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It looks like Mary's time at Gamespot is coming to an end:

This is a gigantic loss for the site — especially on the back of Danny and Alexa leaving — and a huge win for whoever snapped her up. I kind of hope she's staying on the press side of things because it'd be a shame to lose another talented member of the media to development, but I could see her being valuable on either side. In any case, thanks and good luck, Mary!

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insert obligatory "I hope she comes to GB* comment here

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Nobody jinx it like with Danny. Keep your mouths shut!

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She was literally the only person left AT GameSpot that I cared about.

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It kind of looks like Gamespot's time is coming to an end.

Hopefully it's not too much of a jinx to hope that her upcoming gig is still in the SF area. Hope she remains visible and able to frequently visit the duders.

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Gamespot has Peter Brown aaaaaaaaaaannnnnd.....

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At some point the name Gamespot is not making any sense anymore right?

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White Owls ????

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At some point the name Gamespot is not making any sense anymore right?


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Oh wow, I didn't catch Alexa leaving. It really is just Peter Brown now. I mean, I LOVE Peter, but one man can't carry a whole site.

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I selfishly hope whatever she moves on to still leaves room to drop into Giantbomb from time to time, even if it's only the yearly extra life streams.

I was never one to frequent Gamespot (even in the old school Jeff days), but in recent years I found myself checking in on whatever Danny or Mary were doing from time to time. With them gone I can't see myself ever visiting that site again.

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Count me in as another person that didn't even know Alexa left, and I actually visit GameSpot quite frequently.

Mary leaving is obviously another huge blow for that site. It has been hemorrhaging talent for a while now. The people that have replaced those members that left are O-K but that's as much enthusiasm as I can muster. I'm curious where Mary will go next, she is a pure delight and I can only hope it's somewhere in the SF region so she can continue to pop in for the extra life streams with Drew, Alexis and Ian (although I thought their segment this year was kind of weak).

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@finaldasa: With all the comic & movie stuff they do nowadays, the game part slowly but surely seems to be taking a backseat on that site.

I remember seeing this commercial announcing a partnership between Gamespot & Comic Vine collaborating on comicbook stuff (Gamespot unlimited Universe? ) and that struck me as an odd namingchoice given that the subject of the partnership revolves around comics instead of games.

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She was video production right? Maybe shes joining danny...

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@johncallahan: Even if you only keep Peter Brown in high regard for the US site, you're completely ignoring the talented people who work at the Gamespot UK and AUS divisions.

Nevertheless, Mary is a very talented video producer with a lot of on-screen charisma too: I wish her all the best.

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Man, Gamespot these days, huh? Well, I wish Mary all the best.

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@dixavd: I feel like those people from both the UK and Australia offices have been relegated to the sidelines so much that if they were to close them down you'd hardly even notice. The few shows they tried incorporating them into felt like cheap listicles in video format (the Gist) or chasing the YouTube formula ( In 5 Minutes or whatever that thing was called).

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@humanity: Sadly I agree with you on this. Gamespot is pretty terrible at designing shows that are interesting with all of the talent that they have. I just take issue with the implied viewpoint I was responding to that Gamespot's issue is with the on-screen talent (limiting Peter Brown as the only one carrying the site). I'm of the opinion that it isn't the Gamespot video staff that's the issue, but the way in which the site has turned away from being purely gaming-focused and instead broadened into lacklustre series. Their formats and inability to use who they have is the problem, not the people themselves.

For instance, I honestly found Mary's work outside Gamespot (at Giant Bomb and Indie LP) much more interesting due to the kinds of series she was limited to at Gamespot.

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No wonder Mary was on UPF, it was her last one.

I seriously want to know what's going on inside Gamespot that's chasing all the talent away. Has ad revenue fallen off that much; can they not afford to keep these people? Or is it a culture problem; is there a bad manager somewhere that's making it a terrible place to work? Maybe it's just a grind and people have gotten burned out and want to try new things? Kevin V, Sean, Ty, Andy, Chris Watters, Danny, Alexa and now Mary (among others I've omitted.) That's a lot of people leaving in two years time.

Mary was the last person there I still paid attention to, I hope she's doing something interesting. If so I'll definitely keep up with her stuff in the future.

