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I have been searching for good let's plays with 2 or more people for awhile since most of my favorites have either stopped, or dropped quality to the main stream.

I used to watch pokecapn and his friends Lp's, including Kunf Fu jesus, Medibot, and Kaze.

I really liked the Tipping forties, and I enjoyed the one let's play Kuvo made with Benson after they broke up, but they are no more.

Chip cheesum and Irnoicus had a few things on there that I liked but not consistent.

Hbomberguy has quite a few laughs.

VPrisoner and his Megaman legends ;et's plays were great.

and that's about all I have found. I really am into group Jrpg let's plays but group let's plays in general like Hbomberguys hitman let's play are funnier to me than sing;e person let's plays, I have yet to find a single-person let's play that was as good as Spoony's or early deceasedcrab.

What are some funny group let's plays you like?

If you think you know single-person let's plays that mught be as funny as Spoony or Deceasedcrab(early) post that to if you are sure.

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My sister and I did a few LPs as esactneadvantage, but we're both horrifically unfunny.

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Freelance Astronauts did some pretty good ones. I've been subscribed to the Something Awful D&D LP podcast for a while and that's pretty good too (Ironicus is also in this one).

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Freelance Astronauts have a bunch of those. Generally, the more people you look for in a group the fewer channels you'll find. If you're fine with just pairs, check out Chip & Ironicus, Slowbeef and Diabetus, Hamst3ralliance's Resident Evil 5 LP. I generally don't watch solo Let's Plays because 60% of the reason I watch it is for the banter. Sounds like Freelance Astronauts would be up your alley though, they're kind of low-quality but very few video series beat their Ocarina of Time: Master Quest LP.

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I've enjoyed watching WiiRikeToPray's 4-player playthroughs of platformers like NSMB and Rayman. Those games are just made for multiplayer mayhem, and I would've never been able to play them like that myself.

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Achievement Hunter and Two Best Friends Play are my favorites.

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The Let's Play Archive run by Baldurk is a great help for finding content too. The URL is specified to show groups only, but there's a bunch of different tags to look through.