Most disappointing/worst game of the year contender so far for 2015?

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Tony Hawk 5. You don't even have to play it to be disappointed by it.

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@jesus_phish: That's not a game of the year contender though I'm sure.

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The Order: 1886

It was quite a hyped up game until a couple days before release when reviews and playthroughs were posted.

Personally, Bloodbourne was my biggest disappointment. I really didn't pay attention to the game until release, on purpose, so i was quite surprised in a negative way when i found out it was pretty much just more Dark Souls. I assumed it was something different, it was still fun, but i was expecting much more.

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@ntm: Sorry, I missed that part. I'm just so disappointed by it that whenever I see the words "disappointed" and "game" together my brain automatically goes there.

For me I think it'd have to be Arkham Knight then by virtue that it's the only game I've played this year that might be a GOTY contender that I was disappointed in. It wasn't a bad game but it cut a lot of corners and made all the side missions and bad guys super dull. It was such a repetitive game and unlike City which also had some repetitive elements to it, none of the repetition in Knight was that enjoyable.

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I don't know, probably Destiny, if it counts, which it shouldn't.

I'm quite content with the "good" games this year, even with things like MGS V's surprising shortcomings and the polarising opinions on Arkham Knight (i liked it better than City, but Asylum remains best) in mind.

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Life Is Strange.

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MGS V. Amazing game, but disappointing in some major ways as well.

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MGSV, if for no other reason than to troll Ryckert.

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MGSV: there is nothing in this game that I like, this game is nothing. Arkham Knight is up there too , at least I had fun with it.

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@ntm: I'm curious about your experience with Witcher 3. What platform did you play on? I played on a high end PC, I was able to maintain a steady 60 FPS at 1080p with everything turned up, and it is an amazing experience. It was one of the best open worlds I've ever run around in.

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I've played about 3 of this year's games so I guess I have to say MGS5. I absolutely loved it and it might be my GOTY anyway, but it disappointed in that it wasn't 25 hours of stupid fucking nonsense cutscene like I hoped it would be. The other games I've played are Cities: Skylines and Witcher 3 and they're both also really fucking good but they were also exactly what I hoped they would be. I still dunno what my GOTY is out of MGS5 and W3 but I'm pretty sure it'll be one of the two 'cause there's nothing else coming out this year I even remotely care about. :(

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Probably Batman from an execution stand point.

This has been a damn good year for games. And I'm a grouchy ass old man so that's saying something.

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Arkham Knight for me. It was my most anticipated game of 2015, I've played Arkham City a countless amount of times. But I hardly remember anything from Arkham Knight. I also feel incredibly burned because I played the PC version. I still thought it was a good game, and really enjoyed some things they added. But overall it just didn't make me feel anything, unlike City.

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Worst would have to be THPS5 for sure. Just...fuck everything about that game.

Most disappointing though would have to go to Mortal Kombat X. This is a bit of a weird one though and may not even count to some people, but while the game is good and all, I chose it because NetherRealm's constant patching once again destroyed competitive interest. As far as I know, it gets still gets somewhat half-decent numbers at tournaments, but the viewership is a joke compared to what it once was and the chat generally spends the entire time shitting on it and, arguably, rightfully so.

Also, while technically impressive, I think that stylistically it's a mess. This is by far my least favorite cast and designs in the entire series. The faces, for both men and women, are fugly. The costumes are boring. The way characters stand and/or animate just looks janky as fuck. You compare it something like SFV and it just looks like shit.

Oh, and the online was...not so great.

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I'd say the Witcher 3. The combat was still not great (and I think it got worse), the story didn't have the same mix of political intrigue and traditional folklore than the Witcher 2 used so well, and overall I thought the villain was nothing more than a lackluster plot device, and a clear step down from Letho. My biggest issue, though, is how it builds up all this intrigue and strife in the world at large, but does very little with it. The open world structure did little to help the narrative, and while a large amount of the side content was of a very high quality, the map was still busy with boring, pointless side activities that really don't provide any benefit at all.

Overall it was a more traditional open world fantasy game with a more traditional fantasy story, but in the process lost a lot of what made the Witcher 2 so special.

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@brandondryrock: I played it on PS4. I think the game is superb, and is perfectly fine on PS4, but I think a high end PC would make it a better experience, more so than other games. Also, I'm the total opposite with the Batman games. I was super disappointed with City, and is one of those games I played a bit more than I probably should have, just to see if I could like it more. Arkham Asylum is one of my favorite games of last-gen, and I actually liked Origins, and Knight is on par with that for me. Both good games.

