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#1 Posted by csl316 (14959 posts) -

I missed UPF yesterday and heard about stream troubles or whatever, potential missing archive. Seems like Jason's been down about it from what I read, but he shouldn't be! Thought he could use some positive vibes, with all the work he's been doing and with E3's workload around the corner.

So I'll start with woo, Jason! Been a big fan since Game Informer. Vinny on the Beastcast said Jason's a dude "that gets shit done," and I don't want one little hiccup to overshadow all the damn fine work he does and all the excellent stuff he's contributed here since coming on board. He's just continuing the very high standard of video producers here after Vinny and Drew.

Keep up the good work, @unastrike!

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#2 Posted by vizard1301 (233 posts) -

Yeah Jason rocks i hope he feels better,shit happens sometimes its all good in the end!

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#3 Edited by MezZa (3048 posts) -

Jason's great! One of my favorite on the crew as he has great taste in games usually. Being a 1 man production crew must be tough so much respect to him for hanging in there.

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#4 Posted by cikame (2795 posts) -

I hope that archive turns out alright, but i won't cry about it if it doesn't, i'll just play some more Tekken instead :P, cheers for all that you do Jason.

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#5 Posted by GiantLennonx_x (388 posts) -

We love you jason! <3 :D you're great and your work never goes unnoticed!

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#6 Posted by mozzle (305 posts) -

Jason, you really are the best!

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#7 Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations (1616 posts) -

Peaces paved with kingdom saved.

Hurrah to Jason

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#8 Posted by Rahf (494 posts) -

Yay, Jason!

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#9 Posted by TanookiSuit (718 posts) -

Hell yeah! We love ya Jason. Anyone talking shit about yesterday's UPF just doesn't get how hard your job is.

Keep up the amazing work!

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#10 Edited by DT9k (280 posts) -

I like to think that the majority of folks around here are pretty understanding. Personally speaking, when I saw the UPF archive wasn't up I immediately assumed something got borked due to the studio tear-down. I get it. That's ok.

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#11 Posted by Humanity (18731 posts) -

Jason is great! The man had to endure Dan for years and now he has to run the whole video side of the west coast operation by himself AND he just had a new baby. The man is a saint for not snapping at everyone constantly. I hope they hire another producer and he'll get some much deserved downtime soon.

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#12 Posted by Superkenon (1703 posts) -

Jason is fantastic! I've loved the guy ever since he stepped foot in the Giant Bomb office, and even loved him retroactively when I went back to check out Game Informer's stuff! I love the energy and personality he brings to the shows and podcasts he's in, and he never fails to make me laugh. Being a one-man production staff is a rough task, and I commend him for soldiering on through it!

Way to be, Jason! You're a good man, and you consistently make my day!

(Also he basically has all of the correct game tastes.)

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#13 Edited by BoboBones (261 posts) -

Got nothing but love for Jason! Used to watch every episode of Replay when Jason and Dan were at GI. Works hard and the dude has such a great vibe. Impossible to dislike.

Don't sweat the bugs, man!

That Ride to Hell: Retribution stream from a few years ago confirmed his status as a saint.

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#14 Edited by Dasin (69 posts) -

Sometimes shit just blows up. Jason does a kickass job everyday being the sole producer, and we don't say enough about that. Its like they say, people often don't notice when things are running smooth, but as soon as there's a problem they come out of the woodwork.

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#15 Posted by KingBonesaw (1401 posts) -

Jason is so cool that he should actually be better than cheese on Dan Ryckert's list of cool things.

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#16 Edited by TheHT (15839 posts) -
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u da best

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#17 Posted by RobotHamster (4279 posts) -

We love you Jason! <3

Also, I agree with the beastcast you would definitely win the real life Giantbomb battleground murder island.

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#18 Posted by miser (96 posts) -

This can't be said enough, great work on GB West production Jason!

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#19 Posted by DoubleSpy (169 posts) -

Jason, your work cannot be given enough credit around here. I like to imagine part of the reason why the content increased in quality is because bother Drew and yourself take so much pride in it.

Sometimes you just have to let those hard to archive streams go my friend..

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#20 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2050 posts) -

Jason is great. Like, if I was choosing just one of the bomb crew to chill with it would probably be Jason.

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#21 Posted by Monkeyman04 (2793 posts) -

Sending good vibes his way. *hugs*

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#22 Posted by hans_maulwurf (641 posts) -

Much love to you, Jason <3 You're doing fantastic work under what I imagine are pretty tough conditions. And don't worry too much if stuff goes sideways every once in a while, that has always been part of the giant bomb charm for me.

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#23 Posted by danlongman (208 posts) -

I just wanted to pop in and pass on some more Jason love. You rock dude.

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#24 Posted by fossas (414 posts) -




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#25 Posted by myketuna (1959 posts) -

Jason, you the real MVP.

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#26 Posted by xwillx (40 posts) -

Jason!! You are great!!

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#27 Edited by fatalbanana (1106 posts) -

Big ups to Jason! Hopefully, you can get some more help soon and start doing what you want without everything breaking. Keep your head up and continue trying to make the site better. I know it feels like an uphill battle sometimes but I have faith it'll get there. Much love brother.

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#28 Posted by xanadu (2040 posts) -

As someone who does freelance audio video work...shit can just be so stressful sometimes. You can have everything working right before the show and one tiny piece of equipment like a DI box or ground lift just goes, "nah son" and your left scrambling trying to figure out what to do. You rock Jason, doing this on your own is not the easiest job at all and I can also say from working in this field is you don't get a whole lot thanks when things are working right. Definitely get a ton shit when one small thing goes bad too! Glad this thread exists.

