My Favorite games of all time in no particular order:

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005)

lightly edited game play footage and live commentary. giving myself some reasons to go back and play my Favorite games from any era, and share with the world.

This is something I want to make a regular video series of, I initially was going to make a series of my top 10 favorite games but when I sat down and looked at my collection i found that it would be more productive to just make not have any order in particular and not have a finite limit of how many videos I can make.

The commentary mostly pertains to what its like to revisit the game after a long while, recounting my favorite memories of the game and people associated, and of course, how it holds up to the test of time along with what it took to be remembered as a all time favorite.

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I'm curious. Did you ever play any of the Battlefield games before Battlefront? I'm a huge Star Wars tragic so those games should be my ideal but I found the gameplay to be kinda shallow and a slightly less good version of what Battlefield offered. I wonder if the people who love it had tried both before they got exposed to it.

PS: what a truly awful youtube thumbnail.

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@hayt: Thanks lol I try.

As far as playing Battlefield iv only play a like 20 minutes of Battlefield 2 and very little of the WWII and 3 at a friend's house back in middle school.

The only one I put any real amount of time was battlefield 1.

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If you like battlefield then i would suggest you try battlefield 4, it is awesome

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@iamwongchen i would totally be interested into getting into 4 on PC.