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I thought it would be fun to pitch the name/concept of a feature to stretch our dumb creative wings, a la VinnyVania, Breaking Brad, etc.

Here's an easy one to get started:

Alex in Chains - Mr. Navarro plays through the God of War series.

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#2 Posted by whitegreyblack (1964 posts) -

Vinal Dantasy - Vinny guides Dan through the Final Fantasy series

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#3 Posted by baka_shinji17 (1455 posts) -

Red Head Revolver/Red Dan Redemption - Wherein Dan & Abby do a full playthrough of the Red Dead series.

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#4 Posted by AdamALC (289 posts) -

A weak title but something I would very much like to see, Vinny's Quest where he would play any of the old Sierra Adventure games (King's Quest, Space Quest, Quest for Glory etc) without internet aid.

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#5 Posted by Relkin (1181 posts) -

@whitegreyblack: I had a similar idea, but with JRPGs in general, not just FF exclusive:

Walking in a Waifu Wonderland.

Someone get Auer to make a picture of Ryckert hugging one of those body pillows what with the anime girls on em.

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Sega Benesis.

So You Want to Be a Willionaire, starring Will Smith and Will Carle in a string of battles fought in bad video game adaptations of game shows.

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#7 Posted by BisonHero (11578 posts) -

Alexy Quest, a perfectly named series where Alex and Vinny play through Mass Effect.

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#8 Posted by inevpatoria (7439 posts) -

Alexy Quest, a perfectly named series where Alex and Vinny play through Mass Effect.

close the thread. we can all go home.

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Kingdom Heartache: 358/2 Dans - Dan playing through the Kingdom Hearts series. Came up with that twist on the original when Abby was trying to think of a way to torture Dan with a "masterpiece" he would hate the same way he did to her with Who's The Big Boss.

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#10 Posted by Prince_of_Space (111 posts) -

In Your Beaster Bonnet- weekly series where Dan and Abby ring in the spring tide by playing games with rabbits in them or something. At the end, Dan eats a hat like he said he would.

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#11 Posted by WasabiCurry (529 posts) -

The Hot Seat - Rorie takes a quest from viewers and colleagues a like to find the best hot sauce and tell Brad each and every episode that he is wrong.

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I'm not a big fan of gimmick playthroughs but I can think of a few games I'd love to see let's played.

  • Dan & Vinny Superstar Saga - A Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga playthrough
  • Nierver say Nierver - Alex Navarro plays through the first Nier with whoever he'd like
  • Let's Dan boys!- Dan and Alex play through the Bayonettas. If you gotta gimmick it up, say you have to play while sucking a lollipop. When it's done you have to hand the other person the controller immediately. Get Danny O'Dwyer on the phone just so we can call it Let's Dans boys!
  • Wild Guns Reloaded - Perfect game for another This Is The Run season
  • Mass Dan - Dan plays through a Mass Effect game, skipping every cutscene and buttoning through all dialogue options
  • Eat 'em up - Either coast plays through various beat 'em ups. The only necessity: It's a game where you heal by eating food. To heal in the game, you have to eat a corresponding item IRL. For God Hand, for instance, this would be bananas, oranges and strawberries. This is a terrible idea and I dunno why all I can think of is food stuff
  • Treat Fighter - an hour or two of versus mode in a given Street Fighter game, the winner gets some kinda treat as a rewar-- MORE FOOD

All I really want is for Jeff and Vinny to let's play a cool game together again. Best team, never teams up.

@kingbonesaw said:

Jason! - a series where Jason plays through Heavy Rain.


For fun name stuff, I think a feature like Say My Name could be funny. You play whatever game, but you have to play a pre-existing character with the same name as you. It'sa lot harder for Vinny and Abby than for Alex.

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I thought of one called Jason Lives!

Jason would have to play a rogue-like or a soulslike each episode -- anything hard, really -- in a hockey mask, getting as far as possible each time (saving is allowed between episodes), with the eventual goal of beating a game with one life, at which point he would scream JASON LIVES into the camera like a psychopath. He would also scream this when he survived between episodes...

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Caravellaw of the West - It's just Vinny playing Law of the West. Note that this is not its own video feature, but is instead a segment that occurs within other video features anytime Vinny is encountering technical difficulties and doesn't know what to do next.

