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This is the Run has been tremendous... I love every minute of it so far. I wanted to pay tribute but I can't draw, so I had some time yesterday and wrote/recorded this dumb song. I was going for something that could have been in a cheesy 80s action movie, with lyrics around the general idea of the video series, and also some things specific to Contra since that's the only one thus far. Lyrics are in the video and the description, if anyone cares to know what I'm singing.

I would embed the video if I had a clue what I was doing... but I don't.


Edit: A few people mentioned using it for cutting video to - or just downloading to have - both of which are great by me, so I put it on Soundcloud with downloads enabled:


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This is amazing dude.

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#3 Posted by Warren2007 (84 posts) -

@jgray: Hahaha! That's great! Thanks, duder. Really made my day.

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very nice!

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This is great, truly outstanding! You've got a Chris Cornell sound to you're voice.

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That was great!

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Bahahahaha I love this

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HOLY SHIT. @vinny@danryckert you guys have to use this. At least the first 30 seconds of absurd guitar riff to introduce each video or something

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#10 Posted by Superkenon (1703 posts) -

I don't have the words, man. You're incredibly talented to have put this together. This is beyond incredible!

Thanks, Duder! You've brightened my week!

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Hahah. Top notch @jgray - well done.

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It's not just really dumb, it's also genuinely good.

As an aside, I now want to see Dan have a "This is the run" gimmick in League of Heels. Demanding retries because it wasn't the run. I just want to hear fans clapping their hands and chanting "This is the run".

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Wow. That`s freaking amazing! Good job duder!

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This is fucking amazing. I was grinning the entire time.

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Wow, this was outstanding. Congrats duder!

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hahaha really dumb in a good way.

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This is perfect dude. Excellent work.

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This is absolutely amazing, and I would love if someone with amazing video editing skills could cut this with footage from the series.

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Nice job! I can't sing or make music so I drew haha, we all express our love in different ways which is what makes the community so great.

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#22 Posted by avantegardener (2369 posts) -

Great Stuff!

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That is awesome. The neverending jam session going on between GB and all the incredibly talented people in its community never ceases to amaze me.

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This was genuinely great. Thank you so much. If you happened to post an audio copy I would happen to download it...

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You did the instrumentation too? Even if you didn't this is pretty amazing.

And if you are using firefox youtube won't embed videos on this site, at least it never has for me but chrome works.

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Amazingly well done.

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This is absolutely fantastic. Great job, duder.

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That is some excellent work. Now we just need a training montage to go with it.

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This is tremendous, I love it so much.

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I fucking love the Giant Bomb community.

Also, I love this theme. Made me laugh, which I think is hard for a song to do.

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You win the internet today dudder.

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This is incredible. You totally nailed it!

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You're pretty good
You're pretty good

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Awesome work duder!

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I can see them playing this at PAX or something.

Edit: oh shit, this is the same person that did the Guns & Roses 2 vid, no wonder it's ace

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This is incredible.

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This is the run, this is the one, they're gonna do it this Tiii-eeee-iiime!

Love this! So awesome duder! Well done!

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#39 Posted by jgray (18 posts) -

Thanks everyone! This community is talented is so many ways. Great to be part of it. You guys making art, and videos, and games, and everything else impress me every time. Plus, This is the Run made me laugh so many times that it made this song really fun to do.

@oursin_360 I started from scratch on Wednesday. I got the idea to do a song when Vinny and Dan were beating on the desk, so took some notes on the things they said, and things that made me laugh the most as I watched the rest of the series. I worked up the lyrics and wrote the music Wednesday morning, then spent the afternoon recording all the parts. I've got the process mostly streamlined now, so can knock out a song in about day if it flows right and the source material inspires me.

@august Thanks for linking it properly! I read a lot of stuff here, but rarely post cause I don't know what I'm doing.

@shindig@cr0ssbow Anyone that wants to edit video to this is free to use the song. And I am all for a Contra training montage cut to this. That would be fantastic.

@cadrach I'll add a link to it on Soundcloud where it's downloadable if anyone wants to use/have it for whatever.

@dudeglove I think at laughed at Guns N Roses II for 5 minutes straight when I originally heard it on the podcast, so that stupid video was the least I could do. :) I also did a song a few years ago based on the Bioforge play through Vinny, Drew, Danny and Patrick did. It's an instrumental combining the various theme music from Bioforge into one song, and just about as dumb as these two.

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Now I just want to watch the final run with this on in the background the whole time.

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Duder. Fantastic work!

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Wow. This is hilarious.

I'm always astonished at how many talented people in the GB community are willing to make cool stuff like this constantly.

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"Now their biggest enemy is the two inches of screen..." The way your lyrics ramble on but totally hit comedically is pretty impressive. This is so well-executed. Thank you for putting a shit eating grin on my face.

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That's not real dumb at all. Freaking great work, man!

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#45 Posted by Skamikaze1983 (33 posts) -

Some people are so goddamn talented that it breaks my brain.

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This is so good. Great job duder!

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God damn great.

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Good shit.

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@betterley said:

This is great, truly outstanding! You've got a Chris Cornell sound to you're voice.

Hey @jgray, following up on this comment, were you just going for generic butt rock/grunge rock vocals, or did you have a more specific influence? Because I think you're not far off from sounding specifically like Layne Staley from Alice in Chains in this particular song. Though I guess at some point his voice kinda almost became the template voice for how you do a parody of grunge rock.

Also I'm amazed that you're capable enough to digitally record and mix this song together and everything, but couldn't make it the final 5 feet of the race to figure out how to embed videos on the Giant Bomb forums. :P

Thanks for making this! You're the sleeper hit of music duders on the site.