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Just finished this for a local animation festival, thought y'all might actually get all the references. The Fog of Warhammer stream had so many hysterical moments, but this was too good to pass up. Made with lots of love and not enough sleep :)

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Saw this recently on twitter, I must have missed this post. GJ! Very cute animation!

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Well, that's pretty great. Making Vinny more adorable is a tall order, but the animation was perfect. Quality work, duder!

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Oh my god, this was the best. Thank you.

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i've watched his soooo many times. It's so

wonderful, happy, and fun! I hope GB can buy Vice media soon and get austin back.

Great work! I hope to see more animations from you!

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Oh man, that's adorable. Great work.

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This sorta freakin' rocks. Nice work, man. Outdated reference time: Vinny is the Tim Conway of Giant Bomb, and Austin was the Harvey Korman.

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This video is awesome and genuinely brightens my day.

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@gelatinousgelboy: I'd really want a Manfred's my friend shirt. They look so cute standing together in the end.