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During this year's Anime Expo, Granblue Fantasy creative director Tetsuya Fukuhara let slip a few interesting tidbits in his panel and an interview:

  • More news about GBVS on August 3, including a new mode or two that isn't just 1-on-1 fighting.
  • GBVS was intentionally designed to be easier to pick up a la Street Fighter 2 compared to the beautiful yet brutal animefighters like BBTAG or DBFZ, but with mechanics to add a little extra strategy so it's not just a beginner's first fighting game.
  • The base game of Granblue Fantasy will be released in Western markets after the release of GBVS (as "Granblue Fantasy Mobile") to take advantage of the expected hype that GBVS sparks. Unknown if there will be a separate server for the dirty Western peasants with newer characters/events/weapons unavailable or if they'll just branch out from their current one, considering most of the current game is already in decent localized English.
  • When asked about their favorite characters in the game, Fukuhara listed all dudes and Kimura listed all ladies. Don't know if that means anything but it's a fun bit of trivia.

More coverage of the panel can be found here. Didn't expect them to tease a release of the official English version of the mobage stateside, but I guess with GBVS, Relink, and the anime being released stateside they're slowly finding out there's an audience for it here.