Introducing Video Bomb - a new unofficial Android app for Giant Bomb

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#1 Edited by Trision (192 posts) -

Hello fellow duders! I've built a brand new Android app for Giant Bomb called Video Bomb. It's completely free + no ads and has feature parity with the other clients (streaming and offline video, Chromecast support, video search, etc.).

* Google Play Store (download)

* Screenshots

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Some feature highlights + why you should consider using it over other apps:

  • Design: Fully material + uses plenty of animations (check out the screenshots).
  • Video Progress API: Uses the new video progress API to sync your progress so you can continue watching on by going to Videos > Continue Watching. It works even if you're offline then come back online.
  • Video preview when scrubbing through videos.
  • Preview video size before downloading.
  • Improved download manager which allows pausing + resuming downloads.
  • Uses ExoPlayer, which is the player that powers Youtube on Android.
  • Built with the latest Android APIs (supports multiwindow, circular icons, app shortcuts, and more) + libraries.
  • Link handling: Clicking a GB video link can be opened in the app.
  • No permissions: Don't need them so I don't request them. :)
  • Active development: The other GB Android apps haven't been updated in a while and I'm committed to keeping the app up to date + adding more features.

I'll be monitoring this thread for any feature requests, bug reports, and general feedback. Thanks for checking it out + any feedback!

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#2 Posted by Turul (114 posts) -

I will try this out! thanks for sharing!

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#3 Posted by Trision (192 posts) -

@turul Thanks for checking it out!

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#4 Posted by jacobpv (5 posts) -

Thanks! This is awesome!

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#5 Edited by Forcen (2575 posts) -

Awesome! Looks great on that gif!

First question: is there a dark mode/night mode?

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#6 Posted by Trision (192 posts) -

@forcen: There isn't currently, but I'll add it to the feature list! Having one would definitely make it easier on the eyes at night.

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#7 Posted by Forcen (2575 posts) -

@trision: Great! Every app/website needs a dark mode.

Tried the app and it works great. I had some trouble logging in to the site in my default browser but that's my phone being weird. You should expose the URL to the site with the login codes instead of just the text "go here to get a code".

For example if you don't feel like typing in your password with your phone and just want the code from your PC then you don't know what URL to use on your PC. The link just redirects you to your login screen so you can't copy it or see the url.

Just a tiny nitpicky thing.

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#8 Edited by Trision (192 posts) -

@forcen Good point. I've changed the wording to expose the URL and it'll go out in an update tonight. Thanks for the feedback!

EDIT: It's live now.

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#9 Posted by void (282 posts) -

Dumb question: Besides chromecast , would it be possible to add casting to smart TV:s ? No idea what protocol is used, but my Samsung TV shows up in the youtube and netflix app, but not in any other app that has cast features. (Or maybe it's because those apps are also installed on the TV, that would make more sense ...)

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#10 Posted by Forcen (2575 posts) -

@void: If your phone and TV supports Miracast then you could display your phone screen on your TV wirelessly via that but that's about it. If it supports Plex then that could be an option but getting a chromecast is the easiest option by far. Get a 2nd gen.

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#11 Posted by RonGalaxy (4936 posts) -

For me the only thing that's missing is making playlists and a dark theme. Besides that, you've done some fantastic work. Really appreciate the multiwindow support and ability to sync progress with the site.

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#12 Posted by dudeglove (13779 posts) -

@zombiepie something for the community update thingy

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#13 Posted by Trision (192 posts) -

@rongalaxy Thanks for using the app! Dark theme is on the way (seen a lot of demand for this). I've added playlists to my feature backlog, but not sure when I'll be able to get to it.

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#14 Posted by Trision (192 posts) -

@void Hmm maybe. I think you might be right that it has to have those apps pre-installed, but I'll look into it.

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#15 Posted by Official_Thomas (12 posts) -

This is a great app! I have been using it for about a month now and love it. Keep up the great work!

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#16 Posted by cooljammer00 (3096 posts) -

How does this compare to the Video Buddy app I already use /that was endorsed by Brad?

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#17 Posted by Trision (192 posts) -

@cooljammer00: I'm biased, but I think Video Bomb compares quite favourably. Video Bomb has a number of features Video Buddy doesn't (see the OP), a ton of efficiency improvements, and I plan to add plenty more features soon (Video Buddy hasn't been updated in over a year).

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#18 Edited by Trision (192 posts) -
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#19 Posted by void (282 posts) -

This app needs a swipe left/right to mark video watched + hide. Especially If I'm going to give up all my saved watched state in other similar apps, *hint* *hint*.

Great work, @trision

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#20 Posted by totsboy (501 posts) -

I actually think the site works great on mobile, but this seems neat and very well made so I'll give it a shot!

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#21 Edited by Pop (2726 posts) -

Continue watching feature! I'm in, downloading now!

edit: One thing, if it's possible add the continue watching category to the app, that would be great. That's all I wanted. :))

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#22 Posted by Mister_V (2450 posts) -

Being able to sync progress between the app and the site is a pretty great feature, really like the app.

