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I just started watching a Linus Tech Tips video about a knockoff console. For a few seconds. They show a picture of the three founders of the company. Well, pictures speak louder than words. So.....

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Hey Dan, could I get one of those consoles to fool around with!?

Edit: Guess I should link to the video eh?

Edit 2: The part of the video with the pics. I'm a noob.

Edit 3: Just finished the video. Looks like it isn't a knockoff after all. I still want one though.

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In short, yes. Ask no questions.

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When Dan said he hooked up the PC to his TV, i knew that he was ready to launch a product in China.

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Dan and Soulja Boy are basically the same person (ever see them in a room together? No? There ya go), so yeah, probably.

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I can guarantee if some shady electronics company came to Dan with a plan to spread the Dan Ryckert brand he would 100% be on board.

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Never mind Jacob's M shaped hairline and... You know what. Fuck it. Yeah. Sure. I'll buy it.

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Having a PC that has a high HBM or GDDRX memory is more convenient for us gamers than having a pc that has graphical memory and os ram.

Paying for the ram always seemed like a huge tax for me to get into PC gaming.

Funny thing is even laptops have to have both types of memories on.

Too bad, Valve didn't go all in with the steam machine. A custom built hardware with a reworked Linux OS was and still is a great idea 👍

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Absolutely. I hear it asks unthinkably dumb questions on booting up. Fact.