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After watching recent Rare replay QL, I start to think about getting my viva pinata fix (played it years ago, but don't have a copy now).

My problem:

1. currently live in China

2. using Windows 10

3. Games for Windows has been shutdown

There are no news for Rare Replay on PC right? Are there ways to get it legally?

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#2 Posted by Choi (706 posts) -

I would like to know that as well. Works so much better on PC with a mouse.

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Unfortunately, I wouldn't hold my breath for Rare Replay on PC, because it would basically mean officially having xbox 360 compatibility on PC.

To my knowledge, the PC version only exists in a GFWL form, which means that a digital version is almost certainly not still available. If you want the PC version of Viva Pinata, you'll have to get the physical copy on disc. If that's an option, you can probably find it somewhere pretty cheap. I got it a couple of years ago in a "Get three games for $10" offer, so it's bound to be somewhere for a couple of bucks. Should still work with GFWL being dead, it just wouldn't give achievements etc

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@damodar: Would you still be able to save the game without GFWL thou =/?

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@choi said:

@damodar: Would you still be able to save the game without GFWL thou =/?

Now that you mention it, I'm not sure...

I fished out my copy, I'll install it and see what's up.

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@damodar: I don't think GFWL is actually dead though. They took it out of some games, but the service was never actually shut down, even after all the announcements they made about it.

EDIT: Here is a GameSpot article about it from last year. I guess they were less announcements and more like rumours.

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@a_e_martin: Yup, you're totally right. I just signed in to GFWL in 2015, what am I doing with my time on this Earth? I totally forgot that they never actually made any announcement about it shutting down.

So yeah, GFWL is still a thing and it saved my game etc, @choi.

@df I only tried it for a few minutes, because that game drowns you in tutorials for ages, but it was running fine on my Windows 8.1, so I can't speak to Windows 10 conclusively, but they'd have to be very similar in compatibility. Still looks pretty nice on the highest settings, all things considered.

The other bonus of the physical PC version is that you can look at the case and 35 page booklet and enjoy the font choice there, and then wonder why the game is bursting at the seams with Comic Sans.

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@damodar: what? GFWL is still kicking? Holy shit.

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@damodar: much appreciated, if only I can buy games from GFWL (store front is definitely dead, right?)

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@damodar: I have it running on Windows 10. So it's all good. If any of you bought it from the Games of Windows store back then you can still download and install it from the client.

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@thunderslash: I tried installing on windows 10 here but I'm getting an error "missing x3daudio1_1.dll", did you get this? I downloaded the .dll but I still get the error =/

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@totsboy: Where did you put the file? The game directory? I believe it's a DirectX .dll and should be in the system32 folder. That's where it is for me on Windows 8.1. Check if it's in there. If putting the dll in there doesn't help, I would suggest reinstalling the latest DirectX.

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@damodar: it was on system32, ended up fixing it, but now the game just crashes on start =/ even running with compatibility won't work.

I'll try installing on my other HD where I have windows 8.1 installed I guess.

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Ok, working fine on windows 10 now, apparently it was a problem with old directx, had to reinstall everything from the cd and it worked =)

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I can't get it to work. When I Launch GFWL on Windows 10 I get an error popup "To use Games for Windows Software, you need the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant."

I follow the links, have tried both 32 and 64 bit of the wllogin and still get the error. I'm stuck now.

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If I buy a physical copy of this, do I have to keep the disk in the drive while I play?

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@zaphoduk: Did you install the GFWL that came with the game or did you download it separately?

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The game is crashing as I launch it..