I saw this and thought of Giant Bomb.

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You know it makes sense!

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I can see where you're coming from, yes. :P

The vid embedded:


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That is the best thing i've seen for a long time.

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Slightly hypnotic and homo-erotic.

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Abunai said:
"That is the best thing i've seen for a long time.
Same here

"Slightly hypnotic and homo-erotic."
Yes, very much so :P
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I dont see the connection?

Cool vid BTW

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are you saying this site is gay? jk
but really, explain please.

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I can really see the similarities. It does remind me of Giant Bomb.

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So is this site a homosexual?

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Saw this and thought of Giant Bomb


see everything, think of giant Bomb.
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That video was cool...this site is cool, there's a connection.

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uhhhh i dont know what to say about that

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Best 48 seconds ever.

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The first thing that comes to mind is California.

San Fransisco specifically.

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What did I just watch?