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So, I'm not usually one for internet viral marketing campaigns or pandering to big corporations.


Dan posted on his Twitter about how TACO BELL are building a Chapel in Las Vegas and are holding a competition to have the first couple married there. Voting opens in March, so the GB Community needs to rally behind this great cause and make this happen! I imagine that Tweeting at Taco Bell as well when they get to the selection phase can't hurt.

Make this happen!

Update: so apparently voting opened today but there have been some issues as Dans entry wasn't there. Not sure if this has been fixed as I haven't found it yet!

Edit: Here's the link. You can vote if you're outside the USA, just untick the first box. Can vote every day, so keep on it!

Go Dan and Bianca!!!


Edit: Outside voting is now closed. Dan and Bianca made the top 10. It's in the lap of the taco gods now. Winner announced March 16th.


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I feel the same way about this that I do about that couple that did the Shrek wedding where they dressed up like Shrek and Fiona.

They obviously both wanted it, and they were happy, so good for them.

But they're insane.

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I'll sure as hell vote for them! I wanna see the Giant Bomb X Taco Bell collusion in Vegas.

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As soon as the voting opens, I'll get everyone in my house hold to vote for them. =) I hope they win!

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...you have my bow(ritto).

ugh, sorry.

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IDK, if another contestant prefers cats they might get my vote instead.

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this is destiny.

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Does taco bell allow pyrotechnic entrances?

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@octopusrocketmark: yeah basically. It's not so much taco bell and more that I think media themed weddings like this are weird. I wouldnt want a wedding themed around my interests like, say, gunpla or basketball

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@mellotronrules said:

...you have my bow(ritto).

ugh, sorry.

I...I...I just...please...please...I can't *sobs openly*

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Dan deserves this though I do feel a little bad for the other competitors because Dan has a big media platform to promote himself while most of them probably don't.

But it is hard to imagine a bigger Taco Bell fan than him.

Also Bianca has excellent comedic timing and that deserves some props. So props to her.

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I'm sry but I can't support this.

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You know what, go for it Dan & Bianca.

Don't let your dreams be dreams.

You have my blessing.

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Freakin' Americans. I'll vote for you in March!

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Which side will Paul Rykert be seated on. Cool ranch or spicy Doritos?

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That's a hell of a thing.

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@rupertthebear: this just made me spit water all over my phone. You're fantastic.

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If this is Dan's dream wedding then he's got my support. I would suggest making sure this thread gets back to the front page when voting starts. As adamant as I am about helping someone live their dream, I'll probably forget without a reminder.

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Instead of exchanging rings do they exchange Fritos?

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I hope this happens. This needs to happen.

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This is a cause I can get behind. This is great. Dan is great. Bianca seems great. Let's make it happen

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...you have my bow(ritto).

ugh, sorry.

No! Don't you dare apologize for this.

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Taco Bell chapel? Th...what? I am becoming increasingly convinced that Idiocracy is actually a documentary at this point.

This should absolutely happen, though.

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They absolutely deserve this.

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I saw this stupid thing and immediately thought of Dan Ryckert, even before he mentioned it. Which just goes to show that they should win this dumb fucking thing.

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This has to be for laughs. Not for their real wedding, surely. No way any sane person could get married at Taco Bell and not harbour deep, deep regret for the rest of their lives.

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This is terrible, I support this

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Only for Dan Ryckert would the universe align so that his wedding could happen in the first ever Taco Bell chapel. The human race was a mistake.

I hope he wins.

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Wow that's amazing..

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This was the Ryckert Prophecy.

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Oh man, I totally support Dan and his fiancee on this but and I can't even fathom associating someone's own wedding with a product.

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Dan needs this. It has to happen.

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You know, I'm not sure I can morally support enabling Dan Ryckert to go all the way down his love of nightmare brand holes and actually be legally and lawfully wed in a Taco Bell. Like, the idea of a Taco Bell chapel in and of itself is the kind of thing that makes me want to put on a beret, start wearing all black, and plot the downfall of capitalism.

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I feel like Dan's whole life has been building up to this point. People, this has to happen. I don't have twitter, so can't help there, but I will totally vote for them in march.

Here's to them having a Hot and Fiery wedding instead of mild.

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I will absolutely bump this to the front forum page when voting opens - make sure we're all getting it right

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The word "serendipity" comes to mind.

Imma stay on the sidelines for this sort of shenanigans but it seems like this is the next amazing chapter in the story of Dan tumbling through life getting everything he ever wanted I am being facetious and know Dan has worked hard and made some great decisions in order to get where he is now

I hope this happens, even though it is very strange. Somehow, if Dan and Bainca are the couple to win this, it brightens the entire scummy idea of a contest to be the first couple to have their wedding associated with a shitty taco place.

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I ain't even shocked. You read his latest book? Him winning this would be like if that book somehow got DLC. It would fit perfectly.

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Getting married in a Taco Bell is the most Dan Ryckert thing I've ever heard. And if Bianca is cool with it, he really must have found his soul mate. I wish him the best of luck in this endeavor, but I'm not going to support the campaign.

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I'll just echo what everyone else has said. This is insane and the most Dan Ryckert thing ever!

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Sure, it's all fun and games until it turns into a cult meeting.

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So Bianca wouldn't allow pyro at the wedding so this was the halfway house agreement they reached?

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It is great that Dan found someone who would marry him in a Taco Bell.

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@bigsocrates: I looked into how the couple who wins is picked. The public votes in the first round of elimination and the top 10 couples go onto the judges round. The judges will then select the winner based on "(i) Creativity and Charisma: 40%; (ii) Love of the Brand: 30%; and (iii) Public Appeal: 30%"

There's no way that Dan and Bianca don't get into the judges phase based on Dan's social media and industry presence alone. And there's no way the judges don't go pick them in order to leverage the story of a boy who grew up eating Taco Bell every day, who has a massive Twitter audience, who works for one of the biggest media corporations in the US.

The only possible ways Dan and Bianca don't win this is A) There's someone on Youtube whose also going to enter and is also as obsessed with Taco Bell as Dan or B) If Dan or Bianca owns shares in TB and that somehow disqualifies them from it.

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I'm going to do them the favor they don't know they need and not vote for them.

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I'm going to vote for them. They will for sure get a place in the judges round, but then who knows. The actual wedding ceremony doesn't sound that big. I was for sure expecting something larger than only room for 15 guests and 12 packs of Taco Bell food.

The other prices though, seem pretty good. Free hotel, private VIP access, spa, nightclub, dinner. It would be one hell of a wedding night for them!

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@dystopiax: Oh man, what would a gunpla wedding even look like? Would the priest be a dude dressed up as an RX-78-2? Would he do the entire sermon in Gundam sound effects?

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I wouldnt want a wedding themed around my interests like, say, gunpla or basketball

Let's not get crazy here. A gunpla wedding would be incredible.

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I wonder if Razor will be part of the wedding? Have him wearing a lil fire sauce packet costume. =) that would be to cute!!!!

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Live Mas

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They look nice together, I wish them the best.