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Currently moving my pc and consoles from the living room to an office where I will be doing all my gaming. I will be playing PC as well as console games on this monitor and I am looking for some recommendations. I have a BENQRL2455 currently in the house but I want to get something better. Looking to see what you duders use and recommend. I listed the consoles and video card I plan to purchase in the next 2-3 months. I would like to do 4k and HDR10 at 120hz for the xbox if possible.

Xbox One X

PS4 Pro

Nvidia 2070 super

Looking into the following....

BenQ 28" EL2870U

BenQ EX3203R

Viewsonic XG3220

Dell U Series 27" U2718Q

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This is really a question about what you want, what are teh three factoirs you wnat that matter most and what are you willing to give up. Does 4K not matter? Does HDR not matter? Does it have to be native 144Hz or can ist overclocke to that speed?

What size? Is 24" too small, is 32 to large?

What do you are about? Color reproduction, Peak Brightness, View angle, 4K, Refresh rate? [PICK THREE]

Does this have to act like a TV too? What about productivity...are you cool with text on Window having a bit of bloom or backlighting halos?

How much do you want to spend? Under $350, around $500, very close to $950, or over and above $1,500+

Everything will have a trade off (everything), because as of Aug 2019 there is no all doing and all having model.

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Just curious: Have you considered 21:9?

Also, I wouldn't exactly call the 2070 Super a "2160p/4K card" since compromises in graphics settings will have to be made at that resolution, so maybe consider 1440p with 144 Hz and G-sync to get the most out of that card.

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Maybe consider a TV? Depending on how you like to game on the PC a 30-something inch TV might do well.

Granted if you want something on the higher end for #elite gaming a monitor is the way to go.

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Kind of an awkward spot if you want something that can do 4k HDR and 120hz+. You can certainly get one, but it's going to run you 2000$. The best monitors to future proof yourself would be the ASUS ROG PG27UQ or the Acer Predator X27. But again, those will run you between 1700-2000$.

You'll have to consider compromises if you want a monitor that can do everything right now. In order to not break the bank and still have 4k & HDR, you'll have to get a 60hz monitor. Or you'll have to forgo 4k and get a 1440p 144hz monitor. Another thing to consider is that it is extremely unlikely you'll be able to run games at 4k with over 60 fps with just a 2070. Most of the time on modern games, you'll be running around 50-60 on ultra/high. Unless you are playing DMC5 or DOOM, which are extremely well optimized.

For PC right now, I consider G-sync and high, stable frame rates much more impressive than 4k. Especially with a 27' monitor, which honestly is kind of hard to decipher a difference between 1440p and 4k at that size. The frame rate, however, is very noticeable.

Monitor's also don't seem to have great HDR yet. It's functional, but it just kind of seems to be a check box for companies right now when marketing them. If you want fantastic HDR, you're going to have to look into getting a 4k television.