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I don't know if I've ever played something more cringe-worthy than these Specialist HQ missions in Black Ops 4. I thought Ben was bombastically joking during the last Bombcast about the VO lines in this game, but my goodness are they bad.

This is almost as bad as that crappy Jaffe game (Drawn to Death, I think?).

Anyone else feel the same way? I'm surprised Jeff didn't shit on this feature more, because it's really bad.

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I have since turned down the VO completely for all modes.

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I never played Black Ops 1 or 2, so I had no experience with Frank Woods, but I am now convinced that he is the worst video game character ever. The shear amount of misplaced effort in each line of his gives me a headache.

I thought that smarmy british asshole from assassin's creed 2 was the most annoying a video game character could get, but here we are, you did Frank Woods, congratulations.

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I had a friend walk in whilst I was playing those Specialist HQ missions, and I felt like I'd be caught watching like incredibly fucked up porn. I felt just a wave of shame rush over me. Oofa doofa is the Frank Woods voiceover fucking abysmal.

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@brackstone: I remember Frank Woods being all right in Black Ops 1.

I also haven't played Black Ops 1's campaign in... probably seven years now? I know I replayed it at least once or twice. His characterization shown in the Quick Look of Black Ops 4 is not what I remember of his characterization in Black Ops 1.

I kinda want to go get a copy of BlOps 1 just for the campaign now.

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@pants: Yup! I've only completed 2 of them so far...mainly stemming from the fact I don't want my wife walking in on me playing it.... xD

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It's so bad that I have to believe it's on purpose. I mean, right? No one can think this dude is cool.

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The biggest tragedy of BO4 seems to be that they seem to have made a really good competitive shooter, but everything surrounding it is kind of bad.

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I legit loved it! It was super stupid, and cracked me the hell up when Virtua Frank Woods said "That was lit ay eff!" The best part is when he kind of calms down, and starts saying some deep shit about staying on your guard, and not trusting everything. It's actually some good bit of storytelling in what little amount of storytelling there is, because it shows that, even though this is an AI of Frank Woods, that's been modified to say some dumb shit, Frank Woods is still in there talking to you. I actually thought that was kind of cool!

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But Woods won best character at Spike VGAs, how can he be bad?!

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(sorry I had to) ;p

Seriously though he wasnt always that bad, he was worse as cranky woods in blops 2 but never anywhere near as bad as he is in HQ.