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Remember those days as a child when you were hanging out in your buddies basement on some old rickety couch, on the crappiest tv in the world and got your co-op on? I want to remember those days. The days with Gunstar Heroes, Battle-toads, and Bomber Man. A few years later it was *jet-force* gemini and gauntlet; Baldurs gate and halo. Marvel ultimate alliance and army of two. What game gave you the most hours of fun?

edit: I spent countless hours on Guantlet 64 with my two Neighbors.

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Probably toe jam and earl for the genesis. Spent hours playing it with my cousin. Awesome game.

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My brother and I did that bullshit tournament on Double Dash where you have to get a gold on every track in the game in a row on 150cc mirrored. We did it first time. Gold every race. Nailed that shit.

We used to play Sonic 2 as well. I would make him play as Tails and he always used to ragequit when I wouldn't slow down for him to catch up :D

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I've had a lot of fun playing throughout the Gears series with my little brother. Going through Gears of War on Insane across one whole sitting; completing Gears 2's horde mode (on normal mode mind you) just with the two of us; and then there's the dozens of hours we've spent playing across everything in Gears 3.

We had a lot of fun with stuff like Borderlands, the Resistance games and so forth, but the Gears franchise definitely ranks at the top overall.

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While I played Gauntlet: Dark Legacy with three other guys one summer all the way to the level cap and game completion, my winning story would be that a couple years ago one of my best friends and I played through Resident Evil 5 on normal, then veteran, then professional, then on novice to speed run it, then again on professional with the infinite-ammo weapons until we 100%'d everything. I know that game gets a lot of criticism, but it's still to this day one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. I guess it's a great example that sometimes the real value of a game is what you make of it.

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Halo 3 when I just got my xbox. Even though the campaign isn't particularly great, it was good fun to play with friends at the time.

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@CookieMonster: I feel like Halo is still one of the best games to play on Co-op. There are always enough enemies and weapons for you and your buddy to share; I felt like even with the extra person, the fights aren't so short as to be boring.

edit: not to mention the firefight in recent installments.

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Halo 3 came out my Junior year of University, and i played that game 4 player co-op with everyone i knew. I must have beaten that game 6-7 times the first couple months it came out.

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Goldeneye was the game that kicked off the drinking parties back when i first got into alcohol, later in life it was double dash and mario party as well as LAN games of star wars battlefront, since then we have all had kids and i thank god for the internet but its just not the same

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Left 4 Dead 2 is probably my favorite Co-op game. I played so much of it.

I also really liked the Gears of War games because of how dumb they can be.

Out of older games I like Kirby Superstar, but other than that not a lot of SNES games I had, had great co-op.

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The Perfect Dark co-op challenges, probably. It was usually some combination of me, my friends, and my little brother going through them.

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Operation Flashpoint LAN coop.

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Left 4 Dead 2 comes to mind. Used to run around as Coach singing "I got a baseball bat, a baseball bat, a baseball bat" with my friends. More recent I'd say Saints Row The third was pretty fun co-op. Good for doing the boring activities like escort or the tiger one. Portal 2 was pretty fun even if it was rather short co-op.

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I loved playing Halo coop especially the Library level, it makes it more fun with friend, especially when you're playing leap frog and the Flood are firing rockets at you.

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Portal 2 by a long shot. Seriously, if you play that game with the right person you could have more fun than you've ever had playing a game before. Good stuff.

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@Jazzycola said:

Left 4 Dead 2 comes to mind. Used to run around as Coach singing "I got a baseball bat, a baseball bat, a baseball bat" with my friends. More recent I'd say Saints Row The third was pretty fun co-op. Good for doing the boring activities like escort or the tiger one. Portal 2 was pretty fun even if it was rather short co-op.

My buddies and did L4D ladders for a while. It was fun for a bit, but, the scheduling sort of sucked the fun out of the game for me T_T.

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If I had to pick one it'd be Left 4 Dead expert runs. A ton of fun, even though extremely frustrating at times. Runner-up would be Halo.

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The games that comes to my mind when I think of memorable Co-op experience is....

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Why did you enjoy playing the co-op of these games FalseRelic? I don't know I just found them to be fun and exciting. In both games I had my share of intense epic bullshit shootout moments. Where I had to work with my team or else I'll die in the most embarrassing ways possible. I got kicked out of matches plenty of times in both games. But that didn't stop the relic not one bit. He still kept walking in that dark tunnel just to find the light at the very end of it.

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Borderlands or any of the Saints Row games. Also horde mode on gears is fun when you get far.

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Timesplitters 2 co-op missions. My friends and I had Oblask Dam on Hard down to an art. We even found ways of taking out the cameras on the other sides of the map way before getting anyway near them using the sniper scop/pistol shot exploit. THose levels got hard quickly though.....

