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Hi Everyone!

I finally decided to setup my Steam Link and I'm a little underwhelmed. I've used PS Remote play on the PS4 and Vita/Vita TV and had a great time, but the Steam Link is noticeably worse. I'm wondering if maybe the culprit is my PC. I've got a fast mesh router with both the PC and Steam Link connected to a satellite.

My PC is a first gen Alienware Alpha i3-4170T with 8GB RAM and a GTX 860M 2GB. Is the i3 just not up to the task of streaming with Steam?

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It could be the processor. From how I understand it, processor is often a bottleneck in the streaming experience. How far away is the steam link from your mesh network transceiver thingy? Or how far is your computer for that matter. I had the best luck when my PC was hard wired. I wonder how well steam streaming deals with a mesh-style network. That's a lot of wireless to and from each machine. There are easy "hacks" you can do to the steam link to force a higher bitrate, though. I seem to remember there being some diagnostic tools inside the steam link as well to see where your bottleneck might be. Sorry my "help" is so vague and... unhelpful.

EDIT: Here's a really good post from @flashflood_29 that may be insightful. https://www.giantbomb.com/steam/3015-718/forums/steam-link-latency-tests-55-1796456/

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@poppduder: Thanks for the help!

- Both the Steam Link and PC are connected to their individual satellites with a 4' Cat 6 cable.
- The PC is in the basement and the Steam Link is in the living room on the main floor, but they're really only about 40' apart?
- My router/satellite is the Netgear Orbi system (if that helps?)
- I read the thread and I've fussed around a little more with the settings, but I'm not seeing any real change.

If I can find my powerline adapters I might try that to see if it's faster, but I cant imagine that it would be.

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@skullpanda1: You should use the overlay to see how much lag you get and when it's active press F8 on your keyboard or start+X to capture snapshots of the streaming. This makes zip files with images that you could share here.

More info: https://www.giantbomb.com/steam/3015-718/forums/steam-link-and-latency-1818717/?page=1#js-message-8778339

That thread that was linked in the post above doesn't really mention the very useful performance overlay thing, don't miss out on it.

Another important thing about using the Steam Link, NEVER use V-Sync while Streaming because it's doesn't improve the image and only adds latency. The video that gets streamed will never get tearing anyway even if it's tearing on your PC.

EDIT: make sure your TV isn't slowing everything down also. Set it to game mode etc.

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@forcen: Wow turning off V-sync made a huge difference!