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#29 Posted by MachoFantastico (6678 posts) -

Jason's awesome. Honestly amazed how well everything gets put together. With the videos Jason, Drew and Vinny have released showing how complex the whole setup is there's always going to be the occasional issue. Don't feel down about it Jason, it happens and thanks for all the crap you have to deal with to give us awesome content.

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#30 Posted by Shindig (4914 posts) -

The only person on staff who could keep Dan in his place.

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#31 Posted by Quipido (1562 posts) -

Fuck it, shit happens - even if the archive doesn't go up, I won't think less of Jason, technology happens! You'll always be my A-Striker!

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#32 Edited by soulcake (2753 posts) -

With giantbomb becoming so big it's normal that more people start whining about everything . I miss the days of small giantbomb :D I miss Ryan :'(

Anyway Jason is doing a Stellar job , sometimes stuff just go's wrong and there 's nothing you can do <3

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#33 Posted by ghost_cat (2260 posts) -

Jason might as well be my dad, because he rules.

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#34 Posted by paulmako (1958 posts) -

Jason is both a hero and a dude. Seriously, he's delivered dozens of top notch live videos and podcasts so far, week in, week out, without fail! One setback does not slow down the Jason train of awesome production chops.

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#35 Posted by Sloktor (108 posts) -

Keep up the good work Jason. Sending my support, didnt manage to catch the UPF and was one of the guys hoping for the archive to show up. Normally watch the archive as i eat breakfast here in Norway.

Though being in the thick of E3 prep i know this isnt the top item on your list. You are a great addition and been doing a great job since Drew left, being the lone producer

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#36 Posted by MocBucket62 (2487 posts) -

Jason is fantastic! He shouldn't feel discouraged with the audio errors that happened on the last UPF. Mistakes happen. Looking really forward to how Jason, Vinny and Abby get the Giant Bomb e3 coverage set up this year!

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#37 Posted by BonOrbitz (2616 posts) -

Keep on fightin' the good fight @unastrike! You're a hard working and talented individual and I'm happy you're with Giant Bomb!


A fellow Wisconsinite

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#38 Posted by lord_canti (1689 posts) -

heck yea jason ! you are amazing, you have done a great job since drew left. i wasn't able to watch last night but didn't you say that most of the stuff was being packed away from e3? being able to put on a stream at all is a miracle

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#39 Edited by JohnyMyko (1870 posts) -

I just want to give Jason a big hug and tell him that everything's going to be ok and we all love him.

Production work can often be stressful and unappreciated. Even if the rest of the team helps and people understand you, a producer will often be stressed until the job is done. If you do it well no one will notice but if the small little thing goes wrong it will be obvious to everyone. I'm happy that the majority of the community here appreciates Jason's work and that our positivity can lift his spirit.

Also, here's a dancing Jason:

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#40 Posted by scrappypixels (209 posts) -

Chin up Jason! You do amazing work here, get some rest over the weekend buddy!

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#41 Posted by dudeglove (13737 posts) -

I love Jason because he makes sound effects

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#42 Posted by conmulligan (1905 posts) -

Jason's a good egg! Hopefully they get someone new on the West coast before too long because running that control room alone sounds like an absolute nightmare.

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#43 Posted by cmblasko (2932 posts) -

Jason's awesome, he is running the entire production process for an operation that should probably have closer to 3 people on hand. Mistakes are bound to happen when you are overworked and understaffed, especially when your head is in a million different places regarding E3.

Anyway, keep up the great work Jason! And keep sneaking in Monster Hunter discussion on the Bombcast!

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#44 Posted by alwaysbebombing (2702 posts) -

I would kill to stay as thin as the man of Austria

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#45 Posted by Nomad175 (23 posts) -

Jason's doing amazing work and is just a super-cool guy to boot. I'm really glad he's a part of this site. I honestly can't imagine having to run every video thing for GB West, there aren't a lot of people who can do what he does.

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#46 Edited by zheelz (45 posts) -

Love Jason! Fortunately, I haven't seen anybody saying anything bad about him (aside from one guy on Twitter).

Doing audio/video production is really fucking difficult. Subtract a guy (Drew) who has incredible knowledge and work ethic, add new equipment (new cameras and streaming equipment), and throw in the fact that Jason is also asked to sit in on QL's, UPF's, podcasts and other live content while trying to be a personality, and you can understand the amount of pressure he's under. Sometimes, shit just breaks. Nothing you can do about it! You can check, double-check, and triple-check something only to have it malfunction for whatever reason even though it worked just fine yesterday.

Consider the amount of times something hasn't worked because of him. I don't recall a time where we missed out a planned livestream because of Jason. He knows his shit. He's the captain of Giantbomb's production and our hearts.

Keep up your great work, Jason. Hopefully CBSi will get someone to help you with the ever-evolving nightmare that is live streaming production. No one man should have to constantly worry about all of that on a day-to-day basis!

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#47 Edited by eladren (348 posts) -

Jason is a superhero as proven in the 2015's 2014's game of the year videos: he juggles the Griffin dadding, the production duties, the barbecue sauce chugging, the prey slaughtering, the god eating, etc...

A superhero i say.

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#48 Posted by hassun (9946 posts) -
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#49 Edited by SleinMcAwesome (45 posts) -

Jason is great! I hope he gets a new producing buddy soon though, so he can get some much deserved breathing room.

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#50 Posted by Genji-Gloves (108 posts) -

When you spin many plates now and again one will break, but that doesn't stop you. I agree with Vinny that Jason would be the one living in the blue field on murder island, getting shit done. Keep being awesome Jason. Also once the whole E3 thing is done would like to see you and Jeff handle more fighting games in the name of science!