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#16 Posted by zombiepenguin9 (759 posts) -

Let's see...

  • Legend of Dan - In which Dan plays through the Legend of Zelda series.
  • Ben Gone Too Long - In which Ben returns to games he intended to finish, but never did.
  • The Fireboylt Rises - In which Vinny, Alex, and Dan play Shenmue II. This would probably be an endurance run rather than a feature, but I really wanted to make a phoenix pun using one of the greatest moments in this site's history.
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#17 Posted by glots (4330 posts) -

I can’t come up with a pun title, so I just want a series where Vinny plays through old/modern adventure games.

Fright or Shite - Abby and Vinny play through horror games and...oh wait, that already exists. I hope we are getting season two.

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#18 Posted by xanadu (2044 posts) -

Final Dantasy. Someone makes Dan play obscure Final Fantasy games he wouldnt like.

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#19 Posted by Charongreed (110 posts) -

<Game Title> vs. Jason. Jason and a guest play a spooky game blind and talk about it, a la Spookin with Scoops. Really, I'm desperate for anything like Spookin with Scoops.

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#20 Posted by Yoake (4 posts) -

Pack Russell Terrier: Ben and Abby play games that heavily feature dogs

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#21 Posted by BisonHero (11578 posts) -
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#22 Posted by KillEm_Dafoe (2636 posts) -

The Da Vinny Code: Vinny plays games with notoriously obtuse puzzles and incredible leaps of logic.

Jeff Gerstmann's Getting Off (with his face shopped onto Marc Ecko's Getting Up for the logo): Jeff's never-ending quest into the world of hentai in search of the game that has the best Naked Cartoon Pussy.

In all honesty, I would like to see Full Motion Vinny come back as a real, regular feature. The games and commentary in the past have been some of the best content the site has produced.

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#23 Posted by MerxWorx01 (857 posts) -

30 Minute Abbs: A biweekly feature where Abby, Dan and Vinny play dance games in front of a green screen.

Dark V'd: A show where Vinny and Alex play through the very creepy Darkseed adventure games.

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#24 Posted by Peebsxsicle (27 posts) -

Beat em' up Bradley: a series where brad plays through beat em' up games

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#25 Posted by The_Last_Starfighter (510 posts) -

Flight Club.

Seriously, please bring it back... :(

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#26 Posted by Brackstone (909 posts) -

Exquisite Kings- Vinny oversees while Alex, Abby, and Dan rotate playing Crusader Kings, swapping when their current ruler dies. Cool as it would be, it's completely unfeasible.

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#27 Posted by Random88 (296 posts) -

Done Piece: After finishing All Systems Goku; Jeff and Dan start a One Piece podcast

Danimal Crossing - Dan plays through every animal crossing game in the lead up to Animal Crossing Switch - Guided by Abby and Vinny

Resident V-Vile: Vinny Plays the Resident Evil series with Alex and Dan to guide him through it

Jeff to all but Metal: Jeff and Brad play through the Metal Slug series

Kingdom Heartache: Here we go A-Ben: Ben plays the kingdom hearts series and they take it seriously this time

Abby-solutely Fabulous: Abby plays various Otome Dating sims with help from the guys

Beast-point Hospital - Playthrough of Two point hospital

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#28 Posted by eccentrix (2392 posts) -

Vin & Rorie, the Rick & Morty fancast.

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#30 Posted by CyrusRaven (174 posts) -

The Dark Corps where they play through The Darkest Dungeon the same way they did X-Com.

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#31 Posted by burncoat (558 posts) -

You're Gonna Finish It!

Everyone has a ball in this feature. For any game they bring on UPF or GBE Playdate, one of the crew can pull out a "You're. Gonna. FINISH IT!" once a year. Whoever is playing the game currently will have to finish whatever single player mode the game has. Nobody can play this card again until the current YGFI ends. They have to complete the game either live or in a prerecorded format, it doesn't matter, it just has to be documented. Every member only has one card they can play that year and it only works if nobody else plays it (on both coasts), so it requires some advanced cooperation if they want to screw someone over, i.e. texting in the moment to double check if this game is worth making their coworker suffer through. Bad ends count towards completion.

