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Why would he? He's got a hugely successful patron and his reason to break free from traditional websites was so he could do and say whatever he wanted.

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Speaking of succesful, Patreon-backed people: Danny O'Dwyer? You guys think he's coming over to GB?

Maybe that blinking guy? He seems cool.

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Ehm no? His abrasive style (which I love) doesn't fit in with GB at all. He doesn't really need anyone to bounce off either which is the core of Giant Bomb content.

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Jim Sterling is more successful individually than Giant Bomb is collectively; though the respect for GB in the industry is as high as you can get; but "Games Journalism Prestige" isn't exactly the most appealing thing to people who are already well established.

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Jim gets to do what he wants now, really no reason for him to join.

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Jim is doing what Jim does best, being Jim. Let's keep hiring speculation threads alone for now. I think there is already a thread floating a few pages back if you wanna dive in there and add your thoughts, but for now let's just wait and see what happens.