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Unless I'm completely loosing the plot, I could of swore that I saw there was a new Mail Bag last week, but for the life of me can't see it now. Have I dreamt this?

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Yeah, it must have been taken down for a reason. I watched it not two days ago.

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The dude who sent it in probably plagiarized the box from an Amazon order.

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I watched it and didn't notice anything strange... Like a previous mailbag.

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Maybe a sender's address label accidentally showed up on screen. I don't remember seeing anything, but I can see that being a good reason for taking it down for edit.

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What doesn't GB want us to know??


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They probably got in trouble for showing all that dragonball hentai a fan sent them.

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My guess is it was because the audio levels were all over the place, as usual with phone videos, and people were pointing it out in the comments (including myself). I'll assume they weren't happy with it. Wasn't that big of a deal though.

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Maybe it was taken down due to technical issues... or it could be another issue of the items being sent from a crime scene.

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Every time there's a missing mailbag I just hope someone didn't die again.

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Definitely another case of murder

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@49th: I dunno, I watched it and it seemed fine to me, nothing too objectionable. It was a little strange that the one notebook was caked together but I guess it just got some energy drink spilled on it or something.

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I noticed that too. I hadn't got around to watching it though. Hopefully it was just some technical issues that could be fixed up or something.

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Ugh... The one time I had my RSS downloader turned off.