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I feel like the new mobile site is a huge step back from the old one that was available to premium subscribers. The old mobile site was easier to navigate (I have to swipe up like 9 times now just to get to the bottom of the home page) and it also showed more of the site than the new mobile site (for example, new site doesn't show thread creators or time of last post on the forums). Anyone else wishes the mobile site stayed the same?

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I actually like the new mobile site compared to the old one. It fits better on my newer phone and looks appealing. Different strokes I suppose.

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I totally agree. The old mobile site loaded faster and was easier to browse.

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I prefer the new one, personally.

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I think the new mobile site is totally great. I just figured out that the functionality on the new site that resumes video playback where you left off also carries over to the mobile site. So if I start watching a video on the site and stop halfway through, it will pick up where I left off on the mobile site as long as I'm logged in. So awesome!

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I just want a damn reply button for the forums in mobile.

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I think the new one is pretty good but I suggest they either remove the image thumbnails or make them smaller because it takes up too much space on a mobile screen already small enough as it is.

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It's just one, adaptive site, much better than a separate mobile site. Resize your browser window and bask in the glory of adaptive web design.

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The old site had huge issues. Quote trees were obnoxious to scroll through (one letter per line) and the larger they got, the glitchier the page. And, on my 4S, it was not exactly fast to load. This one has its own issues but it's also actively being worked on, so I'm just going to patient.

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I completely agree. The fact that the reply and quote buttons are not there is a goddamn shame, and the amount of scrolling is ridiculous. Also, it seems like I cannot actually reply about 75% of the time; I touch the text box and it doesn't actually do anything. The old site may have been basic, but at least you could actually do anything with it.

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Is there any way to just display it as a desktop site from a phone like you could with the old site? I prefer to do that over using it like a phone site.

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I posted this in the other thread about the new site on my iphone. I'm one of those people who simply can't stand any kind of optimized mobile version of any website where the interface is all switched around. I always opt to click the button that says "use standard site" or something similar so I can just browse the regular site on my phone. However, there doesn't seem to even be an option for that anywhere in the new mobile interface, and I can't understand why they would just leave that out and force people to use that awful interface. I would appreciate to have the option to switch, or otherwise I'm never going to come on this site when on my phone and they'll be getting a lot less traffic from me.

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@Darth Paul Can't quote your post on the mobile site. lol Yeah, I wish that there is at least an option to use the desktop version of the site on mobile for those who want to.

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yeah desktop site on mobile i used all the time

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My Galaxy couldn't connect to the old site. even going to the old m(dot) address just brought me to the main site. So having a mobile site I could actually use is great!

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I would really love to know why the reply/quote buttons don't show up. Easily the most annoying thing.

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I fully agree. New site is pretty, but lacks basic features that the old site had. No more quote or reply buttons, no avatars so sometimes you don't even know who's posting (since it says Edited instead of their name) and I have to scroll down WAAAAAYYY too much. Not to mention that loading takes 3-5 times more on 3G or when your signal is weak since you're downloading all those hi-rez images.

One step forward, two steps back.

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I actually really dig the new mobile site. Looks pretty at least. I just wish I had a newer, larger phone because it takes FOREVER to scroll to the bottom of pages.

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Hate it on both.

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I completely agree that the new site is worse off. Why do forum posts (when posted to a specific game forum) have to give me an entire screen of information that doesn't matter? Every time I open a post I have to scroll down almost two screens on my iPhone to read the actual topic... It's silly and very poorly designed.

I also am not a fan of hiding all site navigation links under that little button at the top of the screen. It's buggy and sometimes it opens, sometimes it takes a second press. Not sure who thought that was a good idea.

Main page is way too long. Before I could see all the featured stories and videos quickly and easily and they all fit on pretty ugh one screen. Now I have to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll just to view all the contents of the main page.

IMO keep mobile sites mobile, and leave the unfunctional, pretty design to desktops where you can navigate around quicker and easier with the mouse/much larger screen.

At least the mobile site is free now (I think?) so I can unsubscribe from premium.

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Perhaps I am in the minority but I also dont much care for the scaled form of the site. The previous subscriber mobile site was bliss if all you used it for was watching video.

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The thing that really bothers me now, and I already mentioned in other post, is the fact that I can't watch videos on my samsung galaxy like I used to on the old site.

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I can't watch any videos on my mobile. I can't see what I'm typing when holding my phone sideways. forum threads/posts are left justified for me, leaving 75% of the screen blank and posts that are one word each line. No good for me. I am on Android not iPhone however. Just a main mobile site gripe in general. I had to come to a PC to edit this because I couldn't quite see what I was typing.

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For the people on Android, can't you use Chrome + HTML5 to watch videos? It's what I use on my phone and tablet, and it works well enough for me.

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Chrome isn't available for all devices. I think it might require Ice Cream Sandwich and up. With the Android platform leaving users at the mercy of manufacturers for OS updates lest they do some risky business, Chrome just isn't an option.

I also realized my complaints about the forum formatting and alignments were something Alexis mentioned he broke. So I take that back.

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Forums are fixed now. Mobile site still needs a lot of work though imo. Hope top men will have time for that in their busy schedule.

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@huss said:

For the people on Android, can't you use Chrome + HTML5 to watch videos? It's what I use on my phone and tablet, and it works well enough for me.

Any device with a version high enough to run Chrome should also support HTML video in its stock browser. Unfortunately ~50% of Android users are still stuck on Gingerbread or lower.

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Probably a stupid question but what it the url for the mobile site? Can't find a link to it from the main site anywhere.

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I like the new site but, the videos don't work.

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@zooey74: there is no more URL to a "mobile" site - you just go to Giantbomb.com and it will auto scale depending on your device.

I just think the front page buttons are way too big for a phone. Even with the slightly longer iPhone 5 screen it takes way more effort than it should to scroll down. Also maybe it's just me but I actually have trouble scrolling on it too - very often I'll slide my finger down and the page won't move and I think it's because of the large video buttons which maybe are "non draggable" surfaces or something?

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@Humanity, ah ok. Was asking as I mainly access the site with an ipad and the regular new site is pretty busted atm. I don't get the mobile option offered so guess its not for tablets.

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I have 6700 posts or something stupid, and I feel like 4500 of them were made while bumming around on my phone at work... but the way the forums work on my phone now (which is to say, completely unusable), I have no desire to even look anymore. Kind of a bummer.

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It's still crashing my 4th gen iPod touch. Is that not an issue for you guys?

Edit: Giantbomb.com/forums works just fine, but the main page causes a crash. How weird.

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Yeah it's fucking awful on my phone. The navigation menu button at the top just doesn't even work. I press it, and nothing. NOTHING I SAY.

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Other than the litany of problems already discussed about the mobile site, why is the reply box on phones so goddamn small? It's kind of ridiculous.

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The mobile site on my Galaxy is atrocious! For starts, I can't use it on the default browser. I have to use chrome, AND set it to show desktop version. It's a pain in my ass guys. Oh, and the scroll thing...that is something so minor, yet makes a worlds difference!!! If ANYONE is having the same issues I was about replying on posts and stuff, just use the chrome trick as previously mentioned. It'll work till they fix it.

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Other than how buggy it is, I like the new design more. I like both GB's and Polygon's use of a drop down menu for site navigation on their mobile sites. Make it much easier to instantly select which part of the site you want to check out.