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Gears 2 Horde and Cougar Cabin in Red Dead.

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I've had too many awesome co-op experiences to count, so I can't really pick a favorite. Gears, WoW, L4D(1&2), MW2 Spec Ops, Halo 3, Uncharted 3, RE5, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Terraria, and plenty others are way up there on my list.

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Probably the original Streets of Rage.

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GRAW 2 probably, it's kinda lame that they ditched the co-op missions in Future Soldier for an uninteresting Horde mode.

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Its not a game I particularly love but I have very fond memories of playing split screen co-op on the first Halo game

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League of Legends . It hasn't all been flowers, sunshine and lollipops. But I've stuck with it for this long, and some of the CO-OP moments are the largest reason.

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Army of Two was great fun. Me and my brother spent a lot of time just turning our brains off during this game. It was just dumb fun

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Gauntlet Legends and Halo.

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I think the original Halo, playing it through with my brother. That's just my best co-op memory that comes to mind. We played the whole thing through together in a short period of time, and then did it again on Legendary.

These days I'm playing a lot of Tribes with my friends, or stuff like Endless Space and Sins. Looking forward to Borderlands 2 a whole hell of a lot.

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@Maajin said:

Probably the original Streets of Rage.

Beat em ups for me as well. There's been some other good ones like Halo though. Also had fun with Gears 3's horde mode. It's the best one there's been and I love the idea, really want a game to just wholly focus on this idea and really blow it out. I think that is what Fortnight is doing, which is awesome.

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Halo: Combat Evolved and Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks.

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Yeah, I would have to say that powering through Gears of War with my friend in a single night on the highest difficulty was pretty awesome. Other than that, I don't play too many cooperative campaign modes. I played Halo: Reach with 3 others, but they sucked the fun out of it by being complete idiots in the process. I'm not the best gamer, but I hate playing with complete noobs who ask questions every 5 seconds while I'm trying to snipe.

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Golden axe for sure.

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Probably still CM2, if only for the cheer amount of hours I've played that with my cousin.

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Phantasy star online, played that for years with my brothers.

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@ErTDaemon said:

Timesplitters 2 co-op missions. My friends and I had Oblask Dam on Hard down to an art. We even found ways of taking out the cameras on the other sides of the map way before getting anyway near them using the sniper scop/pistol shot exploit. THose levels got hard quickly though.....

I totally didn't think of that! I loved that game's coop! And Timesplitters 3 coop for that matter. :-D

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While reading through this I realized I didn't play all that much coop while I was a kid. Far more recently though, I've had great coop times with:

- Gears of War franchise, really enjoyed playing through the campaign and horde it up with some friends.

- Resident Evil 5, fantastic fun going through this with a friend several times.

- Portal 2, played through coop with quite a few people, both on PC and Xbox360.

- Borderlands, played through this several times with friends, and bested Crawmerax with friends as well.

- Splinter Cell Conviction, really great when things go horribly wrong and we're left scrambling for the shadows.

Probably a bunch more but those came to mind first.

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Portal 2 would be my top choice, as working out puzzles with someone else really puts the coordination level well above Halo (even if that was really fun too).

It was tempting to name some older games on this one, in terms of recalling SNES / N64 parts. But most of those were competitive or parallel play rather than full co-op (caveat being that I was never much of a fan of double dragon, contra, etc).

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Playing the Nintendo 64 port of Hexen with my brother. I had never really played a co-op game until then and it was really cool. I'm sure I've had more fun since then but none have ever felt that novel and exciting.

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Portal 2. It's probably the best puzzle game I've played and being a puzzle game it's not just a case of blasting through hordes of enemies alongside your co-op partner, you have to co-ordinate, communicate, and discuss things to get through levels.

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'Spolsion man, Portal 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Gears of War, South Park.

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Probably Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. I don't know how many hundreds of hours I must have sunk into that game with a fried of mine.

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Twisted Metal 2, Gears of War and Resident Evil 5.

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All of the Halo games have been great fun in Co-op.

Portal 2 is also a good one, although I never enjoyed the co-op in that, since I always figured out what to do and how to do it, much faster than anyone I played with.

I did enjoy playing the co-op alone though, that was pretty fun.

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I think it was probably NeoTokyo, the Half Life 2 mod.

I remember using the mic with random pubbers and completely dominating the other team, twas fun.

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Portal 2 coop is the only true coop (IE you have to cooperate.) I know and it was great.

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@mbr2 said:

Portal 2 coop is the only true coop (IE you have to cooperate.) I know and it was great.

Other games are just loke co-op in real life. One person does a little more or less work than the other.

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For me, nothing has topped playing Red Alert with a friend. I cannot even imagine how much money my parents had to pay in dial up costs.

Honorable mentions go to Golden Axe and Captain Commando.

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Nothing beats Four Swords Adventures. That game was truly delicious.