logo

Third shirt is a reference to a shirt made by 80's English postpunk band Public Image Ltd.

Fourth shirt is my first ever attempt at pixel art and yet another shameless logo crib although this one is a copy of the Ocean Software logo

Fifth shirt is a reference to all those warez keygen applications that used to exist and still do exist.

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@combustion_man: these are fantastic! I'm both Canadian and a graphic designer and would wear ANY of these - especially the Much Music inspired design. Amazing work!

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Amazing work and great design.

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I didn't realize how much nostalgia I had for the Much Music logo until just now. Great work!

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I'd wear all of these.

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I really like the execution on the second shirt.

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I think they should make a shirt akin to the first one but with a 40 oz. of malt liquor instead.

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That Much Music mashup, tho. Keep wanting Ed the Sock but Gerstmann instead.