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Isn't it obvious that gaming one day will be reserved for the time we are asleep? All these hours of life lost, both to gaming and sleep. One day, we will learn to control our dreams. To cast designer dreams into our sleeping minds. Achieve perfect lucidity and hence interactivity there-of. With perfect recollection of our dreamcasted exploits - that is the way we will play videogames! Also, it is said that dreamtime passes slower than regular time. Given enough control, we might spend a month's worth of perceived *real* time playing our favorite games in a single night's rest. And there'd still be time for wet dreams!

You heard it here first.

Also. Happy 10,000th post to myself!

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Thank you for this. I'm ready.

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Inception 2: The Video Game

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I think that in the future, we will figure out how to make it so that humans don't have to sleep anymore, so those extra 8 hours have to go somewhere.

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ugh, Idlethumbs dedicate an entire episode to dreamcast and now you. I have no reason to live anymore everyone are monsters.

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So this is what's taking Shenmue 3 so long.

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I just found two Dreamcasts in my basement. If only I could find the games and controllers...

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Shit, I'd be down.

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Shenmue is the future of gaming!!!

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That sounds like a Philip K. Dick novel in the making right there.
That would be really cool, of course it would be really cool to have any control over that stuff, imagine being able to spend all that down time learning something new? Or being able to record your dreams so that you can show them to your friends because no really, I just had this sweet dream and not only can I bore you to death telling you about it, now I can show it to you! Lucky you!

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wasn't the Xbox 360 the spiritual successor to the dreamcast?

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This existence is already a simulation.

And with the all the vr technologies coming to a forefront the next step in human evolution is the shedding of physicality and becoming digital gods.

And the Dreamcast was the pinnacle of gaming. I'm convinced since they bought up a bunch of properties they are just waiting for Nintendo to finally die out and then bam! Dreamcast 2! It's the long con!

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The human brain performs important functions during sleep probably incompatible with this idea. We need sleep to form memories and clear away brain junk.

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I'm in!

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Yep and the day will come when gamers get tired of arguing on the internet. Instead of arguing trying to prove each other wrong. They'll just get into a quick fist fight, it'll be just like this judge and lawyer in this vid.

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''If you wanna fight, lets go outback and I'll beat your ass''

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I don't want to be doing stuff when i am asleep. Sleep is time for me to shut the world off.

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No way. I'm injecting Saturn into my bloodstream on a weekly basis. That's the true future of gaming.

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Have you ever heard of lucid dreams?

In a lucid dream, the dreamer has greater chances to exert some degree of control over their participation within the dream or be able to manipulate their imaginary experiences in the dream environment.


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Typing of the Dead led to Typing of the Dead: Overkill, so it was certainly ahead of its time. Who knows what else it predicted that we aren't expecting?

Congrats on 10,000.

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This is fantastic.

Also, though only tangentially related, people should listen to this Radiolab story.

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I'd rather have a pill I can take to not need sleep so I can stay up and play more video games.

And before anyone thinks of making the joke, I ain't talkin about meth!

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@gruebacca said:

I think that in the future, we will figure out how to make it so that humans don't have to sleep anymore, so those extra 8 hours have to go somewhere.

i think that problem has been solved for quite a while now

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The bigger question: do you dream in colour?

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The bigger question: do you dream in colour?

Yes I do. Do you?

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@skullpanda1 said:

The bigger question: do you dream in colour?

I have woken up several times convinced I commited heinous murder. Made me sick to my stomach for months. My brain is capable of highest fidelity reality creation. Seal of Quality guaranteed.

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You know what would be fucked up...

...if the Dreamcast technology existed, but your brain didn't support it, or supported it very poorly. Like somebody tells you: "I'm sorry sir, but your brain is the Xbox One amongst brains..."

Monochrome dreaming for you.

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Dood, the Dreamcast has BEEN the future of video games since the moment it was created. It will always be the future of gaming.

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Forget the "Dreamcast," I can't wait 'til 2078 when PS9 comes out.

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It's all in the spores baby!!!