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Anyone noticed that any time someone at GS is about to leave they always appear on UPF the week before? :P

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Mary's great, I wish her the best. Hopefully she show up on the internet somewhere else.

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Hey Duders. My name's Jean-Luc , and I'm a life long Giant Bomb fan and been working at GameSpot on the video team for almost a year. I don't deny that losing Mary is a huge blow and we are all very sad she is leaving, but I feel I need to address that all the recent leavings at GameSpot has nothing to do with the health and quality of the site. People like Danny, Mary, and Chris were all here for so long and it was simply time for them to find a new adventure. I'll agree the timing of it all seems crazy, how do you think I feel? (I get my dream job and then all the people I look up to leave!).

But its not an issue with the site, with the culture, or anything like that. Its just people ready to try something new. That's what makes GameSpot such a great place. Its not a Giant Bomb where people are in it for the long haul. Its a place for you to achieve your dream, and then go find a new one and step aside to let someone else have the dream.

I'm gonna miss you Mary T_T

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Best of luck Mary! I hope you still stop by for Extra Life or Halloween or anything 'cause I'm gonna miss ya!

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How long before Peter Brown leaves place your bets !

If they close down Gamespot does that mean where back to the Petaluma Basement ?

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@dixavd: yah I completely agree. I'm not sure who ultimately calls the shots on what the shows are and who runs them, but the people involved very often deserve better. When I criticized The Gist in the past I think Jess herself responded that she is directly involved in the production of that segment, which if true is actually fairly disappointing.

GameSpot overall seems too stiff for today's freewheeling video media. They've been steadily moving away from that image and trying to get more loose in their production, but they're baby steps that need to transition into a full fledged run and fast. I also feel a bit for anyone working there because their ragtag community is one of the worst I've seen in the biz. Vitriolic, juvenile and generally gross on every level, it must be tough putting a ton of effort into your work when that's the kind of people it will end up reaching. The comments section is potentially worse than YouTubes and that's saying something seeing how YT is largely unmoderated.

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So, based on other tweets in reply to people she's going to still be in SF as she says her boss will still let her come in and record the rest of Resident Kinevil. Does that mean it is more likely she's over at GB? Technically yes but I still wouldn't put money on it, chasing a new dream doing a similar job to her current one seems like a weird idea to me.

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Kish is the best. She seems like a super cool and competent producer, which I have found to be not a common thing. Naturally, I would love for her to stay local. Danny and her could make some super sick stuff together and I mean well, we're all dancing around the obvious place we'd like to see her work lol Waypoint could be interesting since they are in an expansion phase right now. Who knows! Exciting stuff though.

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@jeanluc: Thanks for chiming in, Jean-Luc! It's great to hear all's good behind the scenes. It's a bummer to see so many people move on in such a short period of time, but at least a new generation of GameSpotters will have an opportunity to make their mark.

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It's all up to Eddie Makuch now.

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Well that's a shame she won't be in the building to stop by anymore. (Although, I'm sure at some point we might see her, like when others drop by) But best of luck to her in the future. Mary is awesome and I'm sure she'll do great at whatever. :)

I don't really ever visit Gamespot, but it's looking like they're dropping like flies over there. Yikes. I'm sure they'll be fine though.

Here's to ya Gamespot. Hope 2017 looks even better.

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I really don't think this has anything to do with Gamespot dying. It's the way the industry works. The big sites hire people willing to do an absurd amount of work for a disproportionate amount of pay. After a while, those people feel established and probably don't want to keep doing the absurd amount of work for peanuts, and it doesn't really make sense for the sites to keep bumping up their salaries since there are billions of people lining up to work 30 hour days for next to nothing who will probably be just as good as the people they're replacing.

As great as the job probably is, you're going to reach a point where you realize you can probably make more money doing less work at a job that's probably just as fun.

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she's not going to giant bomb. hope she isn't a stranger though!

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@xenolon: Whoever is running the site has no vision for what they want to do with it. It has been running surveys for the last 2 years or so now (just like Gametrailers did before it shut down) and while they've tried to improve they've never committed to anything. It seems to me like they're under heavy pressure to meet revenue goals from up top, and over the last year or so they have started to move more and more into click-bait and recycling internet "geek" content. My best guess is that it still brings in a good amount of money, and without anyone at the top having any ideas on how to turn the boat around they're just riding it out at this point.