When they first started running these jokes on UPF and Gerstfield I really wished this was something they could spring on somebody. Not as a punishment or deterrent for bringing crappy games, but mostly as incentive for "This game is amazing/this person is struggling with this game in a hilarious way let's prolong this". The "Only one at a time" caveat would hopefully allow enough time to pass for people to forget they can use it (and after watching all of the XCOM episodes back to back there's ample room to forget a small feature after a period of time). It could be the Smirnoff Ice challenge of Giant Bomb.

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#32 Posted by TechnoSyndrome (1613 posts) -

Beast in the East: A series where Alex and Dan play through all of the Yakuza games

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#33 Edited by SuperJoe (1221 posts) -
  • Extra Life 2018 (Brad Showstopper) - Brad sings for 12 hours straight and raises millions
  • Dan Ryckert's Splinter Hell - where Dan breaks several Duke controllers in half. Followed by Dandora Tomorrow
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#34 Posted by TopCat88 (372 posts) -

Jeff Set Radio

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#35 Posted by Captain_Insano (3512 posts) -

The Bakalar Cup

- A Beast or Cross-Coast series playing through the SNES NHL game that featured recently

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#36 Posted by fisk0 (6888 posts) -

Back when Vinny, Dave and Drew did the flight clubs I wished they'd do some kind of "history of the world" thing by playing through historical simulations in chronological order, maybe have Brad chime in with historical facts.

Don't know if there's anything besides stuff like Civ and Age of Empires that covers anything pre-Egypt, but if nothing else they could start with Pharaoh and onwards with Cleopatra and Caesar and the Total War stuff, and of course start playing flight sims once they get to WW1 (and then of course play flight sims covering all the wars thereafter).

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#37 Posted by Rigas (828 posts) -

Hardware: Where the gang plays physical board boards or tabletop something, like GB Unplugged but new and for the kids of today.

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#38 Edited by Prince_of_Space (111 posts) -

This Ain't No Roleplaying Game: A successor to Giant Bomb Unplugged, where the crew plays through pen & paper adaptations of video games. Candidates include Green Ronin's Dragon Age, WotC's Diablo and Starcraft games, and the infamous White Wolf Street Fighter adaptation.

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#39 Posted by cikame (2824 posts) -

Dan browses Wikipedia and is constantly blown away by everything.

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#40 Posted by Nixamo (66 posts) -

Jeffperts, wherein Jeffs Gerstmann and Bakalar answer burning tech questions.

Jefpervs, wherein expert Gerstmann introduces innocent Bakalar to the dark side of anime.

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#41 Posted by Rejizzle (1122 posts) -

Danecdotal Evidence: Dan plays Sherlock Holmes consulting detective games.

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#42 Posted by Panfoot (330 posts) -

Someone has had to suggest this before but might as well anyway.

Hitdan: Brad Money - Dan and Brad return to a world of assassination to complete all of Hitman: Blood Money.

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#43 Posted by briarpack (335 posts) -

Beasts of Siege: GB/GBeast plays Rainbow Six Siege multiplayer as chat backseats them mercilessly. Siege the Day would also make a great name, but they used it as an official marketing slogan so ehhh. Those Idris Elba TV spots are amazing though.

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#44 Posted by SkullPanda1 (1625 posts) -

Abby Road - Abby plays different racing games that have motorcycles

One Giant Beast - The GB crew play the One Night Ultimate Werewolf card game

Nook's Nick-Nacks - Abby plays Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer or Animal Crossing New Leaf

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#45 Posted by derfwin (36 posts) -

an energy drink review segment called Energy Dinks

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#46 Posted by eddiephlash (326 posts) -

Just let Jan take over Kingdom Heartache. Birth by Ochoa. 358 by 2 Jans.

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Loading Video...

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#48 Posted by slipperyfox23 (26 posts) -

Meet You Maker - Abby uses the character creator in various games to make Giant Bomb staff and friends of the site. Maybe uses science to rank them.

There Are a Lot of Spiders Because the Dungeon Maker Likes It When I Get Webbed in the Face When I Enter His Dungeon - Vinny takes Alex, Dan, Abby, and Jeff through a Hero Quest campaign. Also available as a light novel.

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#49 Posted by splodge (2770 posts) -
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#50 Posted by Ben_H (4195 posts) -

@yoake said:

Pack Russell Terrier: Ben and Abby play games that heavily feature dogs

This is so good.