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What do you want from next gen most people would say more games or better gameplay but you are wrong what next gen needs is to fully immerse people in the gaming experience which comes into my next point vitural reality gaming such as the oculus rift and the vitural boy but we don't talk about the vitural boy do we?

Vitural reality is actually a great way to immerse yourself in games but the current vitural reality consoles only do seeing and hearing how long do you think until we have our very own matrix that we can use to play games with.

Next gen is overused as the only things they've improved are graphics really (I'm talking about the games not the consoles such as hone screens.) so what do you think is next gen.

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It's the next generation of consoles. That's it. We went from the 360 and PS3 to the One and PS4.

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@corruptedevil What this guy said. It's the next generation of consoles is. The consoles all got bigger/beefier and are different from the old ones.

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you should check your spelling. By "vitural" probably mean "virtual". What does "hone" mean, "home"?

Like others have said, the new generation is a modest improvement over the last for now, but things will get more interesting the more this generation continues.

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I have a pretty super powered PC, so "Next Gen" does not really mean anything to me apart from the next set of console hardware.

To me, the REAL Next Gen is going to be VR.

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Better technology does not mean merely better graphics. Better technology means more sophisticated AI routines and more of them on screen at one time. It means larger contiguous areas and better physics. It means procedural generation and more evocative sound design. Things that were not possible before are possible now.

The Silent Hill dynamic music and sound would not be possible on a SNES.

The Assassins Creed large crowd dynamics would not be possible on a PS1.

No Man's Sky will not come out for the Dreamcast.

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Drilling holes into Red Faction caves, now that was next-gen.

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Well....I guess if PS4 and Xbox One are current gen, than what you propose as next gen is actually possible. Maybe virtual reality will be part of PS5 and well Xbox-Whoops. I doubt it, but who knows what will happen in five years.

I think PS5 and Xbox will probably try to tackle not consoles that the PLAYER talks to, but rather have the CONSOLE talk and have us listen. The nicer thing about the development of such speaking interface tech is it is outside of one industry pushing it. Smartphones will work on voice commands, home robotics, health care, and other industries all care about voice feedback, not so much people giving voice commands but devices being able to answer back in understandable language.

One of the coolest talking devices I have seen this year was one my mother used after heart surgery. She had a box with a blood pressure cuff, a finger pulse o2 monitor, a scale and a thermometer. When she turned on the box it woudl ask my mom seven or eight questions about sleep, activity, exerciser, pain intensity, and general wellness when she responded it woudl respond back to her in an appropriate way like a nurse. Then it would take all her vitals using the sensor and tell her how she was doing and give advice. It was like having a nurse come in every day, but without the expense of a nurse driving out to do all that. All the info was sent to real nurses to monitor as well, but now all that data could be collected when my mother felt like getting up for teh day and it could be done remotely.