Mandatory Racing in First Person Shooters

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Why in the hell do shooters have required racing segments with story specific progression in them? Bought Rage 2, and am currently stuck on the story required racing segment as I am terrible at racing games.

Even on easy (yes easy, I am that bad) this segment is annoying me to no end.

I would be fine skipping this completely, but it has story requirement! Why????

Sorry just venting...

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I can't think of many FPS games that do that, but I do remember watching the QL or the Playdate when they end up driving a car around a race track and it looked so sterile that it honestly felt like the devs put it in as an after thought. It sort of reminded me of stuff like old action platformer that would suddenly just have a racing level.

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I should probably extend that to any timed game play with story implications - those rooftop chases from Assassin's Creed 2 on. I have some odd memory of Far Cry having them as well.

I just hate when certain gameplay choices veer away from the main focus of the game.