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MGSV, if for no other reason than to troll Ryckert.

There's plenty of reasons to slap MGSV with worst/most disappointing game of the year.

The xmas podcasts are going to be incredibly grating to listen to, as it's pretty likely Dan is going to be at the point of screaming like a brat if MGSV doesn't get top spot in the GOTY discussions. Then again, the conversations are kinda always like that. However, newcomer D-Walker will likely be a threat to Ryckert's idiocy this year.

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MGS V was in no way disappointing. First MG game with real gameplay. It's up there with BB.

Most disappointing, Rockband 4.

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Definitely MGSV. The characters, the writing, the things that happen in the cutscenes, the awful mission design, the boring tapes that reiterate the same basic points of nonsensical bullshit were all such trash that they actually killed what fun I was still trying to have with the excellent though janky gameplay. Hideo Kojima is a master at making trailers/music videos, but I hope he never gets near a video game again.

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No disappointing game so far for me , but Bloodborne is the worst game I've played this year .

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Gonna echo what seems to be the most common response here. What MGSV was, was not what I wanted from that game. I get absolutely zero enjoyment from the fulton system and I found the base management to be busywork. Also, fuck off with mobile game design in my AAA releases don't force me to wait an arbitrary amount of gameplay time to unlock a new rocket launcher. I could go on and on about my issues with that games design but the biggest ones are uninteresting level design and trivial difficulty making the game ultimately the most disappointing game this year for me. I still enjoyed it somewhat and won't call it a bad game though.

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I was disappointed arkham knight didn't function for 2 months, but the game was good. I wasn't hyped for Mad Max, but i thought it would be good but it's just kinda boring. I don't play that many bad games as i typically make good decisions(arkham knight aside), but i guess Mad Max is the most mediocre game i've played this year.

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definitely arkham knight for me. i wasn't super hyped going in but i wasn't expecting a spiritual successor to battle zone which wasn't much fun to play

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@babychoochoo: After the surprise hit of MK 9 it felt like X was a real blow out. Nothing about it seemed all that interesting and it seemed like a real flash in the pan.

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I don't know. Maybe Arkham Knight, if only because I pre-ordered the other Arkham games and played the hell out of them. I have yet to buy Arkham Knight or even consider buying it after a lot of the stuff I've heard about it.

If you want to limit to games that I've played...probably a tie between MGSV and Bloodborne, with MGSV maybe edging out because of the two, it's the only one I haven't beaten yet.

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@brackstone: Did you enjoyed the original Witcher? I agree that the main villain was one note. I hoped they would flesh him out as Letho, to show that he is not all evil or there are justification for his actions. But I actually disagree about folklore part, one of the high points in W3 was the world and the creature design and philosophy behind them. I was so happy that all the politics were just a background, if that. I say W3 had the vibe of W1 as a compliment. I would say W2 was the weakest game of the trilogy.

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@dudeglove: Dan's not going to need to convince anybody as it's easily the staff's favorite game of the year so far outside Mario Maker.

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@dudeglove: Dan's not going to need to convince anybody as it's easily the staff's favorite game of the year so far outside Mario Maker.

Sure. I just hope they at least recognize its glaring faults. It's a great playing and great looking game, but it doesn't deliver the same beats that the other MGSes did.

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Even though this is coming from someone who loves Arkham Knight, I gotta say this...

When Arkham Knight is your low point, you know it's a damn good year for gaming

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My biggest disappointment was Arkham Knight. If I had to point to one thing it would be the Batmobile, but I had a few other random complaints with it.

I just read a summary of the ending, since I have my doubts if I'm ever going to finish the game. Some things seem interesting, but I don't think I'm going to play through it to see it for myself.

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MGSV by far.

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It has to be Arkham Knight. It was one of those day one pre-orders where I went to the store in the morning and by lunchtime seriously questioned what went wrong with such a strong franchise. In the end my biggest gripe was with the batmobile, sure it's great that they added a vehicle but it takes centre stage far to many times and felt like 007 Racing. It didn't help that the city was conveniently empty of civilians, imagine how cool it would have been to swoop down and help out mugging victims and that kind of thing. It played fine on PS4 and I never had any bugs of glitches but it just fell short from what I expected, and whoever put those Riddler race tracks in must have been off of their rocker.

