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Didn't get much luck when I posed this question on the Off-Topic forum, so I decided to try my luck here.

Basically, I'm wondering if anyone has any interest in the lists that can be made on this site. I'm just asking because I've been making some lists based on the Dungeons and Dragons alignment system, and I was kind of hoping to get some thoughts on them, along with maybe some ideas for who else I could add to the lists. Basically, I just want feedback, so long as it's not scathing of course. So is anyone here into that or else knows someone who is? Because it would be nice to get some feedback for them.

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Sorry man, can't give you any ideas on lists but I do like them. I have one for the games I've beaten. Give me a since of accomplishment .

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@jcgamer: I'm not looking for ideas so much as feedback for the lists I've already done.