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A reminder that you need to have 100 posts or 1,000 wiki points (or really close - if you're just a few off of either one, I'll overlook it) to qualify for this. I'm sorry to have to put that barrier there, but I wanted to be as inclusive as possible while also making sure participating members of the site were rewarded over those who maybe just drop in on occasion (or jump in for a freebie). Chances are you'll meet those requirements next Gerstmas, though. Also - as a gesture of good will to anyone who asks to participate and somehow overlooked those requirements, I'll enter you into a separate drawing for a Steam game this week (but your account still needs to be 60+ days old). Hopefully that will alleviate any feelings of being left out here?
Best of luck to everyone. :)

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@Grimmy616 said:

I almost have 100 posts but have been part of the site since the beginning. Could I still qualify?

edit: Realized I could just post another 3 posts and qualify...

Could you? ( : P )
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I want in, though, I dunno if I have 100 posts... Hopefully I do. 
EDIT: Yes I do!  


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Sure, why not.
I would appreciate a copy of Fallout New Vegas as I passed it up during the Thanksgiving sale and plum ran out of money to get it on the second go during Christmas. If that runs out, Isaac or Dredmore.

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Wow, Ryan tweeted about Gerstmas this morning. That's fucking bananas.

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Your generosity knows no bounds. I would love to play this Renegade ops everyone keeps talking about! Steam ID: Amused Moose

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Awesome generosity, If I'm still in the running, I'd quite fancy a Rock of Ages. Avante Gardeneron steam.

Edit: Many pointless edits.

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I'd like to throw my hat in the ring

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or if that doesn't work


edit: Oh.. name a game. Uhh... Renegade Ops. Also what you're doing is awesome.

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I'll take anything you throw at me! Bring it!

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Branthog, I would love to be entered! Thanks duder.

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This is great. And yes, I saw this through Ryan, but I'd love to enter and win Dungeons of Dredmor. SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/thomper/

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Put me down for the Witcher

Thanks for running another GB contest!

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Duder, I would love portal 2!


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Awwww yeaaaah!

All celebration aside, I would love to Vinny it up in the new year with the Witcher 1!

My Steam ID is CountChocula88.

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Count me in! The Witcher, Renegade Ops, Fallout: NV and Bastion all sound great to me...


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I would appreciate any of those games, except that I already have bastion, portal 2 and audiosurf.

Steam username: craigbo06

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Sure I'll enter.

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Enter me please!


Thank you

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Awesome duder!

Steam name: himmi404

Game: Bastion

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i'm on board


Rock of Ages or Terraria would be really awesome to have. But i guess i'll see whats left in case i win.

Merry Gerstmas and a Happy "I love New Years"

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Great Scott! That's generous of you. :O

Steam: bozar

Game: The Witcher / Renegade Ops / Fallout: New Vegas.

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Nice work Branthog. I don't actually want anything (I don't think I even qualify). I just want to applaud your efforts and wish you a merry Gerstmas!

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I'll go for it!


Renegade Ops or Terraria would be my first choices.

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@Branthog: Even cooler! I honestly didn't think I had that many posts, figured I was 30 or 40 away.

Steam name J3ffroaz

I'd like either Bastion, Renegade Ops, or The Witcher.

And I still think this is one of the cooler things someone has done, regardless of winning status or not.

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I'd like EYE: Divine Cybermancy

Steam name NGent

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Steam ID is LordToastington. Any of those is fine with me.

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Hell I'm in... I forgot to celebrate gerstmas this year. I'd say renegade ops is the most attractive. Thanks!

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This is a very nice thing you're doing! Please include my name in the drawing. This is my first time posting on the forums but I do have over 1000 wiki points.

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I think topic kind of blew up and with that my chances are getting smaller and smaller O_o

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I would like Renegade Ops :D only just got 1000 points! updating the wiki just got so much easier!

Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/itbestefyo

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Hey thanks for doing this, I would love some of the more popular games so I hope listing them is ok as the chances probably aren't too good :)



Portal 2


Renegade Ops

Binding of Isaac

Good luck everyone!

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How cool is this? I'd love Terraria, the name's beehiver

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I'm in.

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I'd like Terreria!

Steam ID here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fatboomer/

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Whoa, call me entered.