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Source: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/10/21/intellivision-reveals-their-amico-console-at-portland-retro-gaming-expo/

A while back, Jeff mentioned that he was interested in the console Intellivision would be revealing at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Well it's now revealed and it's called the Amico.

It will only play 2D games, which will be sold for prices between $3-8 with a library consisting of Intellivision-exclusive content, which sounds like the library will have new games but will also have the company’s entire retro library. One of the big talking points is that it will contain a special chip to push 2D graphics to their limit that it will supposedly look better than what you currently see on the PS4 and Xbox One.

I have no idea what that last statement could possibly mean. There are two controllers with dials that rest on the console but are removed for use, and up to eight players are able connect their smartphones to it with an app. It looks like the supplied controllers maybe have a touchscreen and buttons on the sides?

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What do you think, duders? Can you dig it?

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Intellivision was before my time, so I don't have any reverence/appreciation for the name. I couldn't really care less about this new device; I suspect it will come and go without much success.

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"Pushing 2D graphics to their limits" with a special chip doesn't make any sense. What's it going to do, put more art on the screen? The reason 3D graphics are resource-intensive is because more and more polygons are being rendered at the same time. 2D graphics (at this point) aren't an issue for even phone GPUs, even at 4K+ resolutions.

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I'm 99 percent certain this thing is a useless gimmicky piece of nothing.

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"a library consisting of Intellivision-exclusive content"

Yeah, no.

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If I wanted to announce a console that sounds like a bunch of half-baked, scammy bullshit, that's what I would announce.

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I was with them (not really) until that nonsense about 2D graphics.

Although now I really want to know what the hell that means.

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That's cool and all, but Tommy needs to get back to his real passion. "Gamer Warz" needs a reboot.

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Amico is an Amiga adjacent name. I wonder if we'll get hot ipod remasters on this thing with it's radial button.

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One of the big talking points is that it will contain a special chip to push 2D graphics to their limit that it will supposedly look better than what you currently see on the PS4 and Xbox One

I really doubt this.

I'm not saying that 2D games can't give graphics cards a bit of a workout sometimes (Ori and the Blind Forest comes to mind here), but I cannot honestly believe that even a base PS4 and Xbox One can't handle some kind of 2D game that this Intellivision thing can. And if, for whatever reason, those consoles can't keep up with the Amico in 2D games, the PC surely will be able to, and the PC has a much larger install base than whatever this thing will have. The only thing keeping 2D games from looking their best these days is lack of talent on the dev's end.

I'll be happy if I have to eat those words, honestly. A successful console that is focused entirely on the best looking 2D games ever made? Cool! I'd honestly like to see what that looks like in 2018, and I'd buy one with any decent amount of success. But practically, why on Earth would anyone develop for this thing when you can release one hell of a 2D game on PC/Switch/Xbox One/PS4/perhaps smartphone or even 3DS/Vita and have a much higher install base?

EDIT: According to a different source:

Speaking of games though, every single one will cost no more than $7.99 USD and no less than $2.99. Further, there will only be E-rated or E10-rated games permitted on the console, with absolutely no violent games allowed. This is being done because the console wants to pitch itself as a something "parents want to buy."

So it's probably a rip off kid's toy then. A cheap knockoff concerned parents and clueless grandma's get their young kids for Christmas because the Xbox is too expensive and has M-rated games on it.

Which means that the closest I'll ever get to one of these things is watching Giantbomb livestream it, if they do any such thing.

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Such a strange thing to say - "pushing 2D graphics to their limits".

Does he mean just more shit on the screen? I can't really think of anything else that would be taken care of with a graphics chip - everything else requires more time, money and talent like animation or design.

Regardless, I AM excited at the prospect of a system devoted to 2D. But it's certainly tempered a bit by the E for everyone nonsense.

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This all sounds insane. Pushing 2D graphics to their limits that even PS4 and Xbox can't handle, games cost no more than 8 bucks.. what?

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Friend of mine had one when I was a kid. The only game I can remember playing much of is Zaxxon.

Really doesn't seem like a system anyone is clamoring for, but good luck to them.

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This inches a little too close to Ouya territory, between the pricing structure, rating restriction and bizarre claims about 2D graphical capability. I guess we'll see what it ends up being soon enough, but I dunno who the hell is the target audience is from that pitch.

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Sounds like something that will sell about 15 units and half of them will wind up in Jeff Gerstmann's garage.

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I didn't see the official reveal trailer in any of the linked news stories yet:

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Coming 2020 wtf.

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naturally their reveal trailer has a length of 4:20 .

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@thisisacooltag: Oh didn't see that! Well that trailer sure is.. something. More info about the controllers. Gyroscope, touchscreen, rumble, etc. Best of luck to them. I hope they make something that surprises us all.

