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There is one game that I don't hear much talk about when it comes to this generation's best and even "Greatest Games of All Time" discussions and that game is "Geometry Wars". It was my first downloadable game I ever bought when I got my 360 nearly seven years ago and over all these years, I am still just as addicted to it. It pioneered digital games to the mass appeal they are today and is, at least in my opinion, right there with the likes of Tetris, Marble Madness and some of the best puzzle games and games in general ever made. I'm just baffled that it's 2012 and I'm still playing this game.

Also, think of this sentiment, some of the earlier games that became known as some of the greatest games ever made, like Tetris and such are very simple in concept. Here is Geometry Wars, in a time when games have evolved to become bigger and more grandios than anything video game players in the 70's, 80's and even the early 90's would have ever thought, GW is in the same vein in that it's simple in concept but deep and yet, it's in a way more captivating and has held my attention for not too far from a decade where's no other bigger game has in the exact same way. It's just interesting to think about it.

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If you're prepared to talk about Geometry Wars 2 as one of the greatest games of all time, then I can relate.

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It's a wonderful game, and it is sure to age well. One of the best of all time? Maybe, maybe not. But it's one of the most important and influential games of this generation. It helped show that XBLA was a viable marketplace, and that downloadable games could be great.

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I loved Geometry Wars. I loved the second one even more. Do I consider them amongst the best of all time? Nowhere near it for me. Awesome games though.

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@adam1808: The second was an incredible game and technically by far superior, but that first game was that seminal moment in the history of Downloadable games and content that I knew, there was something to this and I will never forget that moment.

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One of the greatest games of all time? Not to me. But horses for courses -- if it's one of yours then who cares what the public consensus is?

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@PandaBear: I wasn't asking for an approvable by the people. I was just trying to drum up discussion.

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Well if you're calling that one of the greatest of all time what of Robotron and Smash TV?

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I think people look for such different things in games at this point that there's no such metric as "greatest game".
Geometry Wars feels great and is kind of addicting to get high scores and stuff, yeah, but if I asked you "What's better, that or The Walking Dead?" like-- there is no right answer to that. Can you even compare Geometry Wars to Super Smash TV and ask which one's better? Kind of, but even that's a weird, arbitrary thing to think about. Compare it to Street Fighter 4, or Burnout Paradise... I'm not playing Shadow of the Colossus or Portal 5 or 10 years later, but is that any berometre of how great it is? It's not DESIGNED to be played a hundred times over.
Anyway yeah I think in 2012 we've outgrown Top 100 lists. 
Does it stand the test of time and still achieve the goal it set out to do in 2006? Yeah definately. It's uncompromised by the limitations they had, so I don't think they could improve it if it came out today. Geometry Wars 2, I mean.
It's weird to think that Geometry Wars was their spin-off side-project, and Bizarre Creations is shut down now.

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@MikkaQ: Yes and Yes

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@I_smell: I've never thought of the sentiment that we have outgrown the "Greatest Games of All Time" discussion and while I think of it, I believe you may be right. There are just too many great games out there and time has shown that so many games have succeeded in different ways and with different goals and it will only become more numerous over the years.

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While it's a great game, it is definitely not one of my greatest games of all time.

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I think if you're into that style of game then it doesn't get any better then Geometry Wars, I only got them after the Breaking Brad where he was trying to get the survive one million achievement and they have been by far two of my most played games this year.