I did go back to it about a month or two after my first encounter with the game and as I let the story progress it did draw me in but again the countless times I had to involve the batmobile annoyed me enough to skip the new game plus entirely. Oh yeah and the exclusive Scarecrow DLC was ridiculous, non PS4 owners missed out on nothing special there.

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Can I just be disappointed with the trend that everything has to be open world now?

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oh wait, that was 2014.


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@edgaras1103 said:

@brackstone: Did you enjoyed the original Witcher? I agree that the main villain was one note. I hoped they would flesh him out as Letho, to show that he is not all evil or there are justification for his actions. But I actually disagree about folklore part, one of the high points in W3 was the world and the creature design and philosophy behind them. I was so happy that all the politics were just a background, if that. I say W3 had the vibe of W1 as a compliment. I would say W2 was the weakest game of the trilogy.

I did enjoy the original Witcher quite a bit, though I soured on it a bit when it became a generic super soldier program/end of the world plot. But even that I think had many of the elements I like about the series' narrative.

Let me explain my point about the folklore a bit better. I loved the folklore stuff in the Witcher 3. Velen was a highlight, with the path of treats and botchlings and all that. If you told me those were taken pretty much without change from some Polish folk story, I'd believe you. The justification for the fantastical elements, as you said, are great, because they sound like the types of things uneducated 11th century villagers could actually believe and tell to their children. Similarly, rather than having a boring old Tolkien-like conception of different mythological races, it treats them how other races were treated in the actual medieval history, with fear and pogroms, not separated into strangely cohesive kingdoms.

My problem with the Witcher 3 is with the thrust of the plot. The plot was more high fantasy, save the world, fight against an evil kingdom, chosen one nonsense than the Witcher 2. The Witcher 2 could have all it's fantastical elements removed, and still be a compelling plot of politics and intrigue, but what made it interesting was how the fantastical elements impacted the intrigue. In the Witcher 3, they set up this setting of massive political and social upheaval, a great war, and tons of political intrigue, and do almost nothing with it. Hell, the two things the game spends the most time on at the beginning are setting up Geralt's relationship with Yennefer and Ciri, and establishing the state of the war between Nilfgaard and the North, which it almost entirely ignores for much of the rest of the game.

Instead, as I said, it's a more stereotypical "chosen one needs save the world" plot. It gets too lofty and high fantasy, when the Witcher has always been best dealing with the nitty gritty of how a realistic medieval society and more fantastical, but authentic, folklore interact and shape the world. I'll admit the side content does a better job of this than much of the main plot, with the exception of the Bloody Baron quest and some witch hunter stuff. Overall, the setup, and even setting, of the game feel at odds with the plot, rather than working together as a cohesive whole.

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I kind of wish that they all are on board with MGSV being #1 because I don't think I could handle 2+ hours of Dan wearing everyone else down until they just let him have it.

MGSV is one of the best playing games I have ever played. It is also the worst Metal Gear game. It completely dropped the ball story-wise. The characters are flat, never develop, and some (Ocelot) seem to have forgotten that they even had a character to begin with. Chapter 2 is such an utter mess that I'm not sure why the story was even divided in the first place.'

That said, I sure had a hell of a lot of fun platinum-ing it.

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Batman. I had to return it. On the bright side after seeing the game I'm not so disappointed that I didn't play it.

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I've just been listening to podcasts while I clean up all this Riddler bullshit in Arkham Knight so I can get an actual ending, and I think it's safe for me to say it's the worst in the series as far as I'm concerned.

There's too much Batmobile, too many difficult tasks asked of you to do in the Batmobile (doesn't help that I played on hard to make the regular combat fun, but that made the tank stuff even worse), and the bosses are somehow the worst in the series (and there are, like, five of them now).

All the villains are relegated to a bunch of repetitive, meaningless sidequests that they're barely even a part of. The Joker is overused in the game, and the Arkham Knight being a poor retelling of Red Hood took a lot of steam out of the story for me. Also they got way too "gritty" with this one, and it doesn't work even remotely as well as the comic book/animated series feel Asylum had.It's still a good game at its core, maybe deserves spot 6 or 7 on GOTY, but it's been the most disappointing "game of the year game" for me so far.

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Arkham Knight because it's STILL NOT EVEN FOR SALE ON STEAM.

