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For example - The New Releases Show starts at 3:30PM as planned but for places that don't share the same daylight savings times, it'll be an hour early for the rest of the month, that's 10:30PM for myself and my fellow UKers, which is right now.

You've been warned, don't missed out on Release Shows, TNTs and other scheduled events in March.

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I thought the upcoming box on the front page was suppose to refect on your timezone

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Oh fuck daylight savings. The worst part is that it is different all over the world, they don't start at the same time and some countries don't have it at all!

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Yeah the US being half a month before everyone else (who observes it) makes for annoyances when you inevitably miss out on stuff like this.

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TNT starts in 9 minutes (ish), don't miss out!