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For a couple years now I've been wanting to put together a supercut of my favorite segment from the Whiskey Media Happy Hours, which is Matt Rorie rating movies based on puppies and reacting to videos of said puppies. Well, I finally did it. It's 40 minutes so I don't expect everyone to watch all the way through, but this stuff always helps me feel better whenever I'm down or stressed. So here it is, the thing probably no one asked for, a supercut of every puppy video Matthew Rorie ever screened and reacted to on the Whiskey Media Happy Hours in chronological order:

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scrubbed trough the video thats a whole lot of puppies!

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So many pups!! Thank you for putting this together; well done!

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This is amazing!

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Thank you. I'm going to put this video on loop for the rest of the day

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this is pupping fantastic, thank you

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DAMN this is a great compilation.

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Can we bring back @rorie reviews? I don't care what he's reviewing, just as long as he uses the puppy scale. Great video, brings back a lot of fond memRORIES(sorry).

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Awesome to start with Ryan, gonna watch it all now :)

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You are my hero.

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Great work!

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Just pin this to the top of the Community Spotlight every week.

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I fully endorse the number of pug puppies in this video.

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Definitely watching all of this over the weekend. Darn not seeing this until just before it's time for me to go to work!


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We need another Rorie Puppy Chat live stream.

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The Puppy rating scale needs to comeback.

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I needed that duder. Thank you and nice job. :)

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That was really good. thanks for that.

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I never knew I needed this. But I do.

Nice work, TheSlip!

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Videos like this make me miss Whiskey Media.

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Technical Two Puppies is my favorite puppies

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I loved how Ryan looked at Rorie at times, rather heartwarming.

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@theslip@rorie I give this five synchronized sleepy puppies out of five!

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@bbalpert said:

Technical Two Puppies is my favorite puppies

That's one of my favorite ones too, alongside Sleepy Bear.


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That is just so damn adorable. And I love Alex giggling in those lol

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(we need more Rorie puppy streams!)

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This site needs more "Matt Rorie Puppy Reviews".

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Thank you so much for this. I've got it stashed away in my "feel good" folder.

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This is my bible