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This is the thread where you can discuss the recent Letter from the Editor. Keep your comments civil.

As noted in the community rules, we reserve the right to lock this thread at any time, for any reason. We will likely exercise that ability at some point after UPF concludes. If you're new to the community, you may wish to review the rules before posting.

We’ve seen many thousands of comments regarding the events alluded to in the Letter from the Editor this week. We have been locking comments at night to let the moderators rest and do clean-up on what’s already been posted. When and if we do so we’ll also lock any other threads that pop up regarding these topics. This is the official spot to discuss this stuff, and if it’s locked, you’ll need to wait until we unlock it tomorrow to get your statements in.

Sorry, I’m sure that it's frustrating if you miss the window, but it’s been a long week for everyone and it’s Friday night to boot. Go have some fun and play a game and we’ll unlock this at some point tomorrow for any further comments you wish to make.

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Hi everyone! Myself and the rest of the staff will be hanging out, too.

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It's true. I'm hanging out.

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Usual rules, guys. Keep it civil.

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Nice write-up Jeff, it will be interesting to see how GG people will respond now that they have heard your side.

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[Oh shit we're hanging out. I'm grabbing a good seat and will edit my question later.]

So I haven't really been following this gamer gate stuff. How much of this is just the internet being the internet? Has it spread out to real life behavior? I know the Feminist Frequency woman canceled a talk because she didn't think there was enough security for death threats she was receiving on twitter. I don't want anyone to be murder so I agree with how seriously she took it, but so far I only see it as some internet bullshit.

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Glad to see an official message about this.

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I'm exceedingly proud to support this site. This only enhances that sentiment.

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Hello! I'm J Allard, here to take your questions. Ask Me Anything!

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What Mento said. Let's be civil, and keep this orderly.

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Thanks, guys. I'm sure the pressure you've been under to respond has been a bit shitty to deal with, but I think weighing in is the right thing to do.

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At least I hope this will stop people from constantly messaging you guys on twitter to make some sort of "official statement" on the matter.

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thank you so much for writing this.

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I like video-games

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Good to see you've taken an official stance, guys. Hopefully, more follow suit.

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Hey! I'm here too. Let's talk some shop.

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When Wu says she "calls on" you guys to make a statement, do you find that it comes off as more of a plea, or a demand? I don't really know how to read it, and I'd be interested to see how you guys interpret it, being the ones "called" into action.

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@brad said:

Hello! I'm J Allard, here to take your questions. Ask Me Anything!

Hi Mister Allard. Glad you're on our side.

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Really nice write-up. Thanks for putting it together.

The Courier tablet thing looked pretty good. J Allard should bring that back.

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Great stuff. That is all.

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Hey. Thanks for the write-up. I was hoping that Giantbomb would speak out. As someone who has been harassed, obviously not to as high of a level as others, it's really nice to see my favorite game website take a stand.

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I have little to really add, I agree with what Jeff wrote, am glad it was said though sad that it needed to be said, and just really want to see the Gamersgate thing go away & let people go back to living their lives without threat. That'd sure be nice if we could just be decent &, I dunno, not threaten people. Maybe I ask too much. Also, maybe if people who are harassing could step back, look at what they are saying & maybe try to be somewhat empathetic to another human being & perhaps realise it could be harassing, that'd be swell.

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Glad you guys did this write-up, good job.

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Thank you so much for this guys. Thank you.

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Why can't everyone just get along! It's friggen video games

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Love you guys. Thank you.

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Nice write up!

Thanks Jeff!

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The real problem with the site is the wrestling bias and lack of proper energy drink video reviews.

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Nice writing! I have no much to say other than I support this letter, and videogames are pretty cool.

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Thanks for speaking out, guys. It means a lot to see my favorite duders taking a stand against the shitbags.

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It's a good read, thanks Jeff & the crew.

@brad said:

Hello! I'm J Allard, here to take your questions. Ask Me Anything!

Where.....where are you? Are...are you in the internet?

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Excellent header image on the front page for this. Well done. That's how I imagine gg to be.

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Agreed, and hope we can all get past this sooner rather than later.

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Jeff is just the best at putting shit in perspective.

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Glad to hear some reasonable discourse about the topic. I have a friend who is way too into this issue and Jeff basically summed up how I feel about it all and put it in better words than I could how dumb this hot mess is.

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This is why I love you guys.

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@kaptainkobe: I took it as more of a plea, myself. I understand the heated emotions going on right now and I don't blame anyone for wanting the people whose job it is to cover the world of video games to make a strong statement about what's been taking place.

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Its sad that this needs to be said but thanks for saying it.

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My only disappointment, years ago i sent a couple of emails to mods and such, since this was such a community driven site it would have been great for more interaction in the forums from the GB staff. And this is the subject they feel vested to communicate and take the time. {shakes head}

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I come and go from online connectivity, and get my news in bursts. This was so immediately upsetting that I nearly stopped interacting with anyone online. Thank you for your write up. I felt helpless in this situation, stopping any train, especially one online, is a near insurmountable task, combated only with time and optimistic approaches. In the end, keep playing games, with everyone, since we're all equals, even those yet to understand that.

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Great piece. Thanks guys.

Video Games, huh?

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A very nice write up looking at several angles of all this unpleasantness. Well said.

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As always, Giant Bomb represents the sane, level-headed, silent majority's feelings on this shitshow. Thanks to Jeff for writing this, thanks to the staff for standing behind it, and a big "shaking my head" at the sorry situation that caused it to be written at all.

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Well said Jeff! This is the best write-up I've read on this topic.

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good job! video games!

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Thank you for saying what shouldn't have to be said.

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Very well written, thanks for doing this.

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Just stopping in to say thank you for putting out a statement on this. :)

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Well written Jeff, hopefully it gives some people pause enough to re-think some things.

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Great work Jeff, as always.

The real problem with the site is the wrestling bias and lack of proper energy drink video reviews.

This guy gets it! Now we are talking about real issues.