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My favorite Jams of 2013

Yo this is my favorite ISH from 2013. Check it son.

Shin Megami Tensei IV

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I really don't know where most of these games reside in the list, but SMT4 is the definite #1. This game is a great challenge, but adds many things to the formula to make it more approachable for new-comers. The fusing is still addicting as all get out, and my all luck/agility build was actually legit. I toughed out 100 hours of this game and got the Neutral ending on my first go, so I'm happy. Also the best soundtrack of the year, no contest.

Fire Emblem Awakening

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I love tactics RPGs, and I love perma-death. Fire Emblem is a beautiful marriage of both of these things. The story isn't quite as engaging as some past games in the series, but who cares about story anyway? The gameplay rewards a slow tactical thought process, as character death has much more meaning when they're gone forever.

Volgarr the Viking

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This game is brutal. I love difficulty in games and had a fun time learning the subtly deep mechanics Volgarr has to offer. It's crazy how much you can do with two buttons. The spear/wall-climbing mechanic is something to be remembered for sure, but it's perhaps TOO difficult for me to want to play it over and over. Vikings are dope, though.

Rogue Legacy

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A charming spin on the rogue-like-lite-esq-ish genre, mashed up with some metroidvania for good measure. The music is cool, and the ancestry thing with good/bad traits that are carried over is genius.

Remember Me

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I remember dat azz.

Rune Factory 4

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It's rune factory, which is basically harvest moon with dungeon-crawling RPG stuff. I am trying to get it in with this knight lady but it's hard to buy gifts for her when she is literally following me around everywhere. Can a guy get a moment alone?

Grand Theft Auto V

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The part where you're having a bad trip as you're psychedelically skydiving as Michael is the best moment in this game. Other than that, it's standard fare GTA. It's not as gripping as GTA4's story, the car handling is worse (way more loose than it should be), and my favorite characters are Lamar, Michael's son, and Juggalo guy. I enjoyed the inclusion of a high-camera option in the menu while in the 3rd person car view, more games should do this.

Wild ARMs

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Yeah I know this came out in 1996 but whatever. I KINDA DIDN'T PLAY A LOT OF GAMES GIMME A BREAK. I like Wild ARMs, and I can beat it in less than 3 hours. BOOM

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Well done not forgetting (haHA) Remember Me. That game was dope.