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The thing is that the Intellivision sucked. Yea, those sports games were licensed but you still had to play them on the Intellivision. And those other innovations are at best minor and at worst stretching the truth a fair amount. Meanwhile, that video seems like more like a Kickstarter pitch video than an actual marketing video. We'll see but I don't have anywhere close to high hopes for this.

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I hate to pile on when someone is trying to do something out of the ordinary, but I have no idea who this thing is for.

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I don't know, I had zero interest in this until I watched the reveal trailer. Something about it makes me really hope it turns into something interesting. I don't expect leader qualities, but a cool piece of hardware outside of what we have now might be a cool thing.

A 2 year wait can easily kill any hype, though.

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Some how that price seems a bit low. I mean not that the game library is hard to run but still it's sending some major red flags up for me.

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@deckard said:

2D graphics (at this point) aren't an issue for even phone GPUs, even at 4K+ resolutions.

Graphics cards arn't developed with 2D graphics in mind, yes graphics engines and developers have had enough power from both CPU and GPU to push a lot of beautiful 2D art for a long time now, but it's not without limits.
I don't know which available graphics engine has the best performance when it comes to 2D, we all hold Ori up as a shining example but the Unity engine gave it frame drops, whether that's the engine's fault or not (i'm willing to bet it is) there is still some consideration and optimization that needs to happen when making dense 2D art, 4K only adds greatly to those requirements.

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I didn't see the official reveal trailer in any of the linked news stories yet:

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I don't know, everyone's shitting on it but a cheap home console for local multiplayer indie games where my friends can just hook up their phones to play so I don't have to buy extra controllers? It could work for a certain audience.

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I'll give them this much, the trailer makes a much better first impression than whatever the fuck Atari are doing.

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I don't think anyone really wants this outside of the 8 guys who still remember the Intellivision. To my knowledge it was never popular anywhere in the world... It sold 1/10th the number of units that Atari sold. I don't believe the intellivision was available outside the US to any extent.

That isn't to say that we should forget about it or anything, but I can't see this thing selling many units.. Even in the US.. I sorta feel like the Intellivision is a console most owners were happy to throw away when they got their NES or Sega Master System or even an A2600. The gamepad is a numpad with a dial.... The console should have been given "curiosity" status long ago.

The Intellivision is a console that never needed to exist, kinda like Vectrex.. Both seem totally alien to someone born after 1990, and both are essentially of no value to audiences today... And most people from yesteryear are happy to forget the very first gen consoles. I loved my A2600, but I'm never playing those games again. Intellivision seems like a drastic step down from the A2600.... Who is the market for this device in 2019?

Anything older than the NES is totally pointless to try to sell as a sort of retro-hardware-doohickey. 95% of the games from before 1983ish are objectively shit games in comparison with what came after 83. And everyone's favorite game came out after 1983, and on platforms that were not the intellivision... That's my belief and I'm sticking to it fairly loosely.

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Still waiting for my Coleco Chameleon.

I don't know if intelivision games is something people wanna play.

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Having been a kid when Odyssey 2, Atari, Intellivision amd Coleco existed; I can say there is nostalgia for it.

I think the biggest mistake they are making is choosing nasataga over functionality for the controller. Just make a frickin' joypad Amico! That disc is going to be atrocious even if they made the best "disc based" controller ever. The disc is nastaoagic, but it is not functional. The evolution of controllers was not lateral, there was not a pathway where the Intellivision disc could be improved so that it woudl rivals a DualShock. The path from a single stick w/ single button to the joypad of today was each company improving. It was evolution where thing got better, and the thing that didn't work withered and died.

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Why don't automobiles have "tillers" like on a sailboat anymore? Yeah, we need to bring tillers back for steering car like in 1896 !

What they should have done is made a joypad with a circular motif. Even off teh top of my head I can imagine a DualShocks 4 with the central pad being a touch surface disc - boom a fauctional joypad with the Intellivision DNA of a circular disc.

I like the idea that all the olds games are updated and brought up to date with leaderboards, online gameplay, etc. All of that is a great idea, but it is only neat it is not an idea that sells $170 consoles. Because, do people care about an updated Miner 49er ? I don't see anyone saying they needed Mr Do with 1080p graphics. In their business proposal of updated old game and new games exactly where in the market does this things sit? Why is it better to make that hardware, rather than make these games for Switch or PS4?

That is what I think David Perry and Tommy Tallarico needed to do, make a new publisher. Sure get the license for the Intellivision games update them while gathering a line-up of other games to publish...but put those games on PS4, XBox One, and Switch. If you look at the roster of people, doesn't it seem like a group that would work magic as a publisher.