Is it time to get a new CPU?

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So I'm looking for the opinions of my betters and more nose to the ground fellows i know must dwell here. I use my PC for gaming and watching streams etc so have no use for any photoshop or editing etc.

Current system info thats relevent

2600k I7 OC'd at 4.5 ghz (cooleld by notua nh15)

16gb Ram

GTX 1080

Display is 4k UHD Samsung Smart TV

so is it time to finally give up on my 2600k? i want to start thinking about an RTX card and have never gone AMD for CPU in the past. But whats the consensus in the community? should i put the money into a new MB CPU and RAM (then is it AMDs new offering or trusty Intel) or can i hold off for the next gen Intel and AMD offerings and go for maybe a 2070 or 2080 GPU?

have a modest budget of around £500-£700 pounds depending on what price to performance i can expect ( for example i would pay the extra for a 2080 over a 2070 if it gets me another year or more out of the card)

I only have a very casual knowledge of the high end gaming computer scene so if I'm being dumb and should be waiting for the next line of RTX cards or Cpus please let me know this as well ( i can wait till Xmas/January sales etc)

Big thank you in advance and please feel free to expand on anything i'm over looking

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You have some choices with either AMD or Intel. But with a tight budget I would do with a R5 2600 ot R7 2700. Such a system would natch up fine with your GTX 1080. For advice, go to PC Parts Picker and look at their "Modest AMD" builds that fit your budget. If you can re-used PSU, case, fans and some storage all the better.

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A newer CPU can allow a GPU to be pushed a bit further. Not enough to get a GTX 1080 to play a majority of games at 4K/60, but a noticeable bump, and a newer CPU will give a current GPUs more breathing room compared to Sandy Bridge.

That said, $860 in freedom currency isn't going to get you a 4K/60 system. But a newer CPU in the $250 to $350 range, plus a new motherboard, DDR4 RAM, Windows, and I'd check to see if the NH D15 is comparable with newer socket types in case you'll need a new cooling solution, can give you a reasonable upgrade path for a "just playing games" system.

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You're not going to get much better value than the new Ryzen 3700x for $330. It's going to be basically tied with an i7 9700k at 4K for $50 cheaper. The cooler that's included is more than competent, so you wouldn't have to buy a new cooler either. Only issue at the moment is availability, so you may have to wait a few weeks till demand dies down to get one at MSRP. You would also have to get a new motherboard, but luckily with AMD most of the older AM4 boards are forwards-compatible with a BIOS update, so you can save some money here (I'm finding B450 boards for $100-130, but you could go with an X370 or B350 for even cheaper). And then you would have to get DDR4 memory, but this shouldn't be too expensive either. I would go with 3000 MHz, which I'm finding at $80 for 16GB.

In terms of a GPU, you would have to shell out most of your budget to do significantly better than a 1080, which is still a pretty fantastic card. The RTX Super revisions are just now getting to 10 series levels of price/performance ratio. In my opinion, you would be much better off going with the CPU/Mobo/RAM upgrade and future-proofing yourself for a GPU upgrade down the line when the 1080 starts to show its age.

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I would go AMD right now simply because the performance is on par again and you don't need to upgrade your motherboard with every cpu upgrade. But I can't tell you from experience if they are actually as good as Intel right now, just from reviews I've seen recently.