So the reason why you see all the talent leaving is because they have become stuck in a soulless job of "grinding content" and they want to be more creative and free to do new and interesting things.

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also now they can just start calling it the Brown Spot.

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@flasaltine said:

Gamespot has Peter Brown aaaaaaaaaaannnnnd.....

Someone, somewhere pumping out a half-dozen clickbait-y articles a day about this year's superhero films and Game of Thrones.

Man, it definitely seems like Gamespot has been hemorrhaging talent left and right for the last 2-3 years, between Kevin, Alexa, Danny, and plenty of other names that I'm blanking on. Mary's on-screen charisma is pretty exceptional (easily on the level of the GB dudes), and I'd probably watch more of her Resident Evil playthroughs if the videos weren't impossible to find thanks to the way that site categorizes stuff. I wish her the best in whatever she's doing next!

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Can't believe she will now be a professional Calzone eater.

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Hopefully she still comes in for Extra Life!

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I truly thought Mary announced she was leaving a while back or had already left.. shows how much I check out GameSpot but Mary is awesome, I always enjoyed her occasional appearance on GB videos.

Best wishes Mary!

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Guess I'm never visiting Gamespot again at this point. Oh weeeeell. I hope she does something awesome too, Danny's DOOM series was a great watch.

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And Giant Bomb has an opening. Coincidence?

... Most certainly yes.

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@ninnyjams: Originally that was the plan but with Dan having moved to GBEast, it seems most likely they would now be hiring for the SF office.

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Best of luck to Mary in her future endeavors! She's one of the few people I've seen in games coverage who's clearly talented behind the camera but also has a great, entertaining personality in front of it, a rare combo. Hope she won't be a stranger on Giant Bomb if she stays in the area.

Like many others I'm not sure what Gamespot's direction and future is. I won't claim to be a huge fan of the site but the reasons I occasionally visited in the last few years were for Danny and Mary content... Best wishes to everyone who works there but it sure seems like they can't hold onto their popular personalities. Or hell maybe all of a games media is like that. I guess Giant Bomb is the exception rather than the rule, the stability/longevity of the staff has been remarkable in an industry that seems to churn people out of it pretty damn quickly. *knocks on all the wood possible in the world*

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@wchigo: I doubt GBWest needs another video producer though.

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maaaaaaaaan! i had no idea alexa left as well, and now mary!

ugh- i liked hearing from all those kids, even if it was just in relation to gb. it looks like alexa has moved away from in-front-of-camera work, and who knows where mary will end up. but baaah i hope they continue to be a presence of some sort.

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@zeik: Really?

It doesnt go one beast video without Vinny complaining/joking about how hard it is to not have anyone behind the scenes.

Edit: im getting confused by all the back and forth between east and west ;)

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I've not cared about Gamespot in years but I saw her in the Unproffesional Friday episode and she seemed nice.

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Ah was wishing she'd eventually just jump ship over to Giantbomb but sounds like she's going for a bigger change than that. Her and Danny were the best as semi regular guests, the dream of them ever just merging into Giantbomb is officially 100% dead now. And so is Gamespot itself at this rate.

So many people leaving Gamespot/CBSi, wonder what the crew is thinking right now. Hope this trend doesn't pass over to Giantbomb, wonder if they are growing disgruntled with CBSi and if the office is feeling a bit more bleak with awesome people like Mary and Danny disappearing. But hey maybe Gamespots slow death will open up more budget for Gbomb, who knows. Goodluck to Mary, hope she still pops in with the Gbomb guys from time to time.

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Gamespot has definitely taken a turn these last couple of years where it has become less gaming focused and more popculture focused. Things may be fine on the inside at GS but it's not a direction I'm interested in. I mainly watched Danny's content but since he left I have had very little reason to watch their content. I love Danny's new show btw. It's like The Point but even more in-depth. It's frickin' great!

I also haven't visited the gamespot site in like a year. What little of GS I did watch mostly happened on Youtube.