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Wow, this is awesome that you are doing this. I'll take a shot at this. Steam id: PancakeAssassin

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Yes indeed he does. Thanks duder.

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I already own a significant number of these games (Damn, do I have a problem?) so I'll leave my name out so someone else can win. This is a great idea though, and incredibly generous. Is this penance for strangling a hooker or something?

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Wow, you got a lot of extras there :D

I'm in! I'd love to have either Fallout: New Vegas or EYE: Divine Cybermancy


There are a lot of awesome duders here on GB with all these giveaways recently!

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I already own most of these, and don't really care about the rest. So I'm just gonna opt out and raise the chances for others.

I just wanted to say though, this is an awesome idea, and you are an awesome person for doing it. Happy Gerstmas!

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Steam ID is vestigial.man at http://steamcommunity.com/id/vestgialman/

I'd like to try for the Witcher.

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I would love to entered for Dogfighter :0

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Renegade Ops

Steam username: sionweeks


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This is pretty fantastic!

If I get a chance then it would be Fallout New vegas

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I want to win stuff!

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I would like to throw my name in as well.

I have 1,200 wiki points, so that means I qualify, right?

Oh, and Steam name is DukeOfPwn [PXOD].


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I'd like to get in on this. Steam is the same as here.

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Count me in. I'd love to win a copy of Terraria. Steam ID is louiedog. Thanks!

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Portal 2 or The Binding of Isaac if I win and Portal 2 is gone. 
Steam name, Riot Bananas.

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this sounds like fun! :D sign me up.

//terraria looks interesting :o

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I don't have nearly enough posts to qualify (which is fine), but I'd just like to say this is an amazingly cool thing to do. Good job.

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Steam id: darthbc

Space Chem would be awesome.

You're a gentlemen and a scholar, is that how that goes?

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Wow, this is seriously cool. Dungeons of Dredmore is a roguelike right? Always wanted to give that a try.

Steam id same as user (fRAWRst)

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I'd play The Binding of Isaac.

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I would like to enter for Bastion and Rock of Ages please!

Steam ID: drcoleslaw


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I'd love Rock of Ages :D

steam Id: ShadowWolf9

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would love to nab a copy of Serious Sam: Random encounter. thanks for doing this! Steam ID: AimingWandersly

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@j3ffro919 said:

I don't have nearly enough posts to qualify (which is fine), but I'd just like to say this is an amazingly cool thing to do. Good job.

Hey, 87 is close enough.
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I'm not entering, I just wanted to pop in and say God damn I mean... Holy shit.

Wait, that's not right, either. You're crazy.

What I really meant is, that's a whole lot of stuff! Hope running this doesn't drive you to insanity, I know it would for me. Keep it up duder!

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Many thanks for this, this is a great gesture. You are part of the reason why the GB community is the best! :-D

My profile page is: http://steamcommunity.com/id/darkjester74/

EYE: Divince Cybermancy, Rock of Ages, SpaceChem, or Terraria would be sweet. Thanks again!

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Lemme get in on this here Gerstmas Holidaze... I WANT INNNNNNN!!!! Thanks people! steamid: jesus.himself

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I believe my SteamID is the same as my handle here.


I guess I am requesting Bastion, since it's one of the only games on the list I think I can run. That or Rock of Ages. Or Binding of Isaac. Or Terraria.

I've heard so many good things about all of them!

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I almost have 100 posts but have been part of the site since the beginning. Could I still qualify?

edit: Realized I could just post another 3 posts and qualify...

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Hi! Thanks for doing this :3