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I named this list the top games of 2016 since I’m not sure I even played 10 games in 2016…I TOTALLY played 10 games in 2016! As usual I played very few games there were actually released in 2016. Since my job makes me travel on fairly regular basis, I didn’t get to play games anywhere near as much as I usually do. Anywho, here is the list!

10. Star Wars: The Old Republic

SW:ToR and I have a very on-again, off-again relationship. When the game was announced back in 2008-2009 I remember thinking, “Bummer, I didn’t really want an Old Republic MMO. I just want KotOR 3.” That sentiment still stands. However, for all of its warts, SW:ToR still pulls me back in every now and then.

For some reason, I become stricken with a crippling online gambling addition whenever I play this game. When I see a new set of armor on the Cartel Market, I will spend too much money to get it. Which is a bummer in itself, but on top of that, I spend half my time in-game dressing up my characters in, what I think, is cool armor. This game compels me to spend too much money and to just sit and play dress up with my characters. No other game can do that to me so SW:ToR deserves some recognition.

I..did all of these things...
I..did all of these things...

I do not want to sound like I am poo-poo-ing the game. In fact, earlier this year I re-subscribed and played through a handful of the class missions for the first time. I bought the collector edition back in 2011 so I should at least see some of the main quests through. I completed 4 of the 8 class lines and completed the newest expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire. The content was…fine. It was not anything to rave about, but they took the game in more of a “single player campaign with multiplayer aspects”. The class stories are all pretty solid, but some are better than others. The planets you visit are unique and interesting. The codex is full of cool information (that no one reads…ever). The art is stylized and interesting. Player housing is pretty neat. There are several things that make this game fun to play, but not enough for me to really, really get into.

SW:ToR is a game that should be great. I really want to like it every time I log into it. I should enjoy running around cutting things up with my lightsaber or blasting them with a…blaster, but I don’t. There are just too many little things that add up an experience that isn’t as great as other games, or even MMOs. Music bugs (finally fixed), gear preview pane glitches, broken quests, and boring dungeons are a few of the issues that SW:ToR.

This entry is getting pretty long so I will summarize by saying that I enjoyed my few weeks of time with SW:ToR this year, but I won’t be begging my friends to reactivate their accounts and come play with me.

9. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2

Just because.
Just because.

Having played Dark Forces 1 back on my PS1, this was a fun game to take for a spin. I have tried to play it in years past but there were always video driver issues so the game was a vomit rainbow all over the screen. Somehow everything worked great and I got to play through it with very few issues.

The game is known for its hokey cut scenes, and they did not disappoint. Low budget and overacted, there were still a joy to watch. The game does not hold up well after all of these years, but the modding community is still very much alive and mods actually cover up most of the games serious flaws. New textures for enemies, weapons, and environments make it a much easier pill to swallow. Overall, it was still fun to see this chapter in the story of Kyle Katarn.

8. Might and Magic 7

Might and Magic 7 is a relic in my GoG library. Having heard many great things about it from my friends who played it back in the day, I decided to give it a spin. The game is super old so the graphics are a bit much to look at, but the game itself is a joy to play.

At least someone is happy to see the orcs...
At least someone is happy to see the orcs...

The open world aspect is impressive considering the games age. Combat is a bit awkward but is manageable once you get used to it. The character development is standard DnD/RPG material. The dungeons are fun and the enemies can provide quite a challenge, which is where my one major complaint lies.

Walking into a wine cellar and having my entire party obliterated by a phantom was a huge bummer. AutoSaves didn’t really exist when this game came out so losing a bunch of progress is a real danger. When you actually do lose an hour to progress, it is a huge bummer and is very disheartening. Despite this, the game is still great and one day, I will probably finish it…probably.

7. Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

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Vermintide is a one of the more underrated B-tier games out there. Melee-focused Left 4 dead with fantasy Warhammer trappings and loot? Count me in! They recently added “contracts” which are essentially daily quests. The melee combat is very well done and a lot of fun.

