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So, I've applied at a game company that specializes in imports from Asia that I won't name right now for a position as a localization team member, basically taking the rough translated Japanese, Korean and Chinese and turning into understandable English, specifically funny or dramatic English. I worked as a teacher in South Korea for two years and in Thailand for another two, so my experience is almost directly relevant to the job itself, as I used to correct Korean students broken English into understandable, grammatically correct sentences. I had the interview last week and it went really well. In the interview, I mostly was able to turn the conversation casual and even talk to the folks about things like Persona 4's localization job. Everything went fantastically. there was a written test component too, which I think I did alright on, though it's the weak link in the interview compared to the rest.

So they told me I'd hear from them after Thanksgiving weekend. That means tomorrow-ish. I don't know why I'm posting this, other than maybe to express my nervousness to guys that understand that a games industry job would be exciting to get. Please, everyone who reads this, point your best wishes beams at San Jose for me. I don't believe in the positive thinking crap, but it couldn't hurt.

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Good luck!

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Good luck?

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That sounds awesome. Good luck, duder.

Maybe some of your work will come up in a GB Quick Look someday!

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What, so you get given pre-translated (but borked) sentences and then just have to fix the English?

That sounds like a pretty cushy job if it pays well. I'm going down the being a translator for people route myself but I am going to look into localisation jobs too after uni.

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@Sooty: Yeah, I'd work with two translators and one other person like me. The translators will do the Japanese/Korean/Mandarin translation in a direct, 'we are on tight deadlines' sort of way then me and the other guy fix the grammar and stuff, but more specifically, we make it funny or dramatic in a believable fictional way. I'd be in the mobile games division if I get the job, so it's fairly small projects as opposed to the MMOs that are all their other projects (I really don't want to say the company name so not to jinx it, though with what I've said so far, it's not hard to find it.)

It's only $13 per hour, but it's full time. It's technically for a 2 month contract but they want to add the position to a permanent spot. I dunno. I could be the father of the next Funky Student. Well, his dialogue anyway.

There is a lot of competition in the Bay Area for this sort of work, I'm hoping I end up on the top of the pile. We'll see soon and I'll post again when I know. Thanks for the good wishes.

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You'll get job. I already talked the the higher up's and made a few threats. Congrats on the job.

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I didn't get the job. Oh well, they don't make great games anyway.

By the way, it was Aeria Games