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Just saw the May 1st live stream announced, anyone know what it is about?

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It is most likely another PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds stream

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Ah! Thanks, that makes sense, looking forward to it, the last test combat battle island murder stress stream was absolutely delightful.

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Hopefully it's Vinny, Brad and Jeff again. That's a combination you don't see as often anymore.

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@pilgore: I hope so too as Vinny brings the best out of people. He is the most lively and fun on the whole staff.

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Last stream was fucking great.

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Appointment Television.

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The last stream with Jeff Vinny and Brad was amazing, but I wouldn't mind seeing a GBEast stream with Vinny Alex and Dan as a team. no matter what combination of GB people it's going to be unpredictable and crazy.

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Love Murder

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Looking forward to it. Watching other people's streams is currently the only way I think I'll find enjoyment in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Seems like a cool game, but not for me at the moment.

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So any non-US duder gonna try watch this? I have to wake at 430am if I want too 😣

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I'm in Sweden but its going to be 9:30PM for me. I think the latest streams I get start at 12:00AM, like UPF. With E3 and many other press conferences we're talking 4-5AM however.

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Oh man, if it's more PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds that will be incredible.

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It's PUBG, they said they will do more of it on UPF if I remember right.

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That's a good time for both stream. Late night live show

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Its 3:30 am for me but ill watch it just to see Jeff kill his teammates.

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I hate that the best content is almost always premium, i get that's how they make alot of their money but spread it out a bit, i come to giantbomb for the personalities and most of the fun stuff is locked away.

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These streams are awesome, I hope they do more.

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More murdering on Murder Island live on Murder Monday! Will there be more vengeful shotgun murder?

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Looking forward to Big Ben fucking shit up out on the field.

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@boonsong: Maybe an Abby introduction as well?

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I put off getting Premium for years. But it's definitely worth it and I'm sure I saw it's on sale at the moment.

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@fledeye: I think it's worth it if only to support content I like. I can't say I feel the same about most stuff out there

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Since the initial question was already answered, and this thread is quickly devolving into other topics, I'm gonna just lock this up.