My favorite thing about the game, however, is the characters. The banter between the characters is very clever, and even after many hours of playing, I am still hearing different dialogue. Since the different races of the game have tenuous relations, at best, the dialogue is usually pretty quippy and fun.

While the game is not without flaws, it do enjoy playing it, and actually wish I had more time to play it.

6. Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse was the type of game that I needed, when I needed it. The game was essentially a tech demo for the new consoles and looks great on PC. It is short, dumb, and looks really good. 6-10 hours of enjoyments for around five dollars. It was a good deal, and a good time.

5. Lords of the Fallen

A love letter to Dark Souls, but with more of a Western-culture twist; Lords of the Fallen was another game that was a quick, not terrible challenging game for me to sink my teeth into. The “Gruff McGrufferson” main character was a nice departure from the silent Dark Souls protagonists and the big bulky armor made me wish it was a Warhammer game.

How is this not a Warhammer game?
How is this not a Warhammer game?

The weird pacing and gear flow, along with random crashes made the journey through the game a little rough, but it was still a fun jaunt. Lords of the Fallen is not nearly as challenging as Dark Souls, and I am ok with that. I hope they made a sequel and smooth out the rougher edges. The armor and characters sold me into the world.

4. Destiny

Thereis not much for me to say about Destiny that hasn’t already been said. The reason it is even on this list is that every time I turn of Destiny, I remember why I enjoy playing Destiny. On top of that, every time I play Destiny, two and a half hours goes by.

The art and design of the game is top notch, but everything else is a bit of a bummer. I am currently trying to get geared up for the raid and I hope to get a few runs of that in before everyone leaves or Destiny 2 comes out.

3. Doom

Doom was exactly what it needed to be. I really enjoyed playing, and enjoyed listening to it even more.

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2. Killing Floor 2


Another underrated co-op game. I put close to 200 hours into the first Killing Floor and I immediately purchased Killing Floor 2 when it entered Early Access last year. I didn’t play too much of it during its Early Access period, but since its official release in November I have played dozens of hours of it.

Killing Floor’s strength comes from the attention to detail in the guns that you wield. The reload amination are spectacularly fun to watch due to their accuracy. This accuracy is heightened when Zed-time occurs. The game goes into slow motion and you can watch the bullet from your new magazine enter the chamber….it is so awesome!

If you have a squad to play with, pick this game up on sale and play a few games, its great.

1. World of Warcraft: Legion


Oh World of Warcraft, will I ever be rid of you? Probably not. Even after a decade of near continuous play, I have put hundreds of hours into the newest World of Warcraft expansion, Legion.

This expansion brings back an old enemy that has been around since the early days of Warcraft: the Burning Legion. The Burning Legion is a space traveling army of demons that razes worlds to ash. While the Burning Legion has made appearances in WoW before, this time around they have brought back nearly everyone: Tichondrious, Azgalor, and several others. It is your job, as a hero of Azeroth, to destroy them…again…sometimes for the third time. And the reason it falls to you is because Metzen left and they killed off all of his heroes.

Believe it or not, this game is closer to its roots than most of the recent expansions. Most will tell you that this expansion is the best WoW expansion yet. While I am hesitant to agree with that, it has been a lot of fun. There are tons of caveats that I could go over, but at this point, you know if you like WoW or not. Are you prepared? I sure was!

Honorable Mentions

Let It Die

Let It Die is a bonkers free to play game from Japan with a bunch of Dark Souls DNA. I have only played a handful of hours of it, but I plan to play way more.


Why would you not play this?
Why would you not play this?

I added Smite to the list simply because of the sheer number of hours I played of it. At the end of the day, it is a MOBA. It is a MOBA that I enjoyed for the 250 hours I put in this year. However, I am pretty much done with MOBA as a game type. There are way too many other games to play…ya know…like WoW…

That was my list! Thank you for reading and here's looking forward to a new year of games!