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Well since I tried to start a tread for an Indiegogo and was told that it was "link spam" and that "we can't have a thread for every project" and that it was being locked. I am calling that all kickstarter and indiegogo threads in the future be locked under the same rule then, under my prerogative if my thread was "link spam" then everyone else's kickstarter thread I consider link spam by the sites definition. Perhaps we create a separate sub forum which people can share them and then have a happy medium for everyone. This is the only rational and fair response, if kickstarter and indiegogo are a new form of communication and expression and fan interaction for the gaming community then I am not out of my mind to call for a new forum that focuses on promoting and talking about these events separate from the General chat.

Also the moderator that locked my thread obviously did not "like" the project and decided to stop any promotion or discussion, using some wonderful logic. Apparently its not "link spam" then when we have 4 separate threads talking about Tropes vs Women, the hypocrisy is clear. I expected better of the community and our moderators/staff if there was an issue moving it to the Warhammer 40K sub forum was always on option that could have kept the thread alive. Oh well. Pretty sure the mods are just going to lock this thread under some sub section rule anyway, i'll go back to lurking then and not interacting with the community.

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On the topic of IndieGoGo what are peoples opinions of it? Im working on something at the moment for iOS and cant use kickstarter as im UK based.

Has anyone used it?

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The moderation here is a bit off sometimes, just learn to deal with it, but don't make a thread where the majority of it is just complaining about the mods, send them all a PM of you have an issue.(I agree with what you're saying)