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So i came across this the other day buried in one of my closets UNOPENED. Is this game worth opening up and playing just for the hell of it?
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If you like fairly classic style 3D platforming then it is worth playing nowadays.

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@ChuckLee: Yes, it is completely different from the other Jak games. And welcome to the forums mate!
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I love the Jak and Daxter games. PLAY NOW!

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It is a amazing but you could probably sell it for a hefty price, it if is the black strip.

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It is good as far as I can remember. Me and my friend  played through it 3 time together. Just by writing this I want to go play it again. cut the first part out this game was epic. great big boss fights, good platforming , nice story, lovable characters. So yeah you should open it up and get sucked in. 
And congrats on your first post :P

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#1 Congrats on your first post. 
#2 It's a great, although not very original game.
Jak's first adventure more mirrored an open-world Crash game understandably. It's not until Jak 2 where the series began to get it's own identity, both from a presentation standpoint and mechanically. It's still a great lighthearted platformer.
It also is one of the few PS2 games to support widescreen 16:9. This is a great thing.

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It was a great game, if you like 3D platformers you'll love it.

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@ChuckLee said:
"So i came across this the other day buried in one of my closets UNOPENED. Is this game worth opening up and playing just for the hell of it? "

Absolutely! Great game. 
Also: Welcome to GB/the forums! First post about a terrific game- nice.
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Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

I have played many platformers including all of the 2D and 3D Marios and Sonics and Crash Bandicoots and what not.

Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is without a doubt and by far the best platformer that was ever made.

That is all.

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That game is like a cross between a Looney Tune Cartoon, and The Ocarina of Time. You'll love the game-play and laugh your head off at the same time.

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Great game. Still my favorite in the series.

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I picked up a jak and daxter the precursor legacy game recently but the thing it is that its black and white with jak and daxter silhouetted and also the egg. It dose look like original packing with all the branding and licensing it also had a website on it

Can someone tell me if its just a random fuck up or is it a rare thing or anything that tells me anything about it

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I honestly think its my favorite 3D platformer of all time.

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This is a fantastic game.

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Huh. Thread started 8 years ago. It was a different world back then.

But I can confirm that the first Jak & Daxter game is still quite good! I replayed the main trilogy back in 2016. I'd rate them this way: Jak & Daxter > Jak 3 > Jak 2.

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How funny. I bought this on Amazon on March 15th cause I found it for five bucks and have never played it, and it just arrived yesterday. So far I'm digging it.

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One of my all time favorites! Good necro for once.

I love that game, everyone try it.