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#23 Edited by Forcen (2575 posts) -

Some kind of watch history would be nice, make it easy to find the videos you watched in the app previously. Maybe even possible to view history if videos we watched on the site?

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#24 Posted by TwoLines (3654 posts) -

Dang, even The 2nd gen chromecast has issues with GB's HD bit rate. Cool app though! Nice interface. More categories would be great.

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#25 Posted by WezqApe (86 posts) -

Video Buddy has been a bit crashy for me lately, so I'll definitely give this a try. Thanks!

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#26 Posted by cloudymusic (2134 posts) -

Looks really well-done, nice work. Will definitely give this a try.

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#27 Posted by myketuna (1961 posts) -

Awesome app. Switched over to it. Keeping my progress in videos sealed it for me. Only thing I'd ask is yes, a dark theme. Dark theme on the site is the only true theme, so a dark theme for Video Bomb should follow.

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#28 Edited by RobotHamster (4279 posts) -

Awesome! Is there anyway to watch live streams on it? Maybe I missed it somewhere. And I agree on a dark theme, it's the best theme.

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#29 Posted by mynthon (67 posts) -

Video Buddy stopped working on my crappy KitKat tablet some time ago, which was pretty much the only thing that device was good for.

This seems to work on it so thank you very much!

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#30 Edited by Onemanarmyy (4500 posts) -

Haven't tried it yet, but the screenshots look very promising. I thought the Video Buddy app was real slick, but eventually the videos would just not play reliably. When i switched to Luchadeer, the main gripe i had with that app was that it's not very easily to browse quickly through a series (because of all the big images tied to the videos)

I haven't tried this app yet, so i don't know if this is a problem, but the videobuddy list always made it real easy to scroll through hundreds of videos in a rapid fashion. I kind of worry that the Luchadeer / Videobomb approach of displaying the images of the videos prominently, will slow down how fast you can browse through a series of videos. But i'll definitly try it out in the near future.

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#31 Posted by Trision (192 posts) -
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@onemanarmyy: Thanks for the feedback + checking out the app! Mini list item support is 90% done and should be out in the next update (probably out tomorrow). Here's a screencap:

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#32 Posted by Trision (192 posts) -

@robothamster: Dark theme is in the works! Live streams are on my feature backlog (interestingly the video player actually already supports stream endpoints).

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#33 Posted by Trision (192 posts) -

@twolines: Yeah :( I really tried to work around this (I also have a 2nd gen Chromecast), but wasn't able to so I have to display a warning.

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#34 Edited by Trision (192 posts) -

@forcen: Yeah I definitely want to add this as well. Currently, the GB APIs don't support getting video progress in bulk (only one video per request), but once they do I'll jump on it.

EDIT: I'm wrong about this - see alecgdouglas' post below.

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#35 Edited by Trision (192 posts) -

@pop: I'll see if I can squeeze that into this next update (probably tomorrow). If not it'll definitely be in a future update (had a couple requests for that feature). Thanks for using the app!

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#36 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4500 posts) -

@trision: That's great. I'm switching over to your app :)

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#37 Posted by Forcen (2575 posts) -

@trision: Until then the app should have it's own local history at least.

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#38 Posted by Althox (323 posts) -

Nice! Will try it out at once!

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#39 Posted by thatbendorf (102 posts) -

Just downloaded. Looks great, keep up the awesome work duder!

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#40 Edited by alecgdouglas (107 posts) -
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#41 Posted by Trision (192 posts) -

@alecgdouglas: Oh sick! I completely missed that. Thanks for the heads up - implementing it in now.

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#43 Edited by TuxedoCruise (248 posts) -

The app logo gives me the heebie jeebies.

Great app.

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#44 Posted by is343 (117 posts) -

Hey! I downloaded this last week after switching gb apps.

It's been awesome so far! The only thing I would suggest is the ability to choose to download videos to the SD card.

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#45 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4500 posts) -

oh woops, seems like my 4.2.2 Jellybean tablet is not up to the task. I'll stick with Luchadeer in that case.

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#46 Posted by jamin (489 posts) -

Cool app love the design and the ability to sync between the app and the website. Couple of criticisms would be a dark mode, able to download to SD (got 128g external only 16 internal), making playlists, and more categories for videos. Also one feature none of the other apps have and I do not know if it's even possible but to be able to watch live videos. I know nothing about making apps so there maybe something I am missing but it does link your account to verify you are premium. I Have been out and using the websites' video player on my phone works but it isn't the best.

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#47 Posted by hydrotherion1979 (77 posts) -

Awesome! thx.:)

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#48 Posted by Trision (192 posts) -

@jamin724: Thanks! I just pushed an update with dark mode + a compact list view since those features were the most requested. Next on my list is SD card support + live videos.

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#49 Posted by jamin (489 posts) -
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#50 Posted by LutonHatter (389 posts) -

@trision Looks great so far, is there a way to change where downloaded videos are stored e.g. to an external sdcard?