I'm Super Behind on Giant Bomb Content. Where Should I Start to Catch Back Up?

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Hello, all you wonderful duders.

Long time no talk! For people who don't know, I'm the guy who did all the Giant Bomb interviews for The 1099 a couple years back. I'm now at EA and not talking into a mic anymore, but I miss this community. So I don't have a fancy setup or great "Would You Rather?" to post. I just really felt like talking to y'all about games that you're playing and some of your favorite recent Giant Bomb content.

Because of work and travel (just got back from Germany!), I haven't been able to consume my regular helping of Giant Bomb. So, where should I start if I want to catch up?

Again, miss you all, and if you're ever interested, here are links to each of the GB episodes:


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I would just jump back in with the new stuff: Burgle My Bananas, the new Vinnyvania, Get on My Level, etc.

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Metal Gear Scanlon is my favorite recent feature...and that’s actually kinda old...Jeez...

Maybe the Shenmue play-through GB East did?

Ranking of Fighters is fun.

Crime Crew is kinda long, but there’s some good stuff in there.

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Be like me, watch everything from the beginning. I'm almost done with 2009...

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You could always watch a bunch of the Best of Giantbomb features and catch up on all the highlights from the shows you missed. There is so much content it might be the most efficient use of your time.