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#1 Posted by Knifey_Spoony (223 posts) -

Or is its tongue sticking out?

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#2 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

I believe it was supposed to be a tongue? But all I can see is an open mouth.

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#3 Posted by TravisRex (819 posts) -

This topic comes up time to time but i dont remember the consensus. You probably shoulda made this a poll as theres not much substance here.

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#4 Posted by RetroMetal (871 posts) -

I believe Jeff has said it's the tongue sticking out, but it certainly looks like an open mouth.

Nothing about it looks like the tongue.

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#5 Posted by dgtlty (1228 posts) -

It's always been a tongue, regardless of the designer's intent.

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#6 Posted by JohnyMyko (1889 posts) -

Both. There are versions of the bomb with the mouth open and other versions with the tongue sticking out.

Case closed.

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#7 Posted by citizencoffeecake (1543 posts) -

It’s an open mouth to me.

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#8 Posted by an_ancient (306 posts) -

No. Legos should not talk.

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#9 Edited by afabs515 (2005 posts) -

If you get in reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal close to the logo, it looks like it's a tongue, but from a distance, it's definitely an open mouth. It was clearly designed to be the greatest optical illusion ever created.

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#10 Posted by deactivated-5cdbdf5c5a6e1 (158 posts) -

Master chief is his safe word not his name!

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#11 Posted by Fezrock (731 posts) -

I thought it was both? Tongue sticking out of an open mouth.

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#12 Posted by TheHT (15859 posts) -

Mouth is open and you can see the tongue inside of it.

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#13 Posted by justtakemymoney (50 posts) -

I always read it as mouth open.

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#14 Posted by KillEm_Dafoe (2636 posts) -

A burger IS a sandwich. End of story.

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@onekillwonder_ said:

A burger IS a sandwich. End of story.

Don't be an idiot, calling a pizza a pie is ridiculous.

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#16 Posted by OurSin_360 (6177 posts) -

Its actually the "I" going through its neck

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#17 Posted by nutter (2137 posts) -

I’ve always seen the tongue...didn’t know it was contentious.

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#18 Edited by MattyFTM (14889 posts) -

It's an open mouth. Dave Snider designed the logo, he says it's an open mouth.

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Is Bomby a sandwich?

The bombcast logo suggests both, though.

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#20 Posted by Sweep (10595 posts) -

@mattyftm said:

It's an open mouth. Dave Snider designed the logo, he says it's an open mouth.

GGWP please report team ty