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Anyone play this game on a SD TV? More often then not the text is fine on SD but sometimes it is illegible, Dishonored being an example. I figure you need to be able to read everything for this game so i need to know before i waste money on it. If not then I will choose between Darksiders 2 or Borderlands 2. Thanks for the help!

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I'm also a fan of antiques, but maybe you should get an HD-TV?

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Modern console games are at their best while using a Braun HF 1-television. Get yours now from your local antique boutique.

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Currently unemployed, but a HD TV will be one of my first buys when I can find work

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I've only played XCOM on PC, but the text is mostly just for world-building and for interest. It's not really vital to any of the missions - all vital mission objectives and info will be given by voice over. I suppose on an SD screen, you might have a bit of trouble seeing some of little bars that make up the healthbars of the enemies, but apart from that you shouldn't have a problem playing it on an SD TV.

Some of the items you can make change the stats of your characters - titan or skeleton armour, for example, will alter you characters stats in different ways. It might be a little hard to see that if you can't read the text, but there's always the internet to help you out when it comes to that.

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@Moblin: This is an approximation of what you'll see in terms of detail and text but this is the PC version running at a higher than SD resolution just compressed down to SD resolution.

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The text boxes are slightly bigger than that on Xbox. That last shot, especially, zooms right in to fill the screen with info on the Xbox version.
You wouldn't be missing anything game-breakingly important, but I think it would be uncomfortable to play. When you get hit, the damage appears as a red number on a black box, and that's probably gonna be a pain. If you're gonna get a HD TV eventually, you should probably play a different game now, and get Xcom later.

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Thanks for the help and the pics! The text seems to be fine enough for me with the exception of some of the details in the last shot and if the console versions zoom in at all i am sure it will be fine. I expected the text to be more important then what you guys make it out to be. Still have not decided between the 3 games but this should make that choice easier.