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I don't see tha point of worst games since that will always be some pile of shite on Steam. But the most disappointing game, where it should have or could have been better but is actually important enough to matter...yeah, it has to matter, it has to have had potential, and it has to have missed the The Order 1886.

The Order
was just super disappointing since it is not a terrible game, it just seems to lack any ambition and ist was rather small like a ton of it just got cut out for time. The game could have and should have been so much better, and I really wish Sony had delayed it for another year to add content and maybe iron out issues they might have been having. It needed probably 1/3 more content and liley some more cut scenes to fill out the story/narrative even more. Again not a terrible game, but just not enough there to be a good game either, it was a fair low middling game that just seemed to lack what it needed. Also, and this is high praise after 2014, it wasn't broken or super glitchy. Nearly every big game of last year was a step below The Order 1886, so in comparison it wasn't too bad....just not all it could have been.

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You know, I'm going to have to say MGS:V. It's the best game I've played all year, but the worst Metal Gear possible. I'm a huge fan of the series, and it just wasn't what the series is. It told a story I think virtually nobody wanted, answered half of the questions, and changed the protagonist for no reason leaving him a near voiceless husk compared to the Snake that became one of the most iconic video game heroes. Endlessly let down by MGS:V, but torn by how fun it is to play.

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Even though this is coming from someone who loves Arkham Knight, I gotta say this...

When Arkham Knight is your low point, you know it's a damn good year for gaming

Arkham Knight could have been so good and then they had to throw the batmobile in and ruin and everything.

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The people saying "MGS V" as the worst game are actually literally insane, and are typing these posts on PCs in the insane asylum.

The people that are saying "MGS V" for most disappointing are less inanse, cause yeah, I guess. But that game is so good, it's hard to be disappointed by it, even though it has its share of shortcomings. You'd have to be hyped beyond belief to be disappointed while playing that game.

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Arkham Knight by a mile. It's still broken! Say what you want about MGSV, at least that game is functional and being sold.

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@brackstone: Hmm I think you are right, but Geralt is but a witcher and Ciri is the chosen one and large part of the game you are searching for her, only the last 5 or so hours started to get a bit grandiose. And the relationship between Geralt and Ciri was far more emotional for me than navigating trough assassins and kings in Witcher 2. Though it had me intrigued and guessing who are the bad guys and why in 2. I think some scenes were very impactful and more personal yet a lot more simple story resonated with me more. The main end threat also was not as good as I wished. I hoped for a inevitable natural disaster, no way to stop just to hold off for the time being. But I digress.

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Arkham Knight. I actually wasn't that stoked for the game until a week before it came out. 15 or so hours in, I just couldn't bring myself to keep playing. Everything about that game feels overdone, from the completely unnecessary open world to the map marker vomit to the plot. I just can't get interested when The Riddler, Scarecrow or other villains keep reminding me to come and fight them every 5 minutes. Even the graphics are too much. They stuffed so much detail in there that my eyes can't process the visuals. I couldn't drive anywhere without bumping into a wall. Sigh. :(

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I have never played a single Tony Hawk game and even I was disappointed by THPS5.

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Most disappointing overall: Tony Hawk 5. What a fucking colossal bummer that was.

Most disappointing I played: Probably Arkham Knight. That's not to say the game is bad, I just typically don't go out of my way to play bad/mediocre games. And while there was plenty of stuff I really liked about Arkham Knight, I wish the Batmobile was just left as one cool extra about the game instead of a core component. I still like the feeling of driving it (because, ya know, it's the freaking Batmobile), but the only side activities I find interesting about it are the chase missions. Overall, the game just didn't hook me like Asylum and City did.

Honorable Mention: While it wasn't a new game, 2015 was a real shit-show for World of Warcraft. After the fantastic leveling experience in WoD, the end game was almost non-existent/middling at best. With only three raids total (THREE RAIDS ALTOGETHER ARE YOU SERIOUS BLIZZARD), and all of them being pretty forgettable, as well as the rep grinding for some factions being excruciatingly slow, Warlords of Draenor overall is probably going to be remembered as the wet fart of WoW expansions. It's especially frustrating when brought into comparison with Mists of Pandaria, which was one of their best expansions ever with an almost overwhelming amount of endgame content. I really hope they bring it with Legion, because they need to after this + not updating the game at all from Sept 